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Jang Gun-Woong Comes Out Of Retirement

What was speculation in the Korean scene has turned into reality: Jang “Woong” Gun-woong, the former Top laner and Marksman of Azubu Frost (later CJ Entus Frost), is returning to competitive League of Legends as a Top laner.

Woong during OGN The Champions Summer

Once the best Top laner in Korea, Woong cites his thirst for victory to be the main reason behind his return. "I was passing by YongSan and it reminded me of last summer. [...] The taste of victory is so sweet that you want to taste it over and over again."

A set date for his return has yet to be determined: More information will be available in a week. However, speculation is rampant about a reunion with his former teammate Choi “Locodoco” Yoon-Sup. Locodoco recently left NaJin White Shield and is a free agent.

GunWoong’s career was not without road bumps: One of them, a well-documented incident during the Season 2 World Championship, damaged his reputation in the Western and Korean LoL fanbases. His retirement (March 22nd, 2013) let him focus on his own project, Maximum Impact Gaming Blitz. How he will do after such a prolonged absence from competitive League of Legends remains to be seen.

Written by Adel "Hype Algerian" Chouadria
Translation provided by Cy "Heartilly" Bae

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