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Europe LCS Week One Recap SK Gaming v. Evil Geniuses

SK GamingSK Gaminglogo std.png
Kev1n –- Top: Olaf
hyrqBot –- Jungle: Shen
ocelote –- Mid: Kassadin
CandyPanda –- AD: Ezreal
Nyph -- Support: Sona
Bans: Vi, Twitch, Nidalee

Evil GeniusesEglogo std.png
Wickd –- Top: Akali
Snoopeh -- Jungle: Xin Zhao
Froggen –- Mid: Jayce
Yellowpete –- AD: Caitlyn
Krepo –- Support: Lulu
Bans: Maokai, Lux, Anivia

Level One:
SK Gaming and Evil Geniuses both looked strong coming into this game. Defensive wards were placed at both teams respective buffs. Before minions spawned, hyrqbot and ocelote decided to take a look into EG's blue side jungle only to be scared away by Froggen. Each jungler got his red buff, while EG fed the blue buff to Froggen for early harass.

Early Game:
Krepo searched for an opportunity to force an early fight mid, but he was spotted by a ward. He then made his way to SK's blue buff and swiped it with Snoopeh's assistance. Froggen, applying heavy pressure mid, damaged the mid turret. With his heavy early damage from E and Q, Froggen also easily forced ocelote into an uncomfortable position with little health. Krepo swept back into the mid lane and hammered the mid turret with Froggen, knocking it down at a swift four and a half minutes. Meanwhile, Snoopeh’s gank on Kev1n turned sour and resulted in Kev1n taking first blood against Snoopeh, only to be killed by Wickd in return. With an early gold lead and map advantage, EG four-man dived onto Kev1n. SK replied by forcing the bottom turret in an attempt to tie up the gold. EG saw this as an opportunity to take the first dragon, which increased their gold lead by roughly 2k at 11 minutes into the game.

Mid Game:
EG returned to their respective lanes and slowed the pace of the game. When the SK blue buff came up, three members of EG attempted a steal. With their advanced game sense and a few wards, SK responded immediately with a skirmish. Wickd was separated from the rest of his team while Kev1n inflicted heavy damage on him. Froggen’s well-placed ocelote knockback allowed Wickd to ultimate over the wall, securing two kills for EG at the cost of one. Wickd and Snoopeh over-estimated themselves and converged on a full health Kev1n which brought about Wickd’s death and a narrow execution by Snoopeh taking a won fight by EG and ultimately gave SK the advantage. SK then took the second dragon of the game uncontested - tying up the gold at 27k. EG wasn't given time to breath as Kev1n snatches the top turret from Wickd, prompting another team fight. Nyph’s amazing ultimate was insufficient to prevent EG from taking down Kev1n. SK replied by taking down Froggen and Wickd. Then Yellowpete rallied and proceeded to smash through SK, with the exception of CandyPanda who was busy frantically pushing bot lane. EG came out on top in this three for four exchange..

The Game Changer:
Neither team could get ahead as the gold stayed almost dead even. Seeking to gain any lead possible, SK rushed the dragon. It seemed uncontested, but Snoopeh charged in intending to steal it. SK turned on EG with amazing positioning and took down 4 members of EG and lost none of their own. This successful exchange cued SK to rush Baron, which they acquired easily.

Late Game:
While SK was busy healing post-Baron, EG sneakily took SK's middle inner turret. SK returned the favor by pushing through EG's inhibitor. SK fell back on a more conservative playstyle and took a safe top inner turret for free before they returned to securing objectives. After their Baron buff ran out, SK knew that they were stronger than EG and picked fight after fight. Netting one or two kills each fight, SK inched ever closer to a victory. Baron respawned and SK went for it again. EG entered into another Baron dance in an attempt to stop SK. EG staved SK off of Baron three times with EG losing a member in each encounter. SK returned to their base to heal and EG tried a desperate Baron in SK’s absence. However, Snoopeh’s respawn timer was still ticking, so EG could not burn Baron down quickly enough. EG were caught out by SK and lost Wickd to the fight. SK turned to claim Baron. Froggen and Krepo attempted to wreck their efforts, ultimately leading to Froggen's death and SK securing their second Baron of the game

End Game:
Playing it safe, SK bagged another dragon and watched for an opportunity to close out the game. SK’s 8k gold lead indicated that they could definitely win the match. Effortlessly pushing through EG's bottom turrets and inhibitor, SK beelined for the final inhibitor to claim their victory. Snoopeh made an effort to change the tide of the game by engaging on SK under a turret, to no avail. SK converted Snoopeh’s attack into an ace for nothing trade and closed out their second win of LCS.

Written by Nigel Thomas
Edited by Marissa Moody Kuo
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