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Archive:Leaguepedia Articles/LCS Week 1 Two-Second Summaries

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LCS Week 1 Two-Second Summaries
This is the first installment in a series of weekly summaries of LCS games. Summaries are editorialized and reflect the views of only the author and not of eSportspedia. For complete information, including pick+ban order and end-game scoreboards, see our EU and NA LCS pages: NA LCS Summer Split and EU LCS Summer Split.

European LCS

FNC vs SK (SK win): FNC ahead early, but Hurricane Kayle does a lot of dmg, SK wins fight, gets inhib, wins game

ROC vs MIL (MIL win): ROC tried an early Dragon that backfired, and MIL got ahead, ROC's comp wasn’t great, and Kerp did really well on Fizz

CW vs ALL (ALL win): Really bad Yorick build, though some super good teamfights other than that from CW.

MIL vs SHC (MIL win): MIL got ahead early by shutting down TF mid, but they couldn't close. SHC won a couple fights, could have gotten baron, but Kerp stole with Ziggs ult, and then it's game over

GMB vs ROC (ROC win): Pretty big stomp by ROCCAT all around.

SK vs GMB (GMB win): GMB got ahead early, got very early nexus turrets, but SK started to come back before throwing at Baron

CW vs MIL (CW win): Somewhat even early, MIL was winning fights, but great Eve flank, then Baron, and CW end up pulling out the win

ALL vs SHC (SHC win): Draven got a kill around 15 minutes in a won dragon fight for SHC, other than that uneventfully good by SHC, they got baron w/ good zoning by wewillfailer

SK vs CW (SK win): SK stomped, Jesiz was HUGE on Kayle.

SHC vs ROC (SHC win): Kassadin snowballed, ROC were ahead early but with Kassadin you're never ahead

ALL vs FNC (ALL win): ALL played really well, solid rotations. FNC tried a weird 4-man lvl 1 that didn't work.

GMB vs ALL (ALL win): ALL were very ahead, had a bit of trouble closing out for a short time, but stomped. Froggen quadra, unofficial penta at the end

FNC vs CW (FNC win): Pretty huge stomp by FNC

MIL vs GMB (MIL win): Extremely fed LeBlanc carried the game for MIL

ROC vs FNC (FNC win): Kayle got SO FED! But then ROC fought twice without her, and FNC came back and instantly closed out the game.

SHC vs SK (SK win): SK were ahead for a while, good siege, but SHC won a couple fights, great decision-making at Baron, etc---ending was SHC minions at SK nexus, SHC delaying recalls at Baron, but they all died, SK got back in time to clear minions, won game

North American LCS

C9 vs TSM (C9 win): Very slow early game, double-jungling. C9 played smarter overall, though. Gleeb underwhelming. Good Baron by C9 somewhat early.

CRS vs CLG (CLG win): Curse had a couple good fights, but the comp wasn't great, and CLG just out-rotated. Curse lost when they tried for a Baron and Seraph TP'd up.

LMQ vs EG (LMQ win): EG actually did well, but Hurricane Kayle was not so good. LMQ won fights, got more and more ahead, won game.

COL vs DIG (DIG win): Dig played solid early, but then kinda didn't do much for a bit, let COL farm, but it didn't matter. Shiphtur was huge, got a pentakill at the end of the game! Also Dig did a good Baron thing.

CLG vs LMQ (LMQ win): Great game!! Back-and-forth, XWX was a GOD on Yasuo, CLG sorta threw at Baron, great Lee play near TI, fun game to watch

TSM vs CRS (TSM win): TSM ahead early, but back and forth. Gleeb was very late to get Crucible, and so Turtle got caught out giving Curse a baron. A lot of silly builds this game. No Talismans.

COL vs LMQ (LMQ win): LMQ showed great stomping skills. Ackerman Shyvana is a problem for other teams.

DIG vs EG (DIG win): Dig got ahead early, Zion got super fed on Jax, 1v2, 1v3, etc, but Dig just threw over and over again at Baron, lots of really good Shockwaves in AoE fights. In the end Krepo got hooked in the Dig base, and Dig won the next fight + game.

TSM vs COL (TSM win): Pretty boring stomp by TSM, some good TP plays though.

DIG vs C9 (DIG win): Dignitas looked amazing! Super solid rotations, good pressure, and a great Baron as well. TF was completely shut down.

EG vs CLG (CLG win): Long blue buff fight at lvl 1, dexter had some good ganks, but then EG had good dragon control + fights, but then a dragon dance and CLG decide to just push bot; EG rush Baron; Seraph TP to stop their recall; CLG end the game

LMQ vs CRS (LMQ win): Curse actually had a couple good fights/picks, but the game was never going to be theirs, and it never was.

C9 vs COL (COL win): C9 sort of collapsed, a lot of really silly things…coL almost closed out at one point, C9 almost closed out at one point…3 nexus turrets were down. So many picks by coL.

EG vs TSM (TSM win): Such bad rotations from TSM the entire game, so many picks from EG, somehow TSM managed to win (better teamfighting mostly).

CRS vs DIG (CRS win): Nidalee spears were ok, but LB was better. Kiwi got caught a lot (expected as Zyra). Several picks by Curse, Soraka OP!

CLG vs C9 (C9 win): Doublelift had one good solo kill but CLG got really behind off an early FB onto Seraph when C9 invaded jungle, and so they couldn't really do anything, just got further and further behind

Published on 26. May 2014
Written by @RheingoldRiver
Edited by David "TheDynasty" Spitler - @TheDynastyLoL