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North America LCS Week Six Power Rankings

Sometimes the strong just get stronger while the weak suffer. Week 5 of the LCS solidified the stranglehold of North America's elite teams on the top four positions. At the same time the struggles of the bottom four have never been clearer. Their very survival in the LCS will be determined in only five short weeks, and for many the glimmer of hope is already fading. It's time for these players to earn their keep. Welcome to the NA Week 6 power rankings from Leaguepedia Fantasy.

1. Team Curselogo std.pngCurse Gaming (Previously #2) Current Record: 12W-2L
Curse Gaming and Dignitas are currently playing tag for first place in our weekly power rankings. Last week Dignitas held sway, and so this week it’s only fair for Curse to have their turn at the wheel. Curse drove Week 5 of the NA LCS into the ground with 3W-0L, shutting down Counter Logic Gaming, Team SoloMid, and MRN in the process. As a result, Curse takes a one-win lead over Dignitas, with one game in hand as well. Curse have a bye in Week 6.

2. Dignitaslogo std.pngTeam Dignitas (Previously #1) Current Record: 11W-4L
The mighty Dignitas engine finally ran out of steam in Week 5. After starting poorly with a loss to compLexity Gaming, Dignitas only managed a brief comeback victory against Good Game University before losing their final match of the week against Vulcun. Their 1W-2L score is the poorest showing yet by a Dignitas squad that has otherwise proven extremely potent. Perhaps Gambit Gaming’s thrashing in the international exhibition match was too much for Dignitas to handle. Dignitas have three matches in week six, MRN, CLG, and coL. If they want to reclaim the pole position, they will need to take at least two victories. MRN and coL could find themselves on the receiving end of Dignitas' march north.

3. Counter Logic Gaminglogo std.pngCounter Logic Gaming (Previously #3) Current Record: 8W-6L
If nothing else, you have to give Counter Logic Gaming a lot of props for absolutely refusing to accommodate the Season 3 meta. They’re going to put tanks everywhere and pray to Doublelift to carry them no matter what. And so far, against all odds, it has somewhat worked. CLG went 1W-2L in week five, including a surprise loss to bottom-dwellers Good Game University. However, their lineup was in complete disrepair, so they deserve a little slack. LiNk left mid for top, HotshotGG was in the jungle, and Bigfatlp reclaimed mid. Counter Logic Gaming face Dignitas and Vulcun Command in Week 6. A victory over at least Vulcun would solidify their top four position.

4. Team SoloMidlogo std.pngTeam SoloMid (Previously #4) Current Record: 9W-5L
Team SoloMid wrapped up an uneventful week five with a 2W-1L record. Their victories pushed them just ahead of CLG in the official standings, but it’s hard to say they deserve the spot. Reginald and Dyrus continue to struggle, with a combined score of 16 kills and 15 deaths in week five. TSM don’t seem to run riot against their opponents, even against mediocre competition such as GGU and coL. In week six, TSM face coL, MRN, and Counter Logic Gaming. The matchup against CLG will prove who truly deserves the top three finish beneath Curse and Dignitas -- our bet is on CLG.

5. Teamvulcunlogo std.pngTeam Vulcun (Previously #6) Current Record: 6W-10L
Another week, another swing of the pendulum in the bottom half of the NA LCS. In Week 4, it was MRN who enjoyed the spoils of victory. In Week 5, Vulcun take the lead position. After the smoke cleared, Vulcun found themselves with 3W-0L, doubling their season-long total of victories. The results send them to fifth place in the rankings, closer than ever to a top-four finish in the LCS. Vulcun have one game in Week 6 versus Counter Logic Gaming, and Vulcun will need to keep pushing if they want to narrow the three-win lead that Team SoloMid currently hold for the coveted fourth spot.

6. TeamMRNlogo std.pngTeam MRN (Previously #5) Current Record: 4W-8L
The comeback by MRN in Week 4 was breathtaking to behold. Their 0W-3L record in week five was breathtaking as well but, unfortunately, not for the same reasons. The hopes of MRN fans everywhere that had risen so high on the crest of their victorious performances in Week 4 were dashed against the triumvirate of Team Vulcun, CLG, and Curse Gaming. MRN face Curse Gaming (again), TSM, and coL in Week 6. If they want to break into the elusive top four of the NA LCS, now is the time.

7. Complexitylogo std.pngcompLexity Gaming (Previously #7) Current Record: 3W-9L
compLexity are now truly ingrained in the bottom tier of the NA LCS, which is a huge shame. Their 2W-1L record in Week 5 really hinted at the skills that compLexity possess, particularly the scalp they earned from Dignitas. If only the compLexity squad had developed their abilities sooner. As it is, their best hope at this point is a mid-place finish by the end of the Spring LCS season. Even that is dependent on MRN and Vulcun stepping off the gas to let coL squeeze by. compLexity have a full schedule in Week 6, facing Team SoloMid, MRN, and Dignitas. Their chances of a top-four finish are slim, but they need to get results from teams like MRN if they want to stand a chance at all.

8. GGULogo std.pngGood Game University (Previously #8) Current Record: 3W-12L
Sans Shiphtur, GGU continue to be the whipping boys of the NA LCS. Week 5 did offer a brief reprieve, as their losses to Team SoloMid and Dignitas were soothed by a shocking win over Counter Logic Gaming. The problem with GGU is that their wins are shocks, even to fans. With only one victory per four losses, GGU are really struggling to find the right answer for their woes. We hope that they take the time from their bye in Week 6 to re-evaluate their options and form some new strategies.

Written by Matt Faw from Leaguepedia Fantasy.
Edited by Marissa Moody Kuo.

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