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Five Minutes with ForellenLord

Leaguepedia's Adel Chouadria is on the spot in Lille, France at the Week 6 EU LCS. Earlier today, he tracked down ForellenLord from Team ALTERNATE to chat about their match against Team Mistral in the Summer Promotion Qualifier and their other recent activities.

Adel: How did Team ALTERNATE prepare for today’s matchup against Mistral Gaming?

ForellenLord: We did prepare for the game versus Mistral, but we did not take that hard of a look at them. This doesn’t mean we’re underestimating them -- far from it.

Adel: Between the LCS Qualifiers and Lille, what were ALTERNATE’s activities? Did you non-stop practice to get to this?

ForellenLord: Between the S3 LCS Qualifiers and now, we took a one to two week break to have fun and just decompress. We took some time to reflect. Then, though, we came back and have not ceased to practice, especially [doing scrims] against LCS teams like Gambit Gaming.

Adel: What were the results of the scrims? Which member of Gambit gave you the most trouble?

ForellenLord: Our scrim against Gambit was even. We don’t think one man stands out over the rest in Gambit. They’re all dangerous on their own.

Adel: Do you have any words for your fans or anything to add?

ForellenLord: Thanks to all our fans for cheering for us, and for ALTERNATE for the sponsorship.

Interview by Adel Chouadria
Edited by Marissa Moody Kuo.

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