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CLG Dexter Tells All: Dexter Uncut

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On January 25th 2014, Leaguepedia had the pleasure of interviewing Dexter, who is currently jungling for Counter Logic Gaminglogo std.pngCounter Logic Gaming. His presence during Week 2 of the European LCS preluded the resolution of his visa situation by two weeks. During that time, we revisited his career back from his days in Luna Gaming, all the way to Season 4.

The analytical jungler was particularly reflective on the topics we visited. He shared his insights on his time with Lemondogslogo std.pngLemondogs, the reasons that allowed SK Telecom T1logo std.pngSK Telecom T1 K to conquer the world, as well as his hopes going into Season 4 alongside CLG (with MonteCristo at the helm of coaching).

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Moving Forward: Counter Logic Gaming

You're actually transitioning into a completely different chapter in your career. I'm talking about your departure to CLG. How did that happen?

Counter Logic Gaminglogo square.png

After Worlds, we took a break. Mithy wanted to play two weeks after, and I was like “No, I don't want to play yet.” Then, the NiP thing happened. Me and Tabzz were in Lemondogs, and neither of us was happy with LD as an organization. We decided “Okay, where do we want to go? We can try to make a team.” We had players in mind which we could have taken, and we would have performed decently. Yet, the organization was not in our favor. Tabzz got the Alliance offer, and he tried out for the superteam, which was good for him.

I was thinking “Where can I play?” I had a few options in Europe, and I could have played in Europe if I wanted to. I had to ask myself “What do I want to do?” and I want to go to Worlds in Season 4 and have the best possible way to win. At the moment, CLG were looking for a jungler, and I contacted Nientonsoh. After that, I talked to MonteCristo. Monte knew how I play from what he saw in Worlds, and he seemed to be really impressed with the idea of having me on the team.

I flew out [to the US] after IEM, and they tried me out. After three/four days, the manager talked to me. Kelby had a really good feeling about the team [with Dexter on board] and he said “let's see how it works out at Battle of the Atlantic.” We lost in the end, but during the two weeks of practice, you could see progress in CLG's mentality as a team, which hadn't happened in over two years. They always had the mentality: “We have Doublelift, we can rely on him lategame.” When I joined the team, I said “That is now how the game is played. We play to win earlygame.” We decided to make completely different picks.

Midlane, for example. Link probably has the biggest champion pool in NA, he can play everything. He's really good in the jungle, as we saw in Week 1. He played really well on Elise. His midlane is very impressive as well. I don't think CLG is “Protect the Doublelift” any longer. It's more about working as a team properly, to control early objectives, and I would expect a lot of synergy between Link and myself, while also letting Doublelift shine in teamfights. I think that if we practice hard as a team, and be smart about it, work with MonteCristo together, we can be top 3 for sure.

Speaking of MonteCristo, what does he bring to the team? Even though he is coaching from distance, I can see his influence in that game [against Curse]; four kills, and that complete objective control. What does he bring?

MonteCristo, CLG's coach

It is not only him. It's a whole mentality change in the team. He brings the team aspect. He's sitting with us on Skype when we play, and he's like “You have to wake up. You need to do this, and this, and this. Don't stall the game.” It's as if he was there. He's telling us what to do [during games], and he told us that we had to practice with a purpose. You don't just go into the day and play six hours in scrims; you go into it with a set goal.

He would tell us to do things like: “today we're going to focus on objective control,” “today we're going to focus on vision control,” or “today, we're going to focus on lane matchups” or midlane synergy, or teamfighting, or dragon – those kinds of topics. In the end of the day, we have a journal, and we write down things. Every time you write down things, you keep it in your memory, and you learn that way. This process really helped us to develop as a team, [to the point that] the usual mistakes CLG makes are now gone.

I think CLG is a completely different team with MonteCristo as a coach and me as a jungler.

There are also the problems you faced going to the USA. What happened?

What happened in the airport was that they [Homeland Security] got curious about my comeback in the United States two weeks after my last visit, and I also lost my luggage. They decided to do a full background check with my name and passport, and they found out that I was a pro player in a game called League of Legends. They decided to question my background – Lemondogs and everything. They had the suspicion that I was going to work there, and it was their right to ask. I was put under a sworn statement, and I couldn't lie. Had I lied, I would have been deported and never come back. I just hope I can go back as soon as possible. Everything is in the works with lawyers, Riot and the team.

Now, as far as your temporary “replacement.” It's not really a replacement – Link and Hotshot are both part of the team, and Link had to accommodate to Hotshot and swap to the jungle. Did that accomodation go smoothly in your opinion?

I guess everyone knows now that Link was supposed to transition into the jungle before the season started, as they couldn't find a decent jungler. He's a really good jungler. If he would have stayed in the jungle, he would have been in the top 2 or top 3 in NA as far as junglers. I think he's even better as a jungler than as a midlaner because of the way he thinks about the game. He's really talkative, and he takes a lot of responsibility. He does a lot of the shotcalling, and he has really good mechanics. He's smart about the game, and I think it's better to have a jungler than on a midlaner.

He's really good mechanically. He's just a really good player, and he can play both roles really well. With HotshotGG in the midlane, everyone knew that he's the god of LeBlancSquare.png LeBlanc as well as NidaleeSquare.png HotshotNidaleeGG. Everyone expected him to play those champions, and he still plays them on a really good level. Doublelift also said that he wanted someone he could trust, and he didn't want to burn another person with the performance of the team. He wanted to pick someone close to the team, and Hotshot was the first choice, given that he lived in the team.

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