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Europe LCS Week Six Matchup Previews

GambitLogo std.pngGambit Gaming vs. FnaticFnaticlogo std.png
Week 6 of the EU LCS explodes into action as Gambit Gaming and Fnatic, the top two teams, attempt to get a stranglehold on each other on Saturday, March 23 at 18:00 CET. While both teams appear to be safe from others elbowing in on their war for first, they are not safe from each other. Whoever wins this match will own the throne and can confidently swagger into the chaos of Week 6.

GG may already have a saunter in their step when they meet Fnatic, as they have won both matches against YellOwStaR and friends in recent weeks. The team, boasting an epic 9W-2L record, is coming off a restful bye week after tearing up the competition in Week 4. However, this upcoming match could prove to be more than just what keeps GG in the lead; they are also the only EU LCS team that have not yet lost to Fnatic.

Fnatic, after destroying all opposition in Week 5, flaunt an impressive 11W-3L ratio. There is only one thing keeping them from the throne -- Gambit. If Fnatic were to win this match, and then continue their win column rampage, they could end the week 14W-3L. This could put them, potentially, three games and as many victories ahead of GG. If Fnatic defeat GG in this upcoming match, they will have defeated every team in the LCS at least once. A win would also give Fnatic their first notch on the positive side of their head-to-head record against Gambit which currently stands at 0W-2L.

The top lane should be an astounding place to watch. Great picks dot the past champion choices of both teams. Darien and sOAZ will bring some crazy duels, lane ganks, and team battle potential to the table. In their last match, Darien nabbed ShenSquare.png Shen for some amazing teleport support all over the map. He even saved Alex Ich after Alex and Diamondprox were ambushed by most of Fnatic's roster. However, sOAZ's RumbleSquare.png Rumble top provided his team with strong early magic damage and excellent pushing power.

If this match is anything like Week 4's battle, then the teamfights will be where all the action happens. In the early stages of their last face off, Fnatic held a strong lead and came out on the victorious end of most early and mid-game teamfights. However, GG planned ahead into the late game when their tanky front line could deal the most damage. GG's itemization gave them the insurance and edge they needed in late game teamfights. There should be no lack of excitement in this match if both teams play at their best. Two giants clash again for the top spot, but only one team may claim the throne. Watch for some amazing plays and excellent team work on the part of these two contenders.

SK Gaminglogo std.pngSK Gaming vs. GIANTS! GamingGiants Gaminglogo std.png
On Saturday, March 23 at 16:00 CET, SK Gaming and GIANTS! Gaming will reconvene in the inaugural game of Week 6 in the EU LCS. Babeta and crew suffered defeat to ocelote's associates in Week 4 and have since had a Week 5 bye. Neither team will be slacking in this match, as both are eager to pull ahead of their current positions.

SK Gaming made their way into third place on the scoreboards, surpassing even Evil Geniuses with one less loss. Surely, they do not desire to stop there. Without room for error, lest they fall below their rivals, SK must make every match this week count. The other teams will sweat Bloodthirster.pngBloodthirsters and Tear of the Goddess.pngTear of the Goddess to make their way into the top spot. SK Gaming have been in their element lately with well-orchestrated teamfight strategies and decisive map control, as seen in their Week 5 match against the DragonBorns. If SK continues in their knowledgeable manner, strategizing even in the midst of heated battle, they could very well sit on the Iron Throne. Wait, scratch that.

SK's challenges in Week 6 will not begin with any of the big baddies, but with GIANTS! Gaming -- the newcomers who can make the top teams lose their cool and their matches. The GIANTS! showcased great skill and teamwork in many of their matches during the Super Week; they even kept up with Fnatic for most of their gutsy battle. However, they could not morph their skill into victories in Week 4. That is, not until their final match against EG. They devastated their top tier opponents with a victory in less than 24 minutes. The GIANTS! sit at a 4W-8L record. However, if they continue to play in the same manner as their most recent match, they could take their fight to the penthouse of the rankings.

Jîmß0wnz has a bone to pick with CandyPanda over their previous match: CandyPanda received MVP for his play as GravesSquare.png Graves in SK's last match against GIANTS!, and Jimbz likely plans to repay the favor. There are a few bans the teams could make against each other to counteract the strength of these monster carries. Graves and TwitchSquare.png Twitch would be intelligent bans for GIANTS! to consider against SK, should they opt for a double respect ban against SK’s ADC. From SK's perspective, KennenSquare.png Kennen and CaitlynSquare.png Caitlyn would be clever nixes, given Jimbz destructive skill with Kennen in the bot lane. However, each team still has four other players in their rosters, all of whom can unleash devastating dexterity in the Rift.

SK and GIANTS! have rough battles ahead of them, especially if both rosters play at their maximum ability. If SK can keep their cool and work with intelligent strategy (like they have in most of their previous matches) they could simply wipe the floor with GIANTS! Gaming. However, if GIANTS! utilize the data from past victories to its fullest, they could steamroll SK with their favored strategy of using their enemy's strengths against them. Either way, this riveting match should keep eyes glued to monitors as Summoner's Rift turns into a scarf-rending cataclysm.

Written by Keith Roland
Edited by Marissa Moody Kuo.

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