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Five Minutes with Sjokz

Leaguepedia's Adel Chouadria was on the spot in Lille, France for the Week 6 EU LCS. On Sunday, he chatted with Eefje "Sjokz" Depoortere - the perceptive and enthusiastic hostess of ESL's European LCS broadcasts. Sjokz shared her love of games, her love for her work, and some good advice about how to succeed in eSports journalism.

Adel: Hello everyone on Leaguepedia, this is Adel and with me is Sjokz. We’re here to just get to know her a little bit. Now tell me, what was your background as far as gaming is concerned?

Sjokz: I started of playing Unreal Tournament in 1999, so that’s a long time ago. And I was actually kinda addicted to it. It was like I came home from school, played it all day -- my parents were really concerned. But then I went off to college. I switched to Playstation once in a while because I didn’t really have time. And then I finished college and someone introduced me to League of Legends. It’s been my life ever since.

Adel: As far as getting into ESL, how did it happen?

Sjokz: I was working for SK Gaming and Cybersports Network, doing Interviews and several Video Interviews. Basically, I went to IEM Cologne and someone from ESL said “Hey why don’t you tryout, maybe work for us in the future?” I didn’t know what it was for exactly. So we had several interviews, and eventually they chose me to host the European League of Legends Championship Series. I think was kind of a risk from their side, because I’ve never hosted anything before -- but I guess it turned out alright.

Adel: Well it definitely turned out alright. I was thinking, as far as interviews, who was the person you had a blast interviewing?

Sjokz: It has to be two Rioters actually, Riot IronStylus and OhMikeGoodness, at the [Season 2] World Finals at LA. That was crazy. These guys -- they love their job, and they love League of Legends. It was just five minutes of madness as they were doing impersonations of walks of champions -- like the MissFortuneSquare.png Miss Fortune strut. It was a blast! You can find it on YouTube anyway.

Adel: You were talking about IronStylus. Could you tell us something quirky about him?

Sjokz: He’s just a really fun person. His wife cosplays - I think as DianaSquare.png Diana. She puts a lot of effort into that, and he adores her. He loves female empowered champions, and he can just go on and on about LeonaSquare.png Leona and DianaSquare.png Diana. If you will ever get a chance to talk to him -- he’s so cute and it’s all about League all the time! His enthusiasm is really something else.

Adel: Now maybe a word to your fans?

Sjokz: I started to get some [fans]! (laughs)

Adel: Yeah, I think you do have some!

Sjokz: Thank you for supporting me. I hope I can give you cool interviews post matches, and you can always reach me on Twitter. I try to reply on everything @sjokz. Keep sending me Tweets if you have someone whom I should interview, or a question you want me to ask, or just anything! I hope I can keep bringing you good stuff in the LCS.

Adel: As far as questions -- I noticed that you were asking like crazy good questions.

Sjokz: Really?

Adel: Yeah, questions like when you asked Snoopeh about the previous declaration he said about ocelote

Sjokz: Oh! Yeah, yeah! I think that the key to keep doing this is that you keep up with all news. I make notes as I go along. And also I have it in my brain like, “this is something I have to use" and "this is something I have to use.” And the matches, I just watch them and write down all the key points. Like...did they pick something special, did they do a special strategy, was there a key moment? You can always ask questions about things like that. I think what the community really likes to hear is, on the one side, a little more personal [information] about the player -- but, on the other side, what does he build, what runes does he use, which masteries? Because they want to become as skilled as [the pro players]. So I try to get that out of a player's head.

Adel: Well thank you very much for the time you’ve given me - really thank you very much.

Sjokz: No problem. Everything for Leaguepedia!

Interview by Adel Chouadria
Transcribed by Chris "Mr No" Haba-Schneider
Edited by Derek Provonost and Marissa Moody Kuo.

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