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Europe LCS Week 8 Power Rankings

With only three weeks of competition remaining in the EU LCS, every match counts. Evil Geniuses are now in a desperate war to hold off assaults for fourth place from Copenhagen Wolves, against All authority, and GIANTS! Gaming. Gambit and SK Gaming are in close contention for second place. And sitting at polar extremes, Fnatic and DragonBorns watch the rest of the EU LCS unfold between them. Welcome to the Week 8 EU Power Rankings from Leaguepedia Fantasy.

1. ⁠Fnaticlogo std.pngFnatic (Previously #1) Current Record: 15W-3L
It’s not easy being king, but you would not know that from watching Fnatic recently. Breezing to victory in their lone Week 7 matchup versus against All authority, Fnatic continue to rule the EU LCS with an iron fist. The pressure of their current position does not seem to bother xPeke or sOAZ in the slightest, as the duo delivered another stellar performance. xPeke pulled in an 11/3/8 KDA, and sOAZ was right behind him with a 7/1/8 KDA. Fnatic will come back to defend their crown in Week 8 with matches against SK Gaming, Gambit Gaming, and aAa.

2. ⁠GambitLogo std.pngGambit Gaming (Previously #2) Current Record: 13W-4L
We did not really expect Fnatic to surrender much ground in Week 7, but we did expect Gambit to try and take more from the current EU leaders. Instead, Gambit settled for 2W-1L and a continuation of the status quo. Now Gambit heads into one of their toughest weeks of the season needing at least two wins out of three matches to have a chance at tying Fnatic. Evil Geniuses, Fnatic, and Copenhagen Wolves will all be trying their best to make sure that Gambit doesn’t get even a single victory in Week 8.

3. ⁠SK Gaminglogo std.pngSK Gaming (Previously #4) Current Record: 11W-8L
It was not always pretty, but SK Gaming just managed to seek out a 1W-1L record in Week 7. After narrowly beating Copenhagen Wolves in a match that could have gone either way until the final minutes, SK Gaming found themselves on the receiving end of a Gambit pwny ride. One moral of the story? SK Gaming are holding on to third, but they could have very easily succumbed to fourth. SK Gaming face Fnatic, Evil Geniuses, and GIANTS! Gaming in Week 8. We think the Evil Geniuses match could prove particularly crucial for SK’s hopes to fend off potential invasions into their third place paradise.

4. ⁠Eglogo std.pngEvil Geniuses (Previously #3) Current Record: 10W-8L
With no matches in Week 7, Evil Geniuses continue to ride the coattails of past performances at fourth place in the LCS. Looking at the competition, their situation is becoming increasingly precarious. Copenhagen Wolves have found a new fire with the return of Bjergsen, as demonstrated by their near loss to SK Gaming in Week 7. GIANTS! also found new life in Week 7, with two sweet victories. If Evil Geniuses are not careful, they will be the ones looking up at the top four. Relegation spares no prisoners for teams with famous players on board. Not even Skumbag Krepo. Evil Geniuses square off against Gambit, SK Gaming, and DragonBorns in Week 8.

5. ⁠CHWLogo std.pngCopenhagen Wolves (Previously #5) Current Record: 7W-13L
Week 7 was almost torturous for the Copenhagen Wolves. After coming incredibly close to beating both SK Gaming and (to a slightly lesser extent) Gambit Gaming, the Wolves had to console themselves with only a 1W-2L record. There were times when it looked as if the Wolves were about to claim yet another three wins and carry on their win streak. However, a victory still puts the Wolves only three wins behind Evil Geniuses at fourth. Snatching a top-four finish would secure Copenhagen Wolves' spot in the Fall LCS Season, which would be massive for these one-time table bottomers. The Wolves face GIANTS! Gaming, DragonBorns, and Gambit in Week 8.

6. ⁠Giants Gaminglogo std.pngGIANTS! Gaming (Previously #8) Current Record: 6W-11L
While GIANTS! Gaming had their fair share of struggles in Week 6, Week 7 was bliss. A clean 2W-0L sweep jumpstarted an attack on the middle of the EU LCS table. Beyond the morale boost of a clean sweep, the wins gave GIANTS! a chance at avoiding relegation by reaching at least fourth place in the table. While Evil Geniuses still maintain a four win lead, there are enough games left in the season that survival isn’t a mathematical impossibility. For now, just the chance is enough. GIANTS! have matches against Copenhagen Wolves, against All authority, and SK Gaming in Week 8.

7. ⁠Aaalogo std.pngagainst All authority (Previously #6) Current Record: 6W-12L
Week 7 of the EU LCS proved that a revitalized Nono cannot keep against All authority afloat all by himself. After some fantastic performances in the past two weeks of the LCS, the weight of ViRtU4l and Fredy122 finally proved too much for Nono to handle. aAa ended Week 7 1W-2L. Their only victory came at the expense of the rock bottom DragonBorns. There is a chance that roster changes will be the safety line that aAa need to stay alive in the LCS. We’ll find out soon enough, as aAa have matches against DragonBorns, GIANTS! Gaming, and Fnatic in Week 8.

8. ⁠Dragonbornlogo std.pngDragonBorns (Previously #7) Current Record: 4W-13L
Poor DragonBorns. After being one of the most entertaining and aggressive teams ever to grace competitive League of Legends play, DB have fallen hard from grace. They now find themselves at the bottom of the EU table with only three weeks left to make a case for avoiding relegation. The problem for DragonBorns is that they benched Spontexx, one of their best performers of the season. It is a move that seemed strange at first, but given YamatoCannon’s dismal start to the LCS the decision seems even more confusing. It’s starting to look more and more likely that the EU LCS will return this Fall sans the incredible early game
plays by HosaN. DragonBorns face against All authority, Copenhagen Wolves, and Evil Geniuses in Week 8.

Written by Matt Faw from Leaguepedia Fantasy.
Edited by Luke Ray.

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