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LCS Week Nine: Two-Second Summaries
This is the ninth installment in a series of weekly summaries of LCS games. Summaries are editorialized and reflect the views of only the author and not of eSportspedia. For complete information, including pick+ban order and end-game scoreboards, see our EU and NA LCS pages: NA LCS Summer Split and EU LCS Summer Split.

European LCS

SHC vs ROC (SHC wins): Other than giving up First Blood, the game went pretty much completely in SHC's favor.

GMB vs ALL (ALL wins): Jungle Riven was scary! Easy win for ALL.

FNC vs CW (FNC wins): Vayne mechanics.

SK vs MIL (MIL wins): Close game, Jree kept locking down Jesiz when he ulted in so MIL won fights. Also Kottenx stole Baron.

CW vs SK (CW wins): Xerath was out of position a lot, Tristana got huge, very easy and quick win for CW.

MIL vs ROC (MIL wins): Twisted Fate was pretty effective, not a stomp but not really close either.

SHC vs ALL (ALL wins): FB was really late, and then after it happened ALL snowballed easily.

GMB vs FNC (FNC wins): GMB were only down by a bit until they lost a huge fight in their jungle at about 18 minutes, and then they were down by a lot. Rekkles had a nice escape from Xerath in the redside GMB jungle right before the game ended.

North American LCS

CRS vs DIG (CRS wins): Close early, but DIG built no armor vs dual ADC and CRS started to win fights and then took a Baron and closed instantly.

EG vs CLG (EG wins): Really strong objective play and team play by EG, they looked amazing.

TSM vs LMQ (LMQ wins): LMQ crushed TSM.

C9 vs COL (C9 wins): Balls got a 1v1 first blood, and C9 snowballed across the entire map. COL had a few decent plays, but mostly it was all C9.

EG vs DIG (DIG wins): Kill shutout by DIG, they put everything toplane early while bot lost, and then had Zion TP down bot to basically win them the game there.

COL vs TSM (TSM wins): Close game, some really saddening plays by COL, some bad calls by TSM, TSM got a couple picks due to COL mistakes that were enough to push the win to them.

LMQ vs CLG (LMQ wins): Was close until CLG completely threw at Baron (got 5-0 aced and Baron stolen), but then Doublelift got two quadrakills, were down 3 inhibs for a bit, ultimately LMQ won. Very exciting and fun to watch!

CRS vs C9 (C9 wins): Back-and-forth game, tons of teamfights, another quadra kill on ADC, Sneaky's teamfighting carried C9.

Published on 22. Jul 2014
Written by @RheingoldRiver