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Lone Star Clash - Interview with coL Brokenshard
eSportspedia's David "TheDynasty" Spitler sat down with compLexity's jungler Brokenshard to discuss their promotion to the LCS, the upcoming split, and the flurry of offseason roster changes prior to compLexity's match against Team 8.

David: This is TheDynasty here with compLexity jungler Ram "Brokenshard" Djemal. So Brokenshard we are here at Lone Star Clash, is this your first LAN event in Texas?

Brokenshard: This is like my second time in Texas, last time I was in Texas I was 3 years old.

D: Alright very cool. You recently made it through promotions over Coast in a very exciting series. You guys are headed into the LCS now. At this tournament, you face off against a bunch of challenger teams. You have a bunch of experience against these guys, what can you expect out of this tournament for both your team and maybe the result of the tournament?

B: I have to say that we’re not here with pr0lly who is one of the most instrumental members of our team but we’re very lucky that we were able to pick up Goldenglue as a sub who is a very skilled mid laner. So, I’m fairly confident that we can actually win this tournament, but we actually haven’t had very much practice coming out of the promotion tournament. We just kind of - everyone was playing solo queue and exploring the patch but we haven’t necessarily had an actual game as five. We did prep work and we’re going to treat this as seriously as we can with the sub and look to take first obviously.

D: Gotcha, so as far as LCS goes have you guys looked into a house, you probably still have the house with Bubbadub maybe, but are you guys looking to ramp up your preparation and what are your expectations coming into the LCS the next couple weeks?

B: Preparation-wise, we’re doing all the necessary stuff, we’ve locked down a management staff and coaching staff that will be present at the house, you know, someone who can take care of us. We’ve have been looking at houses. We do have the Bubba house but I feel like it’s an invasion to his home life and it’s something that we don’t want to mix in gaming. Everyone kind of needs their own vacation space and I definitely think that using Bubba’s house is not an option or even a last resort option if we can’t get a house in the meantime. As we’re coming into the LCS I’ve been hearing a lot of roster changes and some things under the table and I’m definitely concerned that teams will be very good and honestly, on a personal level, I think that top four is almost impossible for us. We’d definitely need to be on top of our game the entire time for us to even come remotely close to the top four. So our plan for this split is to use it as a learning experience and try to build ourselves as a team and be ready for the splits in the future, grow and slowly become a top NA team.

D: Sounds like a good plan to me, back into those roster changes, we’ve seen a lot of them in the last couple days especially in NA. What do you think is maybe the most impactful roster change and give me your thoughts on how everybody is doing all these roster changes all of the sudden?

B: If Amazing comes to TSMlogo std.pngTSM, TSM will be the strongest team in the West. In my opinion, if Amazing joins TSM, they’ll be the strongest out of the sixteen teams in EU and NA LCS .

D: Wow, that’s a pretty bold statement. What do you think of Dignitas adding ZionSpartan and Shiphtur, kind of like a Dignitaslogo std.pngDignitas-Team Coastlogo std.pngTeam Coast hybrid team now?

B: I’m not too scared of Shiphtur, the guy is a good mid laner but if we take a look at the four games, pr0lly pretty much annihilated him in the four games. ZionSpartan is a pretty good top laner, but come to think of it - Who was the star for Dignitas? It was Imaqtpie. He had a super star mid laner that was good and a super star top laner. You can’t have three super stars on the team. Either the team will crumble or someone is going to have to change their play style, so there’s going to be some growing pains in the beginning but these players are individually skilled and if they get the synergy and they mesh a proper style together, I think Dignitas could easily compete for a top spot.

D: Very interesting thoughts on that, and then I guess just to kind of come full circle on the roster changes, a lot of people are suggesting that compLexity might have, and you mentioned that you’re going to have some growing pains in the LCS. Do you think roster changes are something that you might look into?

B: Initially, I don’t think that we should be looking for roster changes. Definitely, the first six to seven weeks I don’t see us doing roster changes, there might be sub-ins because of my visa, we haven’t decided when I’m going to be doing my visa, I might play for the first weeks and then go do it kind of like how Eglogo std.pngEvil Geniuses did or just leave in the beginning and do it but roster changes are not necessarily in our mind right now. We do want to pick up a lineup of very capable substitutes so it puts pressure on the main lineup to constantly be on their best game but I honestly think that if we’re going to go for roster changes, It’d be looking at some of my friends over in Europe.

D: Well, that’s going to be it for the interview. I wish you best of luck moving forward. Do you have any thoughts, or sponsors you may want to shout out to?

B: I think this NA LCS is gonna be the best lineup of teams that has ever been, if we take a look at all the teams all of them are more than capable, and there are so many good free agents now, specifically XDG Gaminglogo std.pngXDG Gaming and Coast – their two best players got picked up - so definitely look to these players to be filling out spots. As for shout outs, I’d like to give shout outs to my sponsor over at compLexity, thank you very much for supporting us and giving us everything we need, thanks also to Sound Blaster, CyberpowerPC, Twitch, L337 Gaming, Newegg, Scuf Gaming, Creative, and DX Racer. Thank you very much for supporting us and we appreciate the continued support.

D: Thanks for the interview, best of luck this weekend.

Published on 03. May 2014
Interview by David "TheDynasty" Spitler - @TheDynastyLoL
Transcribed by @Datkros
Edited by Alex "Matteo" Kirilov - @ProphetMatteo