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LCS Week 5: Two-Second Summaries
This is the fifth installment in a series of weekly summaries of LCS games. Summaries are editorialized and reflect the views of only the author and not of eSportspedia. For complete information, including pick+ban order and end-game scoreboards, see our EU and NA LCS pages: NA LCS Summer Split and EU LCS Summer Split.

Note that this week, the NA LCS took place prior to the EU LCS.

European LCS

SK vs ALL (ALL wins): ALL got ahead early, the game stalled for a while, and then ALL won. 100% Dragon/Baron control by ALL.

SHC vs CW (SHC wins): SHC's lategame completely outclassed CW's; so even though CW looked good for a bit, they never really had a chance.

MIL vs ROC (ROC wins): ROC took SO long to win after being ahead early, but finally they did. They just refused to dive turrets for too long.

GMB vs FNC (FNC wins): GMB had a couple decent fights, but for the most part they just played like a soloqueue team due to 4 subs.

ROC vs GMB (ROC wins): Very long game; niQ's Nidalee kept GMB alive for a lot longer than they should have been, and also ROC didn't close out quickly at all. Game was basically decided by a really nice bait by Overpow early on where he got a double kill.

SK vs SHC (SK wins): SHC played their comp poorly with almost no earlygame pressure (they didn't take top turret on the first push), and SK won some early fights allowing them to snowball.

FNC vs MIL (MIL wins): Both midlanes god somewhat fed, so there were a lot of picks on both sides. Extremely drawn-out game, but finally MIL closed.

ALL vs CW (ALL wins): Also a really long game, but this one was actually exciting. Some questionable plays from both teams, but a lot of really close fights, and Alliance had very strong early game control.

North American LCS

CRS vs C9 (C9 wins): Curse got an early turret lead but C9 wrecked them in team fights and won the game.

TSM vs DIG (DIG wins): Dignitas ahead from level 1 kills, but TSM came back. TSM overcommitted to a few fights, and Dignitas had good kiting and Barons.

LMQ vs CLG (CLG wins): Some really good teamfighting from CLG, Doublelift got tons of double kills. LMQ controlled early dragons, but that's it.

EG vs COL (EG wins): EG dominated COL, Altec and Krepo won a 2v2 all-in and then Altec snowballed, and all of EG snowballed.

DIG vs COL (COL wins): DIG had a good 3-buff start, and then suddenly COL just snowballed past them, Kez was huge for them.

TSM vs EG (TSM wins): A failed dragon interrupt by EG snowballed the game in favor of TSM, and TSM is good at snowballing early leads.

CLG vs CRS (CRS wins): Some amazing teamfights from Curse, and also a nice rotation for Baron while dexter recalled won Curse the game.

C9 vs LMQ (LMQ wins): LMQ were ahead for most of the game, one miscommunication resutled in a quadra for Hai, but that wasn't enough for C9.

Published on 25. Jun 2014
Written by @RheingoldRiver