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Catching up with NiP Deficio at IEM Cologne

As Ninjas in Pyjamas changed their roster in four different spots, many questions arose as to the way it went down, and what the team's prospects are. During the IEM Cologne Pro/Am tournament, we met with NiP's then-support and new manager, Deficio, to explore several topics such as Bjergsen's departure, the Lemons in Pyjamas roster (credit to Quickshot for this original label), Season 4 changes to supports, thoughts about his old PanDan teammates, and statements about TCM-Gaming.

The interview was made on the wake of NiP's 2-1 victory over TCM.

Adel C: The first topic I wanted to visit was Bjergsen. You guys played together during the whole spring split, and the whole summer split as well. But then, he left. Any thoughts about it as a former teammate?

Deficio: Well, obviously. I have played with him for like two years in total. I met him back on [EU Nordic and] East long ago. It's kind of weird not playing with him, but at the same time it's also a good step in a different way. Also, to show that there's more than just Bjergsen in NiP, and now as [soon as] we could get the replacement, we could. I think it's fine, I understand that he wanted to go. There's a lot more […?] and money involved, so I don't blame him once at least. And I think, as it's good for him, it's okay.

A: And then, that move kickstarted a whole slew of events. Basically, Ninjas in Pyjamas kind of turned into Lemons in Pyjamas [credit to Riot Quickshot for the term]. How did that come into play?

D: When we knew Bjergsen got the offer and wanted to leave, we tried to make it happen by finding an agreement with TSM. But, we also told him from the start that if we could not find a replacement, we wouldn't sell him. We obviously checked everything, every good mid laners in our opinion. I ended up talking with Nukeduck and hearing that he was very interested in joining NiP, but he wanted to bring Zorozero and mithy with him, as they were the backbone of Lemondogs and they work really well together, and we obviously didn't want to destroy that trio of good players. At the same time, it also gave me the chance to move up to a different position which I [emphasis] wanted to do, and NiP wanted me to do. Two hours after the option came up, we kinda got it sorted. We decided to sort out the transfer with Lemondogs, and we got it sorted player-wise. We then talked to TSM and told them that we can now actually sell Bjergsen.

A: I also noticed, play-wise, that NiP returned to that double-AP, triple threat [lineup] that you guys had when you brought Extinkt on board, and even hyrqBot played in a similar way as Malunoo (facilitator). Was that the goal you tried to reach? How did you guys go about it? Is there some synergy to be built?

D: We didn't exactly look for the double AP goal. It was more of the fact that Zorozero and Nukeduck can play pretty much every champion in every style. There are a lot of top laners in Europe, for instance, who play more tanky, or assassin players like Jwaow from TCM, and then there are players like Zorozero who can play everything. Kev1n was the same type and I would have loved to play with him, but as things turned out, it couldn't happen. So yeah, with Zorozero we did not only get an ideal teammate, we also have a guy with synergy with Nuke and mithy (to some extent), not that top/support synergy matters much. It's more the whole mid/top synergy we would get and we knew what we would get. We knew how much they would practice, how hard they worked for this, and how dedicated they are. So, in that way, it was perfect for us. We didn't look too much about the current meta, because we knew Season 4 would come and everything would change. Like, 2 top lanes is the new thing. We just wanted to play, as we knew we were motivated and wanted to practice a lot. We knew they had the skill – obviously, they already proved their skill.

A: As it stands, there are no more PanDan players [Old Copenhagen Wolves roster] remaining in the starting lineup. Any words you wanna tell them?

D: Well, they all seem to be doing fine. We have Svenskeren on SK now. Hopefully he will qualify for the LCS, I will cheer for him. We've got TheTess, who's currently playing on a Danish team, GodBro who went to Bucharest to play an Amateur World Championship [IeSF]. All the players are doing pretty well. I'm happy for them, I keep contact with them and talk with them, and I know they're happy for us. To the three old guys, keep on going. To Bjergsen, I hope he enjoys NA.

A: IEM obviously allows you guys to get some tips as far as what playstyles your future opponents are gonna have. Can you go in more detail as far as your opponents of the day [TCM] – what you learnt?

D: Today was TCM. We were really well-prepared. We have pretty good scouting abilities, we watched a lot of online things. They have kind of a limited champion pool in many cases. If that remains in Season 4, that would make the scouting pretty much as it is now. We didn't exactly learn anything new. We did learn that their mid-laner [Belgianbeast] had more picks than what we expected. Their playstyle was exactly like we expected. Obviously, we got to see individual strength between the two teams.

A: Now this is more of a Support-related question. Season 4 is gonna wreck everything on its wake. So far, we have seen the double Targon meta in the top lane. As far as Utility supports, what do you think is going to happen?

D: I'm a bit afraid utility supports are gonna die a bit. It's gonna be more popular to have an AnnieSquare.png Annie/ZyraSquare.png Zyra going full AP than having a JannaSquare.png Janna or a SonaSquare.png Sona [going full AP]. As it looks right now, it simply gives more to have a bursty support, because that's one more threat you have to deal with in a teamfight. I hope Riot will do some changes, maybe buff the scaling of utility supports (like Sona for instance) since she'd like to be viable again. Just imagine yourself after 30 minutes, if you have full AP Annie vs full AP Sona, who's gonna win that duel? Annie, of course. In that way, it's a bit of a shame, because I personally enjoyed a lot of the utility supports, but I also happen to see some new things popping up. You know, a support like mithy is very happy to see new things coming up – he dreams of playing support AhriSquare.png Ahri, that kind of stuff.

A: Alright! We're just going to close out the interview. Any shoutouts? (whoever you want)

D: I'll give a shoutout to Bjergsen. I'm not going to say “Fuck you” again [laughs from everyone in the room]. He knows how I feel about this, he knows I support him. I hope he does really well and that we will meet him at Worlds.

Shoutout to our sponsors as well: Telia, Steelseries, THOR, and BenQ.

Shoutout to NiP and my teammates!

Written by Adel "Hype Algerian" Chouadria
Edited by Jordan Spence

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