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Europe LCS Week One Recap Gambit Gaming v. Evil Geniuses

Gambit GamingGambitLogo std.png
Darien –- Top: Olaf
Diamondprox -– Jungle: Udyr
Alex Ich –- Mid: Ryze
Genja –- Ezreal
Edward -- Nunu
Bans: Elise, Zed, Jayce

Evil GeniusesEglogo std.png
Wickd –- Top: Shen
Snoopeh –- Jungle: Maokai
Froggen –- Mid: Anivia
Yellowpete –- AD: Caitlyn
Krepo -- Support: Lulu
Bans: Xin Zhao, Twisted Fate, Kha'Zix

Level One:
Gambit Gaming and Evil Geniuses both had a very passive start. Krepo placed a ward at GG's blue buff, but it was pink warded and destroyed in response. With no aggression, each jungler claimed their respective blue buffs and healed up without early ganks.

Early Game:
Both teams remained in lane to farm to avoid early game errors. Diamondprox capitalized on this situation and grabbed the first dragon at level three without EG’s knowledge. When Snoopeh noticed the dragon was gone, he attempted to gank mid to no avail. With the lanes farming out, EG closed the 1k gold gap that GG had acquired from the early dragon. Dragon respawned and GG set their eyes on it once more. During GG’s second dragon attempt, EG engaged giving Wickd an 11 minute first blood and a double kill. As EG backed away from their ambush, the remaining members of GG collected their second dragon of the game and reduced GG’s gold deficit to 500.

Mid Game:
The farm war continued as both teams heavily warded the map. Neither jungler ganked--instead they counter-warded to ensure the safety of their lanes. EG enjoyed a slight lead due to Wickd's huge CS advantage. Applying pressure, Froggen successfully ganked Darien which, in turn, secured Wickd yet another kill. EG aimed for the dragon, and GG collapsed on the situation. EG responded with an ace, exchanging five for one in a beautiful fight. They then conquered the dragon and the top turret for a 4k gold lead at 20 minutes into the game. As everyone returned to their lanes, Wickd, Froggen, and Snoopeh initiated a siege on the outer mid turret and easily dived onto Alex Ich for the kill. The trio proceeded to stomp through GG's jungle grinding Diamondprox under their heels. All of EG rushed bottom to tower dive, instigating a fight. GG replied with a great collapse, killing the trapped Yellowpete and Krepo. This gave GG the upper hand as they took EG's mid outer turret in an attempt to reduce the 4k gold gap.

Late Game:
EG slowed their rampage as they grouped mid lane to farm and find an opportunity. After clearing river wards, Snoopeh noted a lone Darien and rooted him to initiate a fight. Wickd proved too tanky for GG to handle as EG picked up three kills for zero, increasing their already impressive advantage. As EG went back to heal, GG veered toward the dragon but stumbled over a ward. GG nabbed the dragon, but it cost Genja007's life. EG proceeded to clear more wards to prepare for Baron. Darien patrolled the mid lane and was caught out by the entirety of EG. Yellowpete dropped Darien thanks to a fantastic wall by Froggen's legendary Anivia. In response, GG tried to play it close to home. As a result, EG pressured mid and shifted their focus to Baron. GG attempted to stop EG, then EG collapsed onto them. Alex Ich sustained heavy damage and GG disengaged as EG circled back to take the first Baron of the game. Desperate to eliminate the gold gap, Genja007 rushed another dragon to bring their gold deficit to 7k gold. GG stayed in their base, hoping their wave clear would be enough to stall out the Baron buff. However, the minions were no match for Wickd's split push and Froggen's power. EG easily harvested GG's mid inhibitor turret with no resistance. EG trounced the objectives with the remaining Baron buff and backed out of GG's base. Not wanting to risk anything, both teams wave cleared until the Baron respawned.

End Game:
Froggen was looking for any chance to catch someone out with a wall, when GG went in for the engage. Focusing on Froggen proved to be the wrong choice, as EG killed three members of GG without trading any deaths of their own. This rewarded EG with the mid and top inhibitors. Alex Ich tried to take down a member of EG at the cost of his life. EG then left GG’s base to take a very quick Baron with no contest. As super minions rampaged through GG's base, EG sieged the bottom turret – knowing that GG would not risk defending it for long as their nexus turrets were falling. Riding on large waves of super minions, EG earned their first win of LCS in a major victory.

Written by Nigel Thomas
Edited by Marissa Moody Kuo
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