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Leaguepedia Interviews Anexis

After a breakout second place performance in IEM Sao Paolo, Anexis eSports takes the IEM stage once more for a chance to earn first place at the IEM Season VII World Championship in Hannover, Germany. After two convincing day one wins against SK Telecom T1 and SK Gaming, Leaguepedia staffer, Leon van Oord, was eager to sit down with Anexis eSports to discover how they feel about their strong start and the hype leading up to the tournament in Hannover. The transcript from Leon’s candid interview with the newly joined Support, Mateusz "eRot1c" Kurdasiński, and Jungler, Remigiusz "Overpow" Pusch, provides an excellent opportunity to become better acquainted with one of Poland’s rising stars, Anexis eSports.

Leon: First of all, congratulations on beating SK Gaming and SK Telecom! How did you feel about those games? What caused the win for you?

eRot1c: We focused on having a strong early game and gained an advantage step-by-step. We didn’t take any unnecessary risks and just played it out from there.

Leon: Did you specifically prepare for your opponents, or did you focus on executing your own strategy?

Overpow: Kind of…Today we picked our most aggressive strategy to gain the early game advantage, but mostly we were just executing our own strategy.

Leon: Your team is relatively new, and you [eRot1c] were actually introduced to this team last month. How do you think you were able to beat teams with a longer history?

eRot1c: Well, we had the roster change, but I played in the last team together with Overpow and Xaxus...and we’ve had two months to play, so it’s not like we just met last week.

Leon: So, you already had a little bit of a history together. Do you think you had enough time to really build a connection with your teammates, and how important is that to you?

eRot1c: Yeah, I think a connection really matters. It’s really important to us.

Leon: What is your gaming background? Did you play anything competitively before this?

eRot1c: I played DotA for a while. We were in the best Polish team, but that was the subtop in Europe - so we never really competed at the top level.

Overpow: Same here, I played DotA in the subtop for a while and Heroes of Newerth in the top for different Polish teams.

Leon: How much do you estimate you practice a week?

eRot1c: Well, this tournament, we didn’t practice as much as we wanted to. Two of our players are still in high school and had exams, so they had to focus on school for a while. We practiced maybe 4-5 hours a day for 4-5 days a week.

Leon: Do you feel like too much practice could stop being effective? Or does skill evenly improve with the time you spend practicing?

Overpow: I think if you practice a lot, like 10 hours a day, then it becomes too much. In preparation of the LCS we played from 12PM to 9PM. We had so many scrims that it was hard to stay focused and concentrated.

Leon: How much time do you, as a team, spend analyzing games? Both your own and your opponents.

eRot1c: We analyze a lot - probably about the same time as the game would take. Being in a gaming house, we’re able to analyze the games together.

Leon: Do you think a team has to be friends for them to be successful, or is a professional relationship enough?

Overpow: I think it matters a lot, actually. You don’t have to be the best friends, but you have to get along and trust each other to get better. It really matters and is important to us at least.

Leon: Do you do any other team-building exercises besides playing the game?

eRot1c: Two weeks ago, we started going to the gym together, going swimming, and other activities like that to improve.

Leon: Can you already see the results? <points at eRot1c and Overpow’s biceps>

eRot1c and Overpow: <laughter> Not yet!

Leon: So Fnatic got knocked out in the group stage to the surprise of many. It seems like no team in the NA or EU scene has really been able to be consistent yet. Why do you think that is?

Overpow: I don’t really know how that happened. I’m still shocked. I think it depends on the day - sometimes you get lucky and sometimes you don’t.

eRot1c: Also, when you’re on top, it’s easier for other teams to watch your games and prepare strategies for them specifically. I guess that happened to them.

Leon: What do you think of streaming? A lot of players stream to get money and fans, but do you think it could be strategic to stop streaming before certain events or altogether to preserve strategies?

eRot1c: You shouldn’t stream your scrims. You can’t focus on the games as well and everyone, including opponents, can watch you. But in your spare time, playing solo queue games - it should be fine. We’ll hopefully start streaming soon too!

Leon: Do you play a lot of solo queue games or do you try and play Ranked 5’s?

Overpow: Well, when you play Ranked 5’s you improve your team-spirit and synergy. Even if someone isn’t talking in Teamspeak, you should know each other well enough to predict what they’ll do. But I personally really like playing solo queue just as much as playing Ranked 5’s.

eRot1c: I think you have to play both to be the best. I usually play a new champion I want to learn in solo queue until I’m comfortable bringing them over to ranked 5’s.

Leon: How has becoming a pro player affected your social life - both positively and negatively?

Overpow: It’s mostly positive, because you’re doing what you like. I actually can’t really remember what life was like before I became a pro-gamer. I’ve been playing games competitively for 5 years.

eRot1c: For me it’s a bit of both, because I miss my real-life friends and it has interfered with going to college - but I visit my friends as much as possible. I’ve met a lot of people and made new friends because of my life as a pro-gamer, though. So that has really helped. And I’ve got a great team that I live with.

Leon: Are you ever worried that the game might lose it’s appeal to you?

eRot1c: Of course, I’ve already taken three breaks in my short League of Legends career. I’m not bored right now, but I tend to get bored after playing day in day out for five years. I want to do other things too.

Leon: Does getting good results like right now help you to get motivated?

eRot1c: Coming here and competing against the best players in the world is very motivating to me. Winning against them is just a bonus [for me].

Leon: Well, that was it! Thanks for the interview, and good luck in the rest of tournament!

eRot1c and Overpow: Thank you!

Interview conducted and transcribed by Leon van Oord.
Edited by Marissa Moody Kuo.

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