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North America LCS Week Four Recap TSM v. Crs

After suffering defeats prior to the match, Team SoloMid and Curse Gaming both looked to finish Week 4 with a victory. TSM came into the match after being upset by Team MRN, while Curse swallowed their first two losses of the LCS after going undefeated for three consecutive weeks. Pegged as a must-see matchup, the first meeting between the two long-time rivals would be one for the books.

Team SoloMidTeam SoloMidlogo std.png

Twisted Fate
Xin Zhao

Reginald – Mid:

TheOddOne- Jungle:

Chaox- ADC:

Xpecial- Support:

Dyrus- Top:

Curse GamingTeam Curselogo std.png


Elementz- Support:

Saintvicious- Jungle:
Jarvan IV

Nyjacky- Mid:

Cop- ADC:

Voyboy- Top:

Level One:
Both Curse and TSM postured defensively across the map, with TheOddOne started at his own blue golem camp and Saintvicious at his red. Neither team fancied a level one engagement, with both sides opting to keep their duo lanes at the bottom of the map. The early action revolved around the top lane, which featured Dyrus against Voyboy. Dyrus took an early CS lead over his counterpart, but he misjudged Saintvicious’ jungle route. As a result, his ward timed out early and left him blind. With no vision on Saintvicious, Dyrus returned home to purchase an additional ward.

Early Game:
However, the freshly acquired ward would not be used effectively and Dyrus gave up first blood to Voyboy after a successful Saintvicious gank. After Voyboy immobilized Dyrus with Cocoon, Saintvicious landed a Demacian Standard-Dragon Strike combo that knocked him up and secured Voyboy first blood. Despite Curse drawing first blood, the game remained close until Nyjacky teleported bottom and killed Chaox. At the same time, Reginald and TheOddOne cornered Saintvicious and eliminated him with a long-distance sapling from Maokai.

Saintvicious’ death set up a chance for TSM to start dragon. However, Curse responded and forced a winning fight, trading three kills on TSM for only two of their own and resetting the dragon. The fight left most remaining members of Curse and TSM with low health. Saintvicious found Xpecial in the bottom tri-bush and tried to secure the kill, however, his overzealousness resulted in him being caught alone by the revitalized TSM. After another full team fight, Voyboy sacrificed himself to pave Curse’s retreat path. Finally, after a prolonged stand-off for the dragon, TSM captured the neutral objective. While Curse retained the advantage, the lead was narrowed to only 1K.

Mid Game:
TSM took the next dragon uncontested after Voyboy was isolated and dispatched by three members of SoloMid. However, the gold lead for Curse resulted in key item acquisitions, notably Blade of the Ruined King for Cop and Liandry's Torment for Voyboy. The percentage of maximum health damage on these two items allowed Curse to kill Baron before TSM could respond, furthering their lead. However, the sustained damage from Baron forced Curse into an inopportune engagement in favor of TSM. The only member of Curse to survive the slaughter was Cop, but being exalted by Baron Nashor allowed Curse’s AD Carry to stave off any TSM aggression. The game slowed down as both teams looked to catch the other out of place until Baron respawned.

Big Play:
The game was still neck and neck, with Curse maintaining a slim 1K gold lead. Right after the 30-minute mark, TSM slayed the dragon and both teams moved to Baron. Saintvicious engaged on TSM and Reginald and Chaox fell early in the engagement. With TSM on their heels, Curse took another Baron and finally swung the game into their favor. However, poor positioning from Nyjacky led to his defeat and stalled Curse’s push.

Game Closeout:
After the push on TSM’s base, Curse had amassed a sizeable gold lead and extended it further by collecting another Baron buff. Empowered by Nashor, Curse jumped Chaox early in the next team fight and sent him packing to the Nexus. With TSM’s biggest damage dealer dead, TSM couldn’t stop Curse from pushing for the win. With only a few towers standing in the way, Curse would push through for the win.

Written by Chris Bocchicchio
Edited by Marissa Moody Kuo
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