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LCS Week 8: Two-Second Summaries
This is the eighth installment in a series of weekly summaries of LCS games. Summaries are editorialized and reflect the views of only the author and not of eSportspedia. For complete information, including pick+ban order and end-game scoreboards, see our EU and NA LCS pages: NA LCS Summer Split and EU LCS Summer Split.

European LCS

ROC vs SK (ROC wins): ROC for the most part won fights. At least nRated got a Crucible, even if it was on Morgana vs a low-CC team.

CW vs GMB (CW wins): CW got ahead (kills in bot 2v2), snowballed, got Baron stolen from them, and won the game anyway.

SHC vs FNC (FNC wins): FNC got ahead early due to strong ganks by Cyanide, and then stomped the game from there.

MIL vs ALL (MIL wins): It wasn't even hooks from Blitz, just Ezreal + Fizz did way too much damage for Alliance to deal with. There was a trade of MIL took Baron while ALL took bot inhib, but ALL couldn't take advantage of the inhib enough or win teamfights.

ALL vs ROC (ROC wins): ROC were ahead in the early game, completely threw at Baron, couldn't close out with two inhibitors down, but then finally won the game.

GMB vs SHC (SHC wins): SHC snowballed off an early Dragon fight and then the game was all theirs.

CW vs MIL (CW wins): Extremely bloody game, could have lasted a lot longer but CW won a couple fights really decisively and got a Baron.

FNC vs SK (FNC wins): FNC crushed, just took a while to close out.

North American LCS

COL vs CRS (COL wins): Possibly the longest game in competitive League history, at the very least set tons of LCS records. Everyone just built so defensive and no one did damage…for 80 minutes.

EG vs C9 (C9 wins): EG did nothing, Hai got ahead on Yasuo, and it was an easy win for C9.

CLG vs TSM (CLG wins): TSM were ahead at the beginning, but then had a terrible Dragon play; CLG took a lot of TSM's base; TSM took Baron; CLG minions and CLG won the game.

LMQ vs DIG (LMQ wins): LMQ utterly destroyed DIG.

CRS vs EG (EG wins): Altec got ENORMOUS on Trist, a quadrakill and a triple kill. Curse couldn't win the game before Altec got enormous, and so EG won.

DIG vs CLG (CLG wins): DIG had a cool early gank onto Link, but CLG dominated the game in every other way. DIG were spread too much in a lot of Dragon teamfights.

C9 vs TSM (TSM wins): Tristana was Tristana again, even though Gleeb didn't get a Crucible. C9 actually picked off Turtle one time after a Thresh hook, but then they overcommitted to trying to close out and so TSM closed on them instead.

COL vs LMQ (LMQ wins): Was a close game for a long time, and COL was even a bit ahead in gold, but then two really bad fights for them (one Westrice too late, the next too early), and LMQ closed out despite Robert's best attempt to defend 1v3.

Published on 15. Jul 2014
Written by @RheingoldRiver