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North America LCS Week 7 Power Rankings

We're past the midway marker on our way to Graceland as Week 7 cranks up the pressure to survive in the NA LCS. The end of the Spring Season is in sight, and the bottom four teams in the rankings may or may not be able to return for the Summer Season. Nobody wants to be in the basement Relegation is staring compLexity and Good Game University in the face so hard even Snoopeh is jealous. Vulcun and Counter Logic Gaming are preparing to do battle for a crucial fourth place spot. Curse, Dignitas, and Team SoloMid are all straining for first. The real battles begin now. Welcome to the NA Week 7 power rankings from Leaguepedia Fantasy.

1. ⁠Team Curselogo std.pngCurse Gaming (Previously #1) Current Record: 12W-2L
Curse had a bye in Week 6, so they are holding their number one spot purely on season-long performance. Looking back, they’ve really earned their pole position. Voyboy has a 5.1 KDA, Saintvicious has a 4.8 KDA, and Cop has an astounding 17 KDA. When Voyboy appears to be an average player in your lineup, you know you are doing something right. Curse face Dignitas, Counter Logic Gaming, and Vulcun in Week 7. With only four weeks of competition left, Curse need to earn as many victories as possible to keep Dignitas out of first place in the leaderboards. Either way, it is hard to imagine them doing worse than second place.

2. ⁠Dignitaslogo std.pngTeam Dignitas (Previously #2) Current Record: 14W-4L
Since Curse had a bye in Week 6, Dignitas needed to notch as many victories as possible to take advantage of the situation. Mission accomplished. Dignitas tore through their opponents en-route to a 3W-0L week, with scarra and Imaqtpie unsurprisingly leading the charge. Their combined 43 kills and 56 assists lead the NA LCS, all while dying a measly12 times. Dignitas have matches against Curse, Team SoloMid, and MRN in Week 7.

3. ⁠TSMlogo std.pngTeam SoloMid (Previously #4) Current Record: 12W-5L
Week 6 was a breath of fresh air for TSM who have displayed some uncharacteristic sloppiness in the first weeks of the NA LCS. The newly formed duo bot of WildTurtle and Xpecial displayed incredible prowess (albeit with a few mistakes as well) as TSM earned their first clean sweep with 3W-0L. Xpecial leads the NA LCS with 40 assists for the week. Team SoloMid will try to keep the good times keep rolling in Week 7 as they battle Counter Logic Gaming, Dignitas, and Good Game University. Another perfect week could see them challenging for first place in the NA LCS.

4. ⁠Counter Logic Gaminglogo std.pngCounter Logic Gaming (Previously #3) Current Record: 8W-9L
The good Doublelift giveth, and bad Doublelift taketh away. Week 6 of the NA LCS dashed the hint of hope that CLG had found a way to bend the Season 3 meta to their will as they proceeded to go 0W-2L. HotshotGG and Chauster are still being forced to play tanky initiators. Doublelift simply can’t carry hard enough to make up for the team’s overall lack of DPS. His status as CLG’s go-to carry makes CLG vulnerable. It is far too easy for enemy teams to focus Doublelift down so that they can mop up the remaining CLG players. Counter Logic Gaming have matches against TSM, Curse, and compLexity in Week 7. Here’s hoping they take the chance to make their lineup more flexible.

5. ⁠Teamvulcunlogo std.pngTeam Vulcun (Previously #5) Current Record: 7W-10L
Zuna and mandatorycloud have really pulled Vulcun into the mid-table battle with their 1W-0L result in Week 6. Vulcun’s dynamic duo are making great plays and keeping positive K/D ratios. Honestly, there is no reason that Vulcun have to settle for fifth place. A top four finish is perfectly attainable, given they are a mere one win behind CLG. Week 7 sees Vulcun play against Good Game University, MRN, and Curse. If Vulcun win 2 / 3 of their matches (and CLG continue to underperform), they could find themselves with an open road to fourth.

6. ⁠TeamMRNlogo std.pngTeam MRN (Previously #6) Current Record: 5W-10L
MRN came into Week 6 as a serious wildcard after their drastic roster changes. Heartbeattt swapped from AD Carry to Support, Nientonsoh was brought off the bench to play AD Carry, and AtomicN donned the substitute jersey. Despite going 1W-2L in Week 6, MRN manager Martin “Marncatz” Phan might have made the right choice. Nientensoh is a fantastic player as indicated by his debut 17/9/14 K/D/A. Pushing him off the bench and onto the active squad was a move that should have happened sooner. Week 7 looks somewhat easier to navigate for MRN, who face compLexity, Vulcun, and Dignitas. With another week of practice under his belt, it could be Nientensoh’s time to shine.

7. ⁠Complexitylogo std.pngcompLexity Gaming (Previously #7) Current Record: 3W-12L
Times are hard at the bottom of the NA ladder. compLexity and Good Game University are in danger of becoming irrelevant to the NA LCS. After compLexity pulled out two incredible Week 5 victories that ignited their fan base, a lot of folks were hoping their team had finally discovered the secret to success. Unfortunately, they returned to the doldrums in Week 6. Going 0W-3L is rough for anyone. For teams staring relegation in the face, it is a death sentence. compLexity will face MRN, GGU, and CLG in Week 7. If there is any way out of this relegation battle, it will start with compLexity earning victories over MRN and GGU, their closest competitors.

8. ⁠GGULogo std.pngGood Game University (Previously #8) Current Record: 3W-12L
Good Game University had a bye in Week 6, and they needed it. A few days to clear their heads will do everyone good, and hopefully they can get some extra squad practice time in before Week 7 begins. Bouncing back from a very harsh first half of the season isn’t impossible. GGU need to start focusing on the little improvements they can make to earn consistent victories against the mid to low-tier NA competition. If they can get the strategies right, there is still hope for a mid table finish. Good Game University play Vulcun, compLexity, and TSM in Week 7.

Written by Matt Faw from Leaguepedia Fantasy.
Edited by Marissa Moody Kuo.

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