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North America LCS Week 10 Power Rankings

The end of the Spring LCS Regular Season is here. It seems like only yesterday we were arranging our pre-season Power Rankings. Now we are making our final compilation before the Spring Playoffs. Luckily, Riot saved the best for last. We have twenty incredible games to look forward to in our Week 10 finale. Welcome to the end of the beginning of the League of Legends Spring Season of the LCS, folks. Welcome to the Week 10 NA Power Rankings from Leaguepedia Fantasy.

1. Team Curselogo std.pngCurse Gaming (Previously #1) Current Record: 18W-5L
Topping the NA table for the third week running, Curse Gaming look confident in their prospects. Along with TSM and Team Dignitas, Curse are one of three teams virtually guaranteed a return in the Summer LCS. Curse could perform terribly in the Spring Playoffs and be OK. We liked Curse’s prospects headed into Week 9, and their 2W-1L record upheld our predictions. Barring a roster catastrophe, Curse have good reason to consider themselves as the favorites for the top of the LCS Spring Ladder. Curse face Good Game University, Team MRN, Dignitas, compLexity, and Vulcun in Week 10.

2. Team SoloMidlogo std.pngTeam SoloMid (Previously #3) Current Record: 16W-7L
Team SoloMid executed quite possibly the best roster change of the LCS. Benching (and then firing) Chaox to bring in WildTurtle was a huge risk, but the proof is in the pudding. Since the swap, TSM have gone 4W-2L (including 1W-0L in Week 9) and are now serious challengers for first place. WildTurtle and Reginald synchronize on a level that Chaox and the Big R could hardly achieve due to their different attitudes toward the game. We are glad to see TSM on the rise. No matter what place they snag in the Spring LCS, they can look toward a bright future in League of Legends eSports. TSM square off against MRN, CLG, compLexity, GGU, and Dignitas in Week 10.

3. Dignitaslogo std.pngTeam Dignitas (Previously #2) Current Record: 16W-7L
After setting the NA LCS on fire midseason, Dignitas are suddenly colder than a Siberian winter. A 0W-2L record in Week 9 is Dignitas’ worst performance in the LCS thus far percentage-wise. Losing Crumbzz in the jungle has rumbled the Dignitas squad more than anyone would have predicted. Imaqtpie and scarra have gone from KDA leaders to not even meeting NA averages. Dignitas have plenty of chances to redeem themselves in Week 10 with matches against compLexity, CLG, Curse, Vulcun, and TSM.

4. Counter Logic Gaminglogo std.pngCounter Logic Gaming (Previously #4) Current Record: 11W-12L
Counter Logic Gaming tote a negative W/L ratio for the second week in a row. Even Doublelift’s incredible TwitchSquare.png Twitch mechanics against MegaZero were not enough to push CLG into positive territory. A 1W-1L record in Week 9 was enough to keep CLG from drowning; however, the competition is rising fast. Currently, CLG need to make sure they are not evicted from the top four by Vulcun, MRN, or GGU. CLG aim to swing a positive W/L record in Week 10 as they battle with TSM, Dignitas, Vulcun, MRN, and GGU.

5. TeamMRNlogo std.pngTeam MRN (Previously #5) Current Record: 8W-15L
Heading into the final week of the season, MRN are hungry for more. Team MRN’s tremendous victory over CLG overshadowed a meek loss to Curse for a 1W-1L record in Week 9. Building momentum from their win will be crucial to MRN’s continued success in Week 10. Right now, MRN know that their survival depends on how they play. That pressure can either make them go full out man-mode or make them snap like wee twigs. We lean toward the former based on MegaZero's performance in Week 9. MRN face TSM, Vulcun, Curse, CLG, and compLexity in their Week 10 finale.

6. Teamvulcunlogo std.pngTeam Vulcun (Previously #6) Current Record: 8W-15L
Vulcun cruised through Week 9 with a bye. At one point, they were one of the most consistent mid-table teams of the LCS. However, when push comes to shove, Vulcun have not pushed themselves further into CLG’s fourth place territory. With the surge of competition from MRN and GGU in recent weeks, Vulcun are no longer safe in the middle of the LCS. Their last chances to alter their fate come in Week 10 as Vulcun square off against MRN, GGU, CLG, Dignitas, and Curse.

7. GGULogo std.pngGood Game University (Previously #8) Current Record: 9W-14L
What a week! GGU were absolutely brilliant in Week 9 with a 3W-0L record. For those at home keeping count, that is GGU’s first clean sweep of the LCS. Picking up Daydreamin has gone full circle from a desperation snatch to a move of tactical genius. The swap also brings positive results outside of the GGU bot lane. Nintendudex racked up a record 40 assists, Jintae and Dontmashme split 31 kills between them, and ZionSpartan tallied his second best KDA of the season at an even five. GGU are on the verge of turning their season around completely if they can keep the results positive in Week 10. They will face compLexity, Curse, Vulcun, TSM, and CLG.

8. Complexitylogo std.pngcompLexity Gaming (Previously #7) Current Record: 6W-17L
compLexity had a disappointing Week 9, going 0W-2L. It is difficult to imagine where coL can find the spark to move above the bottom-tier of the LCS. For some time, Nickwu had the strength to carry his teammates to victory. Unfortunately, those times appear to be gone. The competition is tough (even the much-maligned GGU are on the rise), and coL have simply not kept up. Although coL can only qualify for the Summer Playoffs via a miracle, team pride is on the line. We hope compLexity keep that in mind as they march into Week 10 against Dignitas, GGU, TSM, Curse, and MRN.

Written by Matt Faw from Leaguepedia Fantasy.
Edited by Luke Ray and Marissa Moody Kuo.

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