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Europe LCS Week 7 Matchup Previews

The teams head into Week 7 of EU LCS with fire in their eyes. Some show great promise, while others hope to get back into the line-up. Week 7 begins Saturday, March 30 at 14:00 CET.

The Copenhagen Wolves barreled into fifth place, making major progress from their record before Week 4. In Week 7, CW will face the second place team in EU LCS, Gambit Gaming, for the final match of the week. It could possibly be one of the most exciting matches in LCS thus far; the rising stars against the Russian super stars.

Also this week, DragonBorns and against All authority have at each other. The two teams are close in score, so their fight should generate much enthusiasm among fans. Week 6 saw disappointment on both sides, without DB, nor aAa seeing a single win. Neither hope to repeat their mistakes in Week 7.

As Week 7 ensues, close and distant rivals will combat. Every player will have to be at their best this week, otherwise they will have to fear the worst.

GambitLogo std.pngGambit Gaming vs. Copenhagen WolvesCHWLogo std.png

On Sunday, March 31 at 17:00 CET, Copenhagen Wolves and Gambit Gaming may create one of the most exciting games in EU LCS. Each team has much to gain from their upcoming battle, and much to lose should they fail. The Wolves are biting at the bits for a second chance against GG, the second place high-rollers.

CW could be called the miracle makers as they head into Week 7 with an impressive 6W-11L score, considering their 0W-10L score not too long ago. That means CW only lost one match since the beginning of March, Week 4. Aside from regaining Bjergsen, their mid-lane monster, something must have changed within the team. Whether it be better strategy or more communication, the Wolves have figured themselves out, and are playing on a whole new level. CW even took down Fnatic in Week 4, giving the first place team one of their three losses. However, the Wolves have another great barricade standing tall in front of them. The roster hopes to be saying “GG” to GG on Sunday.

Gambit Gaming reside at 11W-3L, steps away from the throne. In Week 6, GG came out positive with 2W-1L. However, they lost what was likely the most important match of their week against Fnatic. Only three wins away from catching up to first, GG will have to keep up their massive presence on the scoreboards. To do so, they'll have to defeat their challengers. This includes the Wolves. To tame the dogs of war, Gambit will have to build up their hands, roll the dice, and be on top of their game.

Bjergsen and Alex Ich could create hell for each other in mid lane. The two players own their lane like few could. What will happen when they face each other? Bjergsen leads in average KDA with a 4.5 ratio, while Alex Ich trails behind at 3.3. However, Alex Ich leads in gold per minute at 384 to Bjergsen's 376. These mid lane masters appear mostly even when considering all of their stats. They will both need to rely on, and work with the rest of their teammates to dominate the game.

In their previous match, GG won through pure late-game power when Genja went into hyper-carry mode on Kog'MawSquare.png Kog'Maw. TheTess and Deficio should aim for shutting Genja and Edward down early, lest CW lose to GG's ability to rally together. Late game power considered, champion picks will be very important in this match. The tension will be palpable during the banning and champion select phases, as every player decides who they don't want to see and who they want to play.

Underdogs will take on veterans in an all out slug fest. Tactical operations will dot the field and skirmishes will break out under the careful watch of sight and vision wards all over the Rift. Neither team is throwing this match to the dogs when there is so much on the line.

Dragonbornlogo std.pngDragonBorns vs. against All authorityAaalogo std.png

DragonBorns have a chance to take home a win in their revenge match with against All authority Week 7 on Saturday, March 30 at 17:00 CET. In their amazing previous game, the two teams ramped up the excitement with an extremely close base race. Mid lane and the Dragon pit became bloody fields of battle where both teams made major plays. However, this week will see revamped strategies and players more eager to stand victorious on both sides.

DB have come a great distance from when they began LCS to where they are now, in more ways than one. Recently the team made some major roster changes, tackling the tournament with renewed vigor. Despite being in seventh place at 4W-11L, the Dragons are not prepared to sleep yet, not when there is a hoard of gold at the top of the scoreboards. DB rapidly matured in the League of Legends tournament world. However, because they are still a newer team, they could bring a unique approach to LCS.

aAa are a step above DB in the rankings at 5W-10L. One cannot simply scoff and pass them by. They have proven themselves formidable opponents against several top tier teams, such as EG and SK. If aAa were to slay the Dragons in this game, it would put them ever closer to the top half of the scoreboards. It could also revitalize the team and give them the energy to regain the glory some of the former rosters held in past seasons.

If Nono and Karalius choose to once again try out ocelote's duo mid-lane strategy against DB, mid could become a hazard zone. DB will likely be more prepared for such a tactic this time around, but aAa could always have new tricks up their sleeve. Shushei and dexter1 will have to keep keen eyes on their opponents for possible lane and meta changes.

Luckily for HosaN and Muvert, the bot lane roster for DB has remained the same. The synergy they labored to create up to this point will not be disturbed. However, they will still have to train for unity with Dexter1 and YamatoCannon. However, aAa's Nono and Karalius already harmonize well with their teammates. They displayed their skill against DB with aggressive early ganks from ViRtU4l and an outer tower takedown. However, one can only guess who will be in bot lane in their upcoming match.

DragonBorns, with a revamped roster and strategies, and against All authority, with creativity and resourcefulness, will both bring their best to the match Week 7. All bets are on, and each team is loading their hand for this showdown. Aces in their eyes, neither DB, nor aAa will back down on this exciting, high-stakes match-up.

Written by Keith Roland
Edited by Drew Booth

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