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Five Minutes with yellowpete

Leaguepedia's Adel Chouadria was on the spot in Lille, France for the Week 6 EU LCS. On Sunday, he hung out with yellowpete of Evil Geniuses and found out about yellowpete's gaming career and what he thinks of Teemo trolling.

Adel: I know that you just lost a game against Copenhagen Wolves, but did it feel as fun for you guys as it was for the viewers?

yellowpete: Well, the game itself was very interesting. In a way, like, a lot of uncommon split-second decisions had to be made, and that was, eventually, what defeated us. We didn't have the same mindset in some situations. Yeah, it was definitely a very interesting game for us.

Adel: Now, talking about you: what games did you play before League of Legends?

yellowpete: I played a multitude of single player titles. I eventually got into Warcraft III, but I mostly played DotA. From there, I eventually got to League.

Adel: Can you tell me what the difference between DotA and League is, from someone who has made the switch?

yellowpete: I can’t say about the game right now, because I haven’t played it in a few years. When I switched, it seemed like League was a more casual game than DotA. It wasn’t as complicated, but at the same time it was customizable. The concept for summoners skills, runes, and masteries was very interesting.

Adel: Now, you were on a team with Krepo before CLG.EU and Evil Geniuses. Could you tell us a little about your synergy with him?

yellowpete: I started playing with him on an old team called "La GG." Actually, some of the players from that team are now playing on aAa. ShLaYa, Fredy, and Karalius were all on that team, so I know those guys. It was really fun playing with them back then. We didn’t really have that much success. We were pretty acknowledged in the European scene, but we didn’t really have any success in terms of offline events or offline qualifiers and stuff like that. So, eventually that team split up. From there, obviously, I had really good synergy with Krepo. Then we were both picked up for CLG EU.

Adel: As far as yourself as an AD Carry, there was that switch [in AD Carry roles] between Season 2 and Season 3. How did you perceive the changes?

yellowpete: I think it’s more that the AD items have been nerfed a bit. Everything was made a little bit more expensive. You also can’t carry as well alone anymore--you need your team to back you up. Where previously you still needed your team, but you could do more on your own. Right now, with the introduction of the Blade of the Ruined King [. . .] it’s quite a decent addition for AD Carries because they can defend themselves more. In terms of damage, you are still not on the same level of season 2, which has to make you play a little differently.

Adel: Seeing how the audience raves about
, what would happen if you picked it?

yellowpete: Well, I guess they’d go pretty crazy, here, at least. I think Teemo isn't such a bad pick. The reason everyone here is getting crazy at those picks is because [Teemo is] never really played in competitive play. Well, Teemo can be decent in the top lane, so it’s not impossible that someone would pick him. His blind is strong against certain champions, but auto-attack reliant carries that have a low range can get screwed up really hard. He’s not as bad as people make [him] out to be.

Adel: Is there ever a chance that you would play Teemo?

yellowpete: I am not going to exclude that I will someday play something other than AD carry--if I thought it was appropriate. For example, there are a lot of champions and mechanics that an AD Carry might find really really hard.
is becoming really popular with his Wither, which basically slows you down to one auto-attack per five seconds. I could see myself playing something other than AD Carry if I had more impact at any given time.

Adel: Anything you want to say to fans or sponsors?

yellowpete: I want to thank all the fans for showing up here, giving us a great time, and supporting us wherever you are watching. They definitely give us motivation to step up our game. Thank you to our sponsors for taking care of us and making this possible for all of us.

Interview by Adel Chouadria
Transcribed by Will Turton
Edited by Derek Provonost and Marissa Moody Kuo.

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