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Europe LCS Week Four Recap Wolves v. Fnatic

Pre-game temperature:
While the Copenhagen Wolves finally managed to get hot after taking their first LCS win from against All authority, their third match of the LCS Super Week would be a challenge as they faced the heavily favored Fnatic. Bjergsen, the Wolves’ AP Carry, caught the attention of Fnatic after his performance against aAa. The Season 1 champs wasted no time trying to ban him out, particularly his Syndra, which was pivotal in the Wolves’ earlier victory. Meanwhile, the Wolves eliminated anything that could disrupt their initiator-heavy gameplan.

The picks suggested the Week 4 matchup would be a carbon copy of their meeting the previous week; the reality was completely different.

FnaticFnaticlogo std.png

Bans: LuxSquare.png Lux, NidaleeSquare.png Nidalee and SyndraSquare.png Syndra

sOAZ – Top: ShenSquare.png Shen
Summoner spells: Ignite and Flash
CyanideFI – Jungle: VolibearSquare.png Volibear
Summoner spells: Teleport and Smite
xPeke – Mid: KatarinaSquare.png Katarina
Summoner spells: Flash and Teleport
YellOwStaR – AD Carry: MissFortuneSquare.png Miss Fortune
Summoner spells: Barrier and Flash
nRated – Support: SonaSquare.png Sona
Summoner spells: Flash and Exhaust

Copenhagen WolvesCHWLogo std.png

Bans: ViSquare.png Vi, LeonaSquare.png Leona and KayleSquare.png Kayle

NeeGodbro – Top: RenektonSquare.png Renekton
Summoner spells: Flash and Ignite
Svenskeren – Jungle: Xin ZhaoSquare.png Xin Zhao
Summoner spells: Smite and Flash
Bjergsen – Mid: KassadinSquare.png Kassadin
Summoner spells: Flash and Teleport
TheTess – AD Carry: EzrealSquare.png Ezreal
Summoner spells: Flash and Barrier
Deficio – Support: ThreshSquare.png Thresh
Summoner spells: Exhaust and Flash

Level One:
While the Copenhagen Wolves positioned themselves defensively around the map, the entire Fnatic team went straight toward the Wolves’ blue buff. However, Renekton’s presence at the camp and his subsequent ward in the blue brush was enough to spoil the early aggression. As Fnatic placed a ward at that neutral camp, the Wolves responded likewise. The Wolves then sent Ezreal and Thresh top lane in a standard lane swap. Both teams warded defensively in an effort to thwart early tower dives.

Early advantage: Fnatic
The ward that CW put at the bottom lane averted a catastrophe as Renekton backed off from a Volibear gank and got zoned out of his own turret, leading to its destruction. Meanwhile, as Ezreal and Thresh went aggressive on Shen, Katarina teleported into the fray and took down Ezreal but had to resort to using flash. Kassadin, who wanted to help, was left vulnerable and Volibear used his teleport as well to capitalize on that. This, in turn, left Katarina vulnerable to Xin Zhao’s assault, ending the fight in a 2-1 trade in favor of Fnatic. Moments later, Volibear tried to make a play in mid on Kassadin but the counter-gank by Xin Zhao led to Katarina’s demise yet again.

Early momentum switches:
Fnatic then swapped their Top and bottom lanes so as to allow Fnatic to keep their top turret standing, but that gave Renekton the ability to pressure the bottom lane and catch up in farm--despite Shen’s presence. Coupled with Kassadin’s pressure on the mid lane, they had an open shot on dragon in the tenth minute and that’s when two plays happened simultaneously.

The all-out aggression at the top lane from both teams left everyone involved very close to death. Meanwhile, the Wolves had secured dragon and used their numbers, as well as the fact that Fnatic’s dragon contesting party was erratically positioned, to let Kassadin pick up two kills. Katarina chased down a low-health Xin Zhao for a relatively meager consolation prize.

Fast forward to the mid game:
Moments later, as Renekton single-handedly took down the bottom turret for CW, the rest of his team formed a small party in the middle lane and Thresh’s hook landed on Sona, spelling her doom. They could not take down the mid turret, though, as Miss Fortune used her ultimate. This set up the next encounter as a recalling, low-health Bjergsen was baited into a bad confrontation by YellOwStaR. While Shen used his ultimate to help mitigate the damage, Katarina teleported to help the AD Carry secure the kill. Fnatic then transitioned to killing an overextended Renekton. The consolation prize for CW was the top turret takedown by Ezreal.

Both teams gathered in the dragon area and a Xin Zhao initiation resulted in Sona sacrificing herself to avoid further bloodshed. The teams trade a dragon (CW) for an outer mid turret (Fnatic). Later on, Miss Fortune and Shen tried to kill Ezreal as he was up top, but Ezreal escaped. Miss Fortune was doomed as the Wolves collapsed on her. Deficio and TheTess get caught out in their jungle by all of Fnatic due to the absence of vision. Fnatic transition to taking the outer top turret then catch Thresh out of position yet again as they looked to tower dive mid. Fnatic destroyed Thresh and turned their attention to Xin Zhao, who tried to save Thresh.

Everyone goes all-out:
A fight as the dragon respawned resulted in everyone from both teams having low health. Both teams then initiated a base race. Fnatic left CyanideFI to guard the inhibitor and he sacrificed himself for it. The Wolves took out all the turrets leading to the middle inhibitor, while Fnatic took out the bottom lane inhibitor itself. Due to the low-health of most of CW’s roster, Fnatic did their best to prevent recalls with sOAZ chasing down or xPeke catching up. Thresh brilliantly saved his teammates and set up the perfect engage by hooking Katarina into his team. She was burst down immediately. Fnatic tried to fight off the ensuing assault but died in a 5-for-3 trade.

Kassadin and Renekton attempted to backdoor the middle inhibitor but their low health combined with their lack of DPS to allow Katarina time enough to respawn and teleport right on top of them. Katarina scored a double kill and set up Fnatic for the baron, which they took handily. They were awarded a kill as Xin Zhao tried to contest it.

Fnatic then proceeded to siege mid and take out the inner turret, transitioning into the outer mid turret. An amazing Thresh hook/ultimate and Xin Zhao follow-up allowed Ezreal to position himself in such a way that he could deal as much damage as possible without being targeted. Kassadin was there to clean up everything and get the quadrakill as the Wolves aced Fnatic, only losing Thresh in the process. The Wolves took down the middle inhibitor but witnessed one of their nexus turrets going down.

Upon respawn, the Fnatic members snatched dragon, uncontested. As Kassadin went to backdoor the top lane turrets, the Wolves spotted four Fnatic members recalling in bot lane and a fight ensued. Both Kassadin and Volibear teleported into the fight after Ezreal bit the dust, resulting in a chase-down by Fnatic. Once again, Thresh played the hero by saving everyone in his team with the lantern (and its shield).

The play that almost ended the game:
After Fnatic exploded the bottom inhibitor, the Wolves ate Volibear and cleared any vision from Fnatic in the baron pit. The fact that minions were pushing the bottom lane led Kassadin to back off temporarly, allowing Fnatic to establish vision dominance. A pause due to connection issues reminded everyone of the former-CLG.EU (Evil Geniuses) vs Team WE game in the Season 2 World Finals, but a crash was not to be. Instead, both teams gathered around Baron as soon as the game resumed. Both teams danced around the Baron as Kassadin recalled to smack down the super-minions filing into CW’s base. As soon as Fnatic spotted Bjersen’s exit, they started Baron. However, CW interrupted with an otherworldly hook from Thresh, causing chaos on the battlefield and prompting Kassadin to teleport into the action.

Fnatic backed off due to low-health and sent xPeke and CyanideFI to backdoor the second nexus turret. Automatically, Svenskeren recalled in an attempt to save the base. Katarina Shunpoed away from a Xin Zhao dash. She came back around to work on the nexus, but a Kassadin recall and subsequent damage dealt brought her attempt to an end. Volibear was still frantically hammering on the nexus but the inhibitor respawned which brought an end to the madness. It was an overall 4-for-2 trade in the Wolves’ favor, with Thresh and NeeGodbro going down for CW while Miss Fortune was the lone survivor for Fnatic.

The final moments:
The Copenhagen Wolves grouped up in mid and pushed onward to the inhibitor. Shen went for a flash-taunt on the backline, but that allowed Ezreal (who was not caught) to cast his ultimate on the entire Fnatic team. Immediately, Thresh hooked himself onto the enemy team and used his ultimate. This Fnatic open to be taken down despite nRated’s subsequent ultimate. The damage was dealt: Miss Fortune went down; Katarina was zoned out of the fight as she had to go to the fountain in a hurry; Volibear went down trying to keep everyone away from Katarina and Sona. As Katarina reached the base, she was intent on doing a final stand with Shen and Sona but that was in vain.

The Wolves then took down the nexus turrets followed by the nexus itself, bringing to a close one of the most exciting and surprising games of the LCS thus far.

Written by Adel Chouadria
Edited by Marissa Moody Kuo
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