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North America LCS Week Two Recap Crs v. coL

In compLexity Gaming’s first LCS series game, they were pitted against a Curse lineup that had an imposing 3-0 start in week one. The extra preparation time compLexity had prior to playing Curse was definitely put to good use. Team compLexity came out swinging hard.

coLComplexitylogo std.png
Lautemortis - Jungle: Vi
Nickwu - Top: Renekton
MeyeA - Support: Soraka
brunch Ü - ADC: Kog’Maw
Chuuper - Mid: Lux
Bans: Nidalee, Xin Zhao, Jarvan IV

CurseTeam Curselogo std.png
Cop - ADC: Miss Fortune
Saintvicious - Jungle: Hecarim
Voyboy - Top: Elise
Elementz - Support: Taric
Nyjacky - Mid: Ryze
Bans: Rumble, Shen, Kayle

Level One:
An early ward in coL’s bottom tri-brush found out brunch Ü, but he walked away well before Taric could get in range for a stun. Curse retreated and gave Saintvicious a heavy leash on blue buff as coL started on their own blue and their bot lane took golems.

Early Trading:
Kog’Maw had significant trouble farming early under the harass of Taric and Miss Fortune. This did not prevent Soraka from drifting away to support Vi as she sneaked in a dragon before the five minute mark. Moments later, a great opportunity gank in the top lane by Saintvicious netted Voyboy first blood to equalize the gold. Voyboy then started to do a great deal of free damage to Renekton in lane, but he got a bit overzealous and dived Nickwu, who got a huge burst of health with his ult and a post-ignite Wish from Soraka. This reversed the situation and resulted in a free kill in favor of Nickwu.

First Significant Lead:
Lautemortis snacked on another free dragon as Curse still had no vision at the 11 minute mark. Having blown Cop’s flash just a couple minutes earlier, Lautemortis beelined to bot for a quick kill on Miss Fortune. Both mids and Saintvicious then showed up for a full-on fight in which brunch Ü sniped two kills for coL. coL finally had a real edge in the game with a 2k gold lead. As the 19 minute mark approached, Curse seemed to decide to stop messing around. They grouped up and started dragon. coL were there immediately to pressure them off. An underwhelming Hecarim ult and split focus by the rest of Curse allowed Kog’Maw to go to work while Lux got off a great combo. With some assistance from the dragon, coL won the fight and pocketed yet another dragon which added an additional thousand gold to their lead. Curse’s best efforts still fell short.

Mid Game Shifts:
Kills and turrets were traded back and forth for the next eight minutes, but everything started to fall apart for coL around the next dragon dance. They made the mistake of starting on the dragon in full view of Curse. Chuuper melted Nyjacky for a kill at the start, but the rest of Curse dived on Kog’Maw and Lux to quickly shut down any further damage. Meanwhile the tanky Lautemortis spent the entire fight at full health doing very little damage and was skillfully juked by Cop’s Miss Fortune. Only a rather helpless Lautemortis survived, and Curse about-faced to harvest a dragon and a turret as their spoils which finally evened up the gold. However Curse’s real accomplishment was taking the wind out of compLexity’s sails.

Loss of Control:
Lautemortis got caught far out of position, so he and Nickwu were turned into dust. This turn of events allowed Curse to sieze complete control of Baron vision. Curse rushed Baron shortly after and made full use of their great dps. Curse were looking very formidable with a 2k gold lead.

Game Closeout:
Desperate to keep all of their inhibitors up, Lautemortis engaged and dropped Ryze to half health, but Curse were far too strong by this point in the match. Curse dispatched Vi easily and mopped up the rest of coL. Curse promptly grabbed two inhibitors. After one more regroup, Curse rotated top, dominated another fight, and razed the rest of coL’s base. coL’s front line were very tanky all game, but their damage simply could not keep up with Curse’s. This, along with Curse’s immense experience advantage, allowed Curse to come out on top in their toughest victory to date in their five game winning streak.

Written by Joel Maliskas from 10 Second Guides
Edited by Marissa Moody Kuo
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