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Archive:Leaguepedia Articles/LCS Week Four EU Power Rankings

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Europe LCS Week Four Power Rankings

The mighty Gambit Gaming struggles to rediscover their talent. Fnatic rampages through their opponents. Evil Geniuses plots new, aggressive strategies. Twenty matches wait to prove who has prepared and who sat on their laurels. Week four of the LCS approaches. Are you ready? Welcome to the Leaguepedia Fantasy EU LCS Week Four Power Rankings.

1. Fnatic (Previously #2)⁠Fnaticlogo std.png
Fnatic descended on week three of the EU LCS like a summer thunderstorm, building intensity as the matches progressed. Exerting incredible amounts of pressure on every lane, Fnatic punished every mistake made by their opponents and exited with a 5W-1L overall record. After flashing past Copenhagen Wolves in a match that barely crested the 24 minute mark, Fnatic pushed on to conquer Evil Geniuses and aAa without breaking a sweat. The results? A total weekly gold difference of 138k for Fnatic versus 104k for their opponents.

Fnatic’s planning as they headed into week three was impeccable. sOAZ’s MVP-winning Blitzcrank top lane pick against EG to counter Froggen’s Anivia made Napoleon dance in his grave. Cyanide’s teleport Volibear was such a terror that the U.S. Government has cancelled all advanced armored bear research until further notice. And did we mention that YellOwStaR snagged the second MVP of the week with his first quadra kill of the LCS? Fnatic is proving that they are much more than just a one-man xPeke show. The competition had better take notice.

2. Evil Geniuses (Previously #1)⁠Eglogo std.png
From the highest of peaks to the lowest of canyons, Evil Geniuses have run the gamut of professional competition in the past two weeks. In week two, EG swept away all competition before them, earning a clean 3W-0L record. Their team averages of 8.4/2.4/24 KDA led the EU LCS, and Wickd picked up MVP for the week. Then week three struck. Evil Geniuses’ lone match against Fnatic should have been an intense thriller, instead EG received a schoolboy thrashing that was almost painful to watch. In the end, EG could only find 2 kills and 38k gold to Fnatic’s 11 kills and 52k gold.

EG comes into week four with a respectable overall 5W-2L record which gives them good odds on redemption. Matches against the struggling Copenhagen Wolves and GIANTS! Gaming need to be capitalized upon if EG want to reclaim first place in the EU league standings. Gambit and aAa present a more serious threat, but EG can still triumph if they properly utilize their superior team fighting skills. Evil Geniuses have shown that they have the ability. The question is, will they use it?

3. SK Gaming (Previously #3)⁠SK Gaminglogo std.png
SK Gaming had a bye in week three, and therefore retain their previous placement in our power rankings due to past performance. While SK are currently 4th in the EU leaderboard with 3W-3L, they have played some of the toughest competition in the EU LCS already – including Fnatic in week one, and Evil Geniuses in both week one and week two. Week four could be SK Gaming’s chance to scale the rankings. Matches against aAa, GIANTS!, and Copenhagen Wolves will be their best shot to rack up some victories. If SK Gaming can’t capitalize on their chances in week four, they could be in for a tumble downwards.

4. Gambit Gaming (Previously #4)⁠GambitLogo std.png
Watching Gambit play in the EU LCS is an exercise in frustration. They check into week four with a 4W-2L record and still in the number four spot of this ranking. However, everyone knows that Gambit have the ability and experience to top the ranks and compete with the best teams around the globe, from Europe to Korea. Yet, in week one, Gambit was thrashed by Evil Geniuses and toppled by the unknown GIANTS! Gaming.

While fans will say that the drops in performance are just Gambit experimenting with new strategies, the facts say otherwise. Diamondprox’s Volibear play was simply not as impressive as CyanideFl from Fnatic. Alex Ich has been a shadow of his former self, barely even reaching a positive score with a cumulative 22/19/18 KDA. And while the new and aggressive playstyle from Genja007 and Edward in bot lane has been impressive, Darien hasn’t yet found a Top champion for Season 3 that he can play consistently. In week one Darien went 6/0/16 in one match only to go 0/6/2 in the next. Write off Gambit at your peril, but do not expect them to sweep first place without trying. They need to batten down the hatches and sail their ship to victory, not dance about on deck while being slammed into the rocky shore.

5. GIANTS! Gaming (Previously #5)⁠Giants Gaminglogo std.png
The GIANTS! hang on to their number five spot for the third week in a row with an overall record of 3W-4L. Even after 7 matches played, GIANTS! have a large question mark looming over their heads. Do they have what it takes to push beyond the bottom tier of EU teams? So far they have wobbled between mediocrity and excellence. Exterminare is a prime example. In week one he nailed a respectable 7/4/18 KDA ratio. In week two, he slid to 3/6/9. In week three, he rebounded to 13/9/24. The variation in Exerminare’s KDAs shows that their play lacks consistency - a trait which the top EU teams have in spades.

GIANTS! need to find a way to keep Jîmß0wnz and Exterminare alive and protected if they want to succeed. Samux has yet to find his niche in the team. Morden has done a respectable job in the Jungle, but he has yet to carry GIANTS! to victory. Only Jîmß0wnz and Exterminare have the mental strength and raw ability to do so. If GIANTS! can devise a strategy to exploit the skills of Jîmß0wnz and Exterminare, they will have a great time in week four. If not, it will be more of the same unpredictable play we’ve seen so far.

6. against All authority (Previously #8)⁠Aaalogo std.png
Despite chaotic rosters changes prior to the launch of the EU LCS, aAa have performed remarkably well. After three weeks of competition they have a 2W-2L record, with their two losses coming at the hands of Gambit and Evil Geniuses. Shlaya has quickly become their key player, with a cumulative 10/7/20 KDA, including a strong 5/3/5 showing against the Copenhagen Wolves.

The problem with aAa is that they seem to be lacking the same killer instinct that some other EU teams have. Both of their victories were relatively close games – especially the match against GIANTS!, which really could have gone either way up to the very end. If aAa want to stay out of the bottom of the EU rankings, they will need to close out games more efficiently. Establishing an early lead through superior CS and jungle ganks does not automatically translate into a victory.

7. DragonBorns (Previously #6)⁠Dragonbornlogo std.png
The DragonBorns chest bumped week three after they racked up an optimistic 2W-2L overall record, but HosaN and company will be praying to the gods of week four for a miracle. There really isn't much else to say when a team as young and as inexperienced as DB have to face Gambit, Fnatic, Evil Geniuses, and SK Gaming all in one week. The lone ray of sunshine in the midst of elite team face offs is a match against GIANTS! Gaming. Unfortunately for DragonBorns, the last time they faced GIANTS! Gaming, GIANTS! edged them out. It's going to be a tough week.

If the DragonBorns can find a way to succeed in week four, it will be because of HosaN and Spontexx. HosaN had a spectacular showing in week three, grabbing a 9/5/19 KDA as well as two double kills. Spontexx was close behind with an 8/3/17 KDA. The question for Hosan and Spontexx might be whether they can keep performing when they lose their main champions – HosaN particularly seems to rely heavily on his mastery of Varus to succeed. However, if their opponents neglect to pick the proper bans, the DragonBorns might have a chance.

8. Copenhagen Wolves (Previously #7)⁠CHWLogo std.png
The Copenhagen Wolves have been in the doldrums since week one of the EU LCS, and their overall 0W-8L record is certainly not helping them defy gravity. Without Bjergsen, their star mid laner, nothing felt quite right. In week three, there was an uproarious cry of “All hail the return of Bjergsen!” The mighty Bjergsen finally reached level 17 (aka: he had a birthday) and became eligible to compete in the LCS. With their talisman on the front line, the Wolves may be able to wriggle back into contention for a mid-table berth.

They key for Wolves at this point will be to erase the first few weeks of competition from their minds and focus on the rest of the season. Bjergsen’s first reunion games with the Wolves in week three did not yield a victory, but they were at least competitive. The Wolves should try to build on that microscopic momentum as they head into week four.

Written by Matt Faw from Leaguepedia Fantasy.
Edited by Marissa Moody Kuo.

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