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PAX 2013 Spring Promotional Qualifier Preview

As a part of the League of Legends competition at PAX, four of the top teams on the Challenger circuit will compete for a spot in the upcoming Season 4 LCS Spring Promotion Tournament. The teams range from the acclaimed and experienced to the noteworthy and unfamiliar. The tournament format is an intense Best of 3 single elimination that will require the utmost concentration from all competitors.

Complexitylogo std.pngcompLexity Gaming

Despite being relegated from the LCS, compLexity are arguably the most recognizable and successful team on the Challenger circuit. On a tear lately, compLexity has been dominant in the MOBAFire Challenger Series. Winning eleven matches in a row they sit atop the standings at 11-1. Along with their performance in the MCS, compLexity is undefeated in the NESL Pro Series Season 7. With a roster full of familiar names and the addition of MegaZero on June 18 they have bared their teeth to the competition. Strong synergy as well as consistent success with superior team compositions has molded compLexity into a remarkable group.

MegaZero– Top
Lautemortis – Jungle
Chuuper - AD Carry
MeyeA – Support

To Be Determinedlogo std.pngTo Be Determined

By far the strongest team at the beginning of the summer Challenger split, To Be Determined (formerly FXOpen) has already qualified for the Season 4 LCS Spring Promotion Tournament. To Be Determined sits tied for second place in the MOBAfire Challenger Series, with a record of 10-2. To Be Determined was the last team to lose in the MCS, starting off with an impressive 8 consecutive wins. Much of TBD's roster has experience in high level League of Legends competition, in particular former Curse member Westrice. TBD typically maintains a strong laning phase that allow them to ease into the mid and late game.

Westrice – Top
heavenTime – Jungle
Arthelon – Mid
NydusHerMain – Support

New World Eclipselogo std.pngNew World Eclipse

New World Eclipse, a relatively new team to the Challenger scene, is risen from the ashes of Azure Cats. Despite significant roster changes, NWE has maintained consistent success in the MOBAfire Challenger Series, their first significant competitive experience. NWE holds an 8-4 record in the MCS that includes a win over To Be Determined. The successful emergence of top-laner Quas and continued triumph of veteran player Shao suggest that NWE has the potential to compete with the top-tier teams on the Challenger Circuit.

Quas – Top
npromsiri – Jungle
Shao – Mid
Meruem – AD Carry
miwi – Support

COGnitive Gaminglogo std.pngCOGnitive Gaming

Recently acquired COGnitive Gaming (previously Wazabi Gaming) has been one of the surprise teams in the MOBAfire Challenger Series, achieving a record of 7-5 with victories over both New World Eclipse and compLexity Academy. COG's lineup contains some familiar faces, including Valkrin (formerly Falafel Gaming), nothinghere (formerly Azure Gaming, and current Velocity sub), and team captain Zamphira (Team Dignitas sub). With the recent announcement of a gaming house it seems the sky is the limit, and being able to secure a LCS Promotion spot would be a fantastic kick-start to sustained success.

iDream – Top
Captain Ziploc – Jungle
Zamphira – Mid
nothinghere – AD Carry
Valkrin - Support

Written by David Spitler
Edited by Derek Pronovost

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