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LCS Week 7: Two-Second Summaries
This is the seventh installment in a series of weekly summaries of LCS games. Summaries are editorialized and reflect the views of only the author and not of eSportspedia. For complete information, including pick+ban order and end-game scoreboards, see our EU and NA LCS pages: NA LCS Summer Split and EU LCS Summer Split.

European LCS

ROC vs FNC (FNC wins): FNC got ahead early from lanes and dragons, and the teamcomp didn't even matter.

SK vs GMB (SK wins): Very easy game for SK; GMB didn't really do anything and just let themselves get stomped.

CW vs ROC (ROC wins): Neither team had very good engage, but ROC got ahead early and slowly won.

MIL vs FNC (FNC wins): FNC had good vision control, set up picks, got objectives, and easily won.

ALL vs SHC (ALL wins): Both teams were really active on the map all game, but ALL were ahead the whole time; finally a really bad Baron from SHC won ALL the game.

ALL vs SK (ALL wins): SK surrendered at 21 minutes and probably wanted to surrender at 15.

ROC vs MIL (ROC wins): Long game with lots of silly engages; ROC won because Ryze and Jax were way too fed and MIL weren't running a pick comp.

SHC vs SK (SHC wins): Very long game, SHC just waited until late because they had Kassadin+Ryze, some messy fights from them but finally they got the clean ace and ended.

MIL vs GMB (MIL wins): MIL got a couple of early kills and then it was 100% their game, massive kill count at the end.

CW vs SHC (SHC wins): SHC stomped almost as hard as ALL stomped SK earlier today.

FNC vs GMB (FNC wins): About the same level as CW-SHC. Darien built a Sightstone on Irelia.

CW vs ALL (CW wins): CW had an interesting level one and then WRECKED Alliance. Woolite ended 11/0/2.

MIL vs SHC (SHC wins): SHC had a great team comp to play vs MIL's pick comp and kept winning teamfights. SELFIE's Lulu is really solid.

SK vs CW (SK wins): Extremely one-sided game. SK just won fight after fight and got objectives.

ALL vs FNC (FNC wins): Very well played by both teams for a lot of it; most of the game revolved around Baron. FNC were too scary in teamfights though, got the 2nd Baron, and then Alliance engaged anyway; FNC destroyed them (Kog still no LW) and then ended.

GMB vs ROC (ROC wins): Sloppy game, Roccat won when Gambit threw one too many times at Baron.

North American LCS

LMQ vs C9 (C9 wins): LMQ played really aggressive the entire game, one overly-aggressive dive gave C9 a delayed ace; and then C9 won the game off a perfect catch onto XWX.

COL vs CLG (CLG wins): COL were way ahead in the early game, and it was 100% theirs, but then they completely threw at Baron and CLG won after taking that Baron and another one.

DIG vs EG (DIG wins): EG were ahead early by a lot, and they even won some fights at Baron, but a Jax TP to splitpush an inhib play by DIG put too much pressure on EG, and so DIG won.

CLG vs C9 (CLG wins): Doublelift got early kills, CLG successfully camped Balls as well, and then they just won fight after fight; Doublelift barely got his 500th career LCS kill before the Nexus fell.

TSM vs CRS (TSM wins): Low-kill game, TSM rotated pretty well, Curse didn't do well at all.

DIG vs TSM (DIG wins): TSM were basically invisible the entire game; DIG got everything, though they did take a while to close out.

COL vs EG (COL wins): Very long game, Tristana got out of control and finally won COL the game; one crucial play was when InnoX lost a 1v1 to Westrice in bot and let COL get Baron.

LMQ vs CRS (CRS wins): LMQ overcommitted early in botlane and gave CRS a won exchange; LMQ won a few fights later on, but Kog'Maw was too big. Xpecial hit a lot of good hooks.

EG vs TSM (TSM wins): Extremely one-sided game, TSM just took a while to close out.

C9 vs CRS (CRS wins): CRS were very ahead the entire game, despite the fact that there were almost no kills, but they just took ages and ages to close out.

CLG vs LMQ (LMQ wins): LMQ won very convincingly off an early skirmish victory in midlane; Tristana got HUGE.

CRS vs CLG (CRS wins): CRS had a gold lead, and CLG started making a few good plays, but they also made some bad plays, and CRS were able to close much more cleanly than they did vs C9, mostly because CLG didn't recall to defend a turret in time.

COL vs DIG (COL wins): Long game, DIG didn't shut down Tristana enough (at all?) and Qtpie didn't get a defense item, so finally COL started winning some fights and eventually the game. Some great Trist play and Shockwaves.

LMQ vs EG (LMQ wins): Kills were even early on, but all of EG's kills were on Evelynn, and so they couldn't really compete with LMQ; both XWX and Vasilii got really scary.

TSM vs COL (TSM wins): TSM gave COL no openings, gave up no kills after the FB, and coasted to a win.

DIG vs C9 (C9 wins): Meteos on Nunu was actually really impactful, definitely not a stomp, but C9 were pretty much always ahead.

Published on 12. Jul 2014
Written by @RheingoldRiver