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North America LCS Week 7 Matchup Previews

Four weeks remain in the LCS, and the playing field is growing ever clearer. Team Solomid, Team Dignitas, and Curse Gaming continue squabbling over the top three positions, while only one game separates fourth place Counter Logic Gaming from the surging Team Vulcun. Meanwhile, Team MRN, compLexity Gaming, and Good Game University still have more than enough time to make waves and shock the League community. At this point in the season, none of the teams can afford to make mistakes if they want to have a lasting impact.

Team SoloMidlogo std.pngTeam SoloMid vs. Counter Logic GamingCounter Logic Gaminglogo std.png

The third installment of Team Solomid versus Counter Logic Gaming opens up week seven of the LCS this Saturday, March 30th at 4 PM EDT. So far, the series has split one game apiece, with each victor winning in a dominating fashion. Last week, it was Team Solomid who came away with the exhilarating win with their substitute AD carry, WildTurtle, pulling off a flawless game over CLG’s Doublelift. In the week since that game, WildTurtle has replaced Chaox permanently as the starting AD carry for TSM, among much controversy. Meanwhile, CLG has been facing growing criticism of being too stagnant in today’s changing meta game due to their recent trend of poor performances.

That criticism is not entirely unjustified as they have managed to get only one win in their previous six matches. CLG stuck to their guns during this time with their special tactics, which often revolves around getting Doublelift farmed up enough on one of his hyper carry champions so that he can win them the match during the late game phase. This has both worked for them, when Doublelift’s plays with Vayne became the topic of the week, and against them, when Doublelift showed considerable weakness playing against an enemy Draven as WildTurtle did this previous week. CLG will have to alter their strategy to rely on more than their hyper carry if they are to win the upcoming games.

Chauster, especially, will be looking to have an excellent performance because he has taken the brunt of all the criticism. While TheOddOne will doubtlessly attempt to get WildTurtle rolling as well as he did last week, Chauster would be well served to see that LiNk remains competitive in the mid lane with the resurgent Reginald, who has been performing excellently in recent weeks.

Meanwhile, TSM might be best served to pull a switch lane and let Dyrus square off against the Doublelift/Aphromoo combination. CLG will be better prepared for WildTurtle’s presence this week, and this could be a way for TSM to deal with the inevitable counter strategy CLG has come up with. In such a case, HotshotGG will need to be ready for not only Dyrus but WildTurtle and Xpecial, as well.

CLG will have to change up their typical strategy in order to win this upcoming game and revive their success in the LCS. Due to influences from both Korean and EU teams, there has been a shift of team dynamics and the normal meta in the NA scene. CLG has thus far been behind on these changes, but their players are skilled, and success is not foreign to them. If they can show they have made the necessary adjustments and preparations for this week, they can resurrect their previous victorious tendencies. However, if the new tactics and changes of the game prove to be too much for them, TSM will walk away with another win.

Team Curselogo std.pngCurse Gaming vs. DignitasDignitaslogo std.png

The constant fight to be considered the best team in the NA region continues this Saturday, March 30th at 5 PM EDT, when Curse Gaming and Team Dignitas, the top two teams, meet for the second time in the Spring LCS series. When last they met, Dignitas came away with the victory and stood atop the LCS rankings for weeks before they stumbled and Curse Gaming took advantage, returning to first place. As of now, Dignitas has more overall wins, but Curse has a higher win percentage. Both teams are hungry to prove themselves over the other by taking this much-anticipated victory. With Curse coming off a bye week and Dignitas sweeping their games, both teams are poised on equal footing and rearing for another test of superiority.

Two weeks ago, both Dignitas and Curse had a chance to play on the international stage in an exhibition against Gambit Gaming from the EU and KT Rolster B from Korea, respectively. Unfortunately for the North American region, both Dignitas and Curse were beaten quite thoroughly. However, both came back strong in their remaining LCS matches that week, Dignitas continuing that trend in week six. With these experiences behind them, it leaves little doubt that they will learn from their foreign counterparts, forcing their play to evolve. Their next chance to show this adaptation is against each other, and no other two LCS teams are as easily matched right now.

As always, the anticipatory matchup of the game will be to watch TheRealKiWiKiD versus Voyboy in the top lane. Should there be no lane switching, this matchup could very well determine the way the rest of this game will play out. Voyboy has been the most consistent member of Curse throughout their domination of the LCS, and the only games they lost were lost due in part to their opponent’s capacity to shut Voyboy down. Last time, KiWiKiD was allowed to play Elise, arguably his best champion. With the help of Crumbzz, he triumphed over Voyboy’s Nidalee by a wide margin, setting the whole team behind. It would be surprising if Curse allowed Elise through the banning phase, and Voyboy is likely to pick a more aggressive champion this time around.

While both Dignitas and Curse have relied on the performance of their top lanes to carry them through their victories, they are by no means one trick ponies. Each and every lane presents a matchup on almost equal footing in terms of skill and dependability. Both Curse and Dignitas have members in the top five KDA ratios in the overall LCS standings. Scarra and Nyjacky will not have a flashy battle mid, but their ability to out farm the other will be the stat to watch before the laning phase ends. The combinations of Cop/Elementz versus Imaqtpie/Patoy will, as always, be a riveting battle of creep score, positioning, and out-zoning each other. Throughout it all, both Crumbzz and Saintvicious will be wandering the Fields of Justice, making the biggest impact they can as junglers.

There is no clear logistical advantage for either of these teams. Due to this, each and every moment, from the killing of a single minion to a timely slaying of an enemy champion, will build anticipation until one team takes the Nexus. Due to their arguably equivalent levels of skill and experience, expect an action packed game from the start as both Curse and Dignitas struggle to prove themselves above the other as the best team in North America.

Written by Joshua Pelletier
Edited by Michelle Halevi.

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