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Archive:Leaguepedia Articles/NRated joins EG, Snoopeh steps down temporarily

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nRated joins EG, Snoopeh steps down temporarily

Evil Geniuses’ League of Legends team has finalized the acquisition of nRated as an analyst coach, filling a long-seeked position. They have also brought former Animate eSports jungler Shacker in the fold, with EG Snoopeh stepping down temporarily.

Snoopeh explained the situation on Reddit today. “We don't play League of Legends 10 hours a day and think about it in our sleep, critiquing each other and ourselves as individuals because we want to participate – we do this because we want to win and unfortunately that is not the case right now.”

Evil Geniuses and nRated Team Up

EG Yellowpete's declarations concerning the subject entailed the need for a reliable coach who can critique their play. nRated’s recent departure of Fnatic was a blessing in disguise, and Evil Geniuses did not wait long before drafting him.

“We know nRated is a very knowledgeable player who has been playing in the pro scene for a long time, and his input is very valuable,” said Yellowpete. “So, it makes discussions about our own play much easier because [...] you can trust him to be objective.”

This marks the first time a professional European player has trainsitioned from playing to coaching, after HotshotGG and Elementz did the same in the North American scene.

EG to Adopt the Korean Way, Acquire Shacker as a Substitute Jungler

As Snoopeh has decided to temporarily step down, Shacker will acquire some crucial LCS experience during Week 6.

“It's not as a result of any external pressure”, Snoopeh said. Shacker’s new role put him in the LCS spotlight immediately, but he recently participated in a LAN event before (the Insomnia48 Multiplay League of Legends Tournament). Still, it will be a trial by fire for Shacker, as the live audience and hundreds of thousands of online spectators will watch his every move.

Additionally, nRated’s pro-gaming pedigree may also be used to replace Krepo on occasion. This will not only allow EG the flexibility to adjust to any matchup by tapping their substitutes, but also to put emphasis on raising the bar individually for each player. It's all part of the teams plan to implement what is already commonplace in Korea.

Written by Adel Chouadria - @hypealgerian
Edited by Darin Kwilinski - @darinjk2

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