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Europe LCS Week Two Matchup Previews

With week two of the European LCS beginning Saturday February 16th, the teams are getting a better grip on who they need to systematically crush turret by turret and without remorse and who they need to look out for, lest the same happen to them. Two teams debut in the first matches of their Season 3 careers this week, DragonBorns and against All authority. DragonBorns will confront the illustrious Evil Geniuses, and against All authority shall go toe to toe with the Russian giant, Gambit Gaming. EG, SK Gaming, and Fnatic look to maintain their momentum after a monumental first week in the LCS. Other teams, like the Copenhagen Wolves and GG, will fight to regain steam after disappointments in week one. With newcomers, like DragonBorns and aAa, and veterans, like EG, Fnatic, SK Gaming, and GG, taking on the scene all at their own pace, there will certainly be some memorable clashes.

Evil GeniusesEglogo std.png⁠ vs. ⁠Giants Gaminglogo std.pngGIANTS! Gaming
Evil Geniuses and GIANTS! Gaming will clash on Sunday, February 17th at 19:00 CEST in what could be one of the most intriguing matches so far in the EU LCS. Savvy spectators will be curious to discover how evenly matched these two teams are after their blistering performances that pummeled Russian all-stars, Gambit Gaming, in week one.

GIANTS! huge GG upset may be a harbinger of future feats from this apparently aptly named team. GIANTS! Gaming’s overall week one performance revealed their aptitude for pregame scouting, their prowess in objective control, and their potential for crushing their opponents in team battles. This week, GIANTS! will look to smash through the ranks and prove that they are truly titans, starting with what they hope will be their second massive giant killing. If they can pull it off, GIANTS! will ascend several rungs of the ladder.

Meanwhile, EG aim to propel themselves out of their week one three-way tie at the top with Fnatic and SK Gaming. After collecting two crackerjack conquests over the Copenhagen Wolves and GG, EG firmly established that they can keep the newcomers and the veterans in check by drawing them into their expert territory – the late game. EG also revealed an innovative triple AD strategy which they used to apply early game pressure in their match against SK. Which tactic EG chooses for their date with GIANTS! could decide the game.

In the middle lane, GIANTS! Gaming’s Exterminare will confront Evil Geniuses’ Froggen – a daunting duel for any mid laner. In his week one game against GG, Exterminare shrewdly snagged Ryze and then schooled mid laner, Alex Ich; the lesson was that his greatest strength might also be his greatest weakness. However, Froggen, despite favoring Anivia, does not appear to be vulnerable to such cheeky counter picks and bans. Exterminare will have to dig deeper and employ a different gambit to get the best of EG’s CS powerhouse. On the other hand, if GIANTS! grant Froggen his bird, Froggen's well-placed walls are likely to be significant hurdles for Exterminare to overcome.

In the bottom lane, GIANTS! JimB0wnz, named MVP for February 10th, and Babeta will challenge EG’s Yellowpete and Krepo. In week one, Krepo’s support for Yellowpete's farming and early kills turned Yellowpete into an explosive hyper-carry Caitlyn against the Wolves. However, the bold playstyle of JimbB0wnz snowballed the GIANTS! and brought GG to their knees in week one. The bottom lane might make or break the game depending upon whether stable synergy or plucky audacity proves to be the bigger obstacle. In either case, JimB0wnz and Babeta will need to pull together and work exceptionally efficiently if they aspire to take down EG’s well-seasoned bottom lane pair.

GIANTS! Gaming and Evil Geniuses have plenty to prove in this exciting upcoming match. GIANTS! hope to improve upon their team fights and leverage exploitation so that they can continue their calamitous tirade, flattening their opponents with a finesse unusual for their namesake. However, EG hope to use their keen strategies and sharp players to chop down the beanstalk before GIANTS! can get a foothold. This is sure to be a rip-roaring romp--no matter which team triumphs.

DragonBornsDragonbornlogo std.png⁠ vs. ⁠SK Gaminglogo std.pngSK Gaming
DragonBorns’ splashy and chaotic success in the qualifiers and SK Gaming’s lively and empowering ascendancy in week one of the LCS combine to give rise to an eagerly awaited encounter. These two teams will be at each other’s throats on Sunday, February 17th at 20:00 CEST.

DragonBorns will be making their competition debut in week two of the EU LCS against two of the number one teams in the tournament, Evil Geniuses and SK Gaming. Not much is known about the embryonic DB, outside of their brash and potent efforts in the qualifiers. DB only got the ball rolling as of November, 21 2012, yet they have already shown a certain flair for well-executed early game plays. In the qualifiers, DragonBorns scored seven kills in the first seven minutes during their second match against mousesports. Week two will be a testimony as to whether their pizzazz will translate into a convincing strategic advantage against the top teams in Europe.

SK Gaming will not want to simply hand over a victory to DB. In week one, SK was one of three teams that went 2-1. SK achieved this by putting the Wolves and Evil Geniuses in their places and suffering a loss to Fnatic. A win against DB would help SK pull ahead of the crowded three-way tie at the top of the ladder. To find a means to a victorious end, ocelote will likely delve into the tactical lessons in his prized notebook to see if anything he's learned over the past two and a half years can help him give DB the slip. Week two will reveal how effectively SK can utilize their data to overcome their self-proclaimed biggest rival – their constancy – in order to avoid throwing the DB match.

Keep an eye on top, mid, and jungle in this match-up. SK's Kev1n and DB's Spontexx will be pitted against each other in a duel to see who can outplay the other. Kev1n’s epic plays and astounding survivability kept SK a few steps ahead of EG last week. However, DB’s Spontexx, a key play-maker throughout the qualifiers, can also pull off jaw-dropping plays in a crunch. He has lead DB into many team fight victories. In the mid lane, ocelote and Shushei will clash in a bigger-than-life battle that could be the deciding factor of the game, if one or the other can surge ahead with the help of his jungler. Therefore, look for some fantastic ganks from SK’s hyrqBot and DB’s Malunoo. HyrqBot’s adept ganks have rallied his team in many matches. However, if Malunoo can effectively gank and counter-gank hyrqBot, then perhaps DB can match or trump SK's jungle prowess.

As of week two, the dragons are officially out of their lair, in search of competitors to devour. However, SK is ready and waiting, swords poised, for their chance to slay the DragonBorns.

Written by Keith Roland
Edited by Marissa Moody Kuo
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