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LCS Champion All-Stars (Week 5)

The LCS Champion All-Stars illuminates some of the champions that have made big impressions on the NA and EU LCS. The champs in the limelight include notably successful meta-benders and creative champ builds that exemplify Season 3's meta-revolution.

These featured champions have directly and positively altered the flow of games--often leaving a wake of destruction and/or confusion in their paths. The gameplay and teamfight contributions of these Rift superstars are likely to inspire more players to give these champs a shot. These All-Stars rocked the Super Week and are among the champs to watch for Week 5: Volibear, AP Tryndamere, and Thresh.


A few weeks ago, Volibear made his first showing in the LCS at the hands of bellwether Diamondprox, but this week he was spotted in many jungles of the NA and EU LCS. The current meta sees teams tower dive early, especially within the first five minutes of a game. Volibear’s passive allows him to tower dive with ease. He can tank several turret shots, and his passive can kick-in to heal him up quickly. This, in combination with a slow, a toss, a finisher, and a health regenerative passive, makes him incredibly difficult to gank . In the first game of week four, Diamondprox used Volibear to help lead Gambit Gaming to victory over the DragonBorns. Many other EU Junglers have since picked up Volibear, including hyrqBot, CyanideFI, and ViRtU4l. Only Xmithie used Volibear in the NA LCS but expect to see more NA teams calling on Volibear over the next few weeks.


The infamous AP Tryndamere made his first appearance in the LCS in week four. Voyboy first used AP Tryndamere's ridiculously high AP ratio for his heal, which allowed him to split push and never die. His passive does enough damage to be annoying and difficult to duel 1v1. If he ever get too low he uses his ult to become invulnerable with at least half his fury restored which he can use to heal up and fight again. Curse used this effectively to pull multiple team members of the opposing team away from the main group during team fights. With two enemy champions on the move to counter AP Tryndamere, the rest of his team can siege a tower. Tryndamere may die to the two enemy champions he baited, but his death is worthwhile as long as his team is able to trade for a turret or other objective.


Thresh is the newest support champion to join and was picked or banned in all but three of the EU LCS matches. His kit is one of the best in the game. His only job is to close gaps for allies. What sets him apart is the way in which the professionals use him to zone out an opponent . Thresh also has a deadly combination: a pull and a ranged poke. His ranged poke does a significant amount of damage thanks to the passive on his Q. Watch any match with Thresh to see him chunking down enemies in the bottom lane in the early game. Also Thresh possesses the ability to bring Junglers in to ganks via his Lantern Toss. This can zone an enemy team by throwing the lantern in to a brush that the enemy team cannot see. If the opponent's team does not back away, an enemy Jungler could come flying in. EDward has shown expertise at using Thresh to his full advantage, and this champ's popularity will likely increase as the season progresses.

Written by Chris Bocchicchio.
Edited by Marissa Moody Kuo.

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