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LCS Week 4: Two-Second Summaries
This is the fourth installment in a series of weekly summaries of LCS games. Summaries are editorialized and reflect the views of only the author and not of eSportspedia. For complete information, including pick+ban order and end-game scoreboards, see our EU and NA LCS pages: NA LCS Summer Split and EU LCS Summer Split.

European LCS

SK vs FNC (FNC wins): FNC were really really ahead and then played as if they were LMQ, taking a while to close out and just gaining more and more advantage.

ROC vs CW (ROC wins): Forfeit

SHC vs MIL (MIL wins): SHC got first dragon but lost the fight, and MIL kept making good picks with TF and Leona.

ALL vs GMB (GMB wins): ALL never warded anything, and so GMB were able to win. Wickd had a mistimed Shyvana flank attempt to end the game in favor of Gambit.

ROC vs SHC (ROC wins): SHC won one Dragon fight, but aside from that ROC had control over pretty much the entire game.

GMB vs MIL (MIL wins): Slow game for MIL to get going in terms of towers, but they were convincingly ahead of GMB the entire game; GMB sort of threw at Baron, but they were already losing despite a couple shut-down kills.

FNC vs ALL (ALL wins): FNC got so many kills in botlane early off Braum engages, but then all of a sudden ALL pushed into the base, and FNC kept trying to race, so ALL just closed out!

CW vs SK (SK wins): SK got ahead early, CW had one play where they tried to duo baron while holding SK bot, but it didn't matter.

North American LCS

TSM vs C9 (TSM wins): C9 had some amazing early game plays, but then Hai went DFG not Zhonyas, though that probably wasn't the biggest factor, TSM came back and stomped, so many picks---Gleeb actually looked really good for the first time this split.

EG vs LMQ (LMQ wins): EG had a great early game, but midgame to lategame no one did anything for forever, LMQ took a baron, EG kept having InnoX split, but LMQ won a fight and then closed out since InnoX couldn't base race alone fast enough. So much CSing.

DIG vs CRS (DIG wins): DIG played their comp really well with a lot of dives/picks, good control the entire game.

CLG vs COL (CLG wins): COL did a couple good things, but CLG just towerdove over and over and over and looked really strong, took Baron, kept diving, and then won.

CRS vs LMQ (CRS wins): Curse kept making picks right before dragons early on, and that snowballed them.

COL vs TSM (TSM wins): TSM basically just stomped. Some good Yasuo plays.

CLG vs EG (CLG wins): EG had some good plays, but again couldn't really do anything in the late game. One completely failed tower dive by EG was really bad for them, CLG got a couple barons and won.

C9 vs DIG (C9 wins): C9 snowballed really hard.

Published on 17. Jun 2014
Written by @RheingoldRiver