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Europe LCS Week Three Recap Gambit v. GIANTS!

Gambit Gaming showed up to this week three rematch with an axe to grind. Meanwhile, the GIANTS! came to the table looking for a repeat performance of their week one Gambit Gaming upset - but it was not meant to be. Gambit body checked the GIANTS! and kept them off-balance from the very beginning with an unorthodox team composition.

Gambit GamingGambitLogo std.png
Darien - Top: Renekton
Diamondprox - Jungle: Nasus
Alex Ich - Mid: Kayle
Genja007 - ADC: Ezreal
EDward - Support: Thresh
Bans: Elise, Kennen, Dr. Mundo

GIANTS! GamingGiants Gaminglogo std.png
Samux - Top: Akali
Morden - Jungle: Volibear
Exterminare - Mid: Twisted Fate
Caitlyn - ADC: Jîmß0wnz
Sona - Support: Babeta
Bans: Kog'Maw, Xin Zhao, Shen

Level One:
Both teams dropped early defensive wards. The GIANTS! scoped out Gambit's red buff as Babeta placed a ward at the wraiths and the GIANTS! backed out. Morden took his blue buff with a heavy pull and no smite. Diamondprox took his red buff with a smaller pull but no smite as well.

Early Game:
The junglers sought out opportunities to gank, and Diamondprox found one top lane. Samux escaped with half health and played victim to the pressure of Darien and Diamondprox on his turret. Meanwhile at bottom lane a skirmish broke out and EDward burned down Babeta to secure first blood. The passive farming kept the gold nearly even as Diamondprox shifted bottom lane at the perfect time. EDward committed to a bad fight only to be saved by Diamondprox as he took Babeta's life. To follow up, Morden demolished Alex Ich with a well planned gank. Before Morden could get his health bar to zero, Alex Ich managed to turn the tide by erasing Exterminare, with a little help from the turret. Next, Morden saw an overextended Darien, and with Samux’s assistance he secured the kill. Gambit responded immediately with the first dragon of the game just after the 10 minute mark. Without hesitation the GIANTS! bot lane mowed over Gambit's outer bottom turret bringing the gold nearly even.

Game Advantage:
The dragon disco began when the scaly beast respawned. Gambit took the lead and pulled the dragon out of its pit while the GIANTS! dived onto Genja007 under Gambit's middle outer turret. Despite losing their ADC, Gambit initiated a fight and snuffed out Morden. Afterward, Gambit eyed their health bars and used their better judgment. Their retreat gave the second dragon to the GIANTS! near the 20 minute mark. Nevertheless, Gambit refused to allow the action to fade. They responded by taking GIANTS! middle outer turret. Unrelenting, Gambit then hurried top for a kill on Samux and wrecked the top outer turret for free. Exterminare pressured Gambit's middle outer turret, but Diamondprox cornered him. Forced to ult to keep his life, Exterminare caught out EDward with a gold card and granted Jîmß0wnz a double kill. While attempting to clean up the fight, Alex Ich and Darien were forced into a bad position which cost their lives. This 4-0 exchange helped give GIANTS! a slight gold advantage and allowed them to smash Gambit's middle outer turret without penalty.

Mid Game:
Both teams began to play very aggressively at this point. Various failed ganks from each team forced the GIANTS! to rush the top outer turret to make a play. Around the 26 minute mark, Gambit replied by scooping up the third dragon of the game. A curious Babeta got hooked by EDward as Gambit closed in for the kill. They followed up by shoving the middle inner turret but were forced back at the cost of Alex Ich and a 28 minute Baron in GIANTS!’ favor.

Gambit answered with an uncontested push onto the GIANTS!’ inner middle and outer bottom turrets, while the GIANTS! recalled to heal. Samux, who was under the false impression that Gambit had retreated, was instantly caught out as he thinned out a minion wave at bottom. Gambit used this chance to grab the bottom inner turret, consequence free. This gave Gambit a slight gold advantage. Both teams cautiously waited, fully aware that the next move could be their last. Gambit picked up another unchallenged dragon at the 32 minute mark and the GIANTS! countered with a split push. Diamondprox got caught out in the GIANTS! jungle while attempting to capitalize on objectives, which led to a team fight. The GIANTS! took out a chunk of Diamondprox's health and forced him out of the fight. With Babeta’s absence and Gambit's superior positioning, Gambit took the fight 4 for 0 in one fluid motion. Gambit pushed through the middle inhibitor and easily dismantled a nexus turret.

Game Closeout:
Gambit healed up and collapsed on Baron. The GIANTS! react by rushing to stop Gambit at all costs, as Diamondprox . GIANTS! disengaged using their poke to even the playing field. Gambit used all their resources to disengage and took an easy Baron at the 38 minute mark after Babeta had returned to base. EDward’s excellent hook through the Baron pit took a free kill on Jîmß0wnz. Gambit rushed top to push from top inner turret all the way to the nexus with no resistance. With only one nexus turret remaining, GIANTS! staged one last team fight. Despite their best efforts, Gambit took them out in one fell swoop and clinched a victory in their only week three match.

Written by Nigel Thomas
Contribution by Keith Roland.
Edited by Marissa Moody Kuo
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