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Postgame Interview with Fnatic Cyanide - 2014 EU LCS Week 7 Day 2

During W7D2 of the EU LCS, our writer, Adel Chouadria, had some time to catch up with Fnaticlogo std.pngFnatic Cyanide after their win against GambitLogo std.pngGambit Gaming.

The interview revolved around their performance against Gambit Gaming, the end of their losing streak, playing in Super Week, Riot's latest balance adjustments, and fan support.

Adel: The first thing I wanted to ask you is how did you prepare for this game in particular?

Cyanide: We didn't have any complicated preparation beyond the basic stuff, we just looked at some of their games and what their game plan is, what their strongest picks are, and we tried to counter them that way.

xPeke's Nidalee pick solidified the poke composition vs GambitLogo std.pngGambit Gaming
Adel: I also noticed that you guys went for a poke comp. Can you tell me a little more about that decision?

Cyanide: We actually wanted to go for LuluSquare.png Lulu, SivirSquare.png Sivir, and WukongSquare.png Wukong and then get a bursty mid, but then Peke said NidaleeSquare.png Nidalee is a good pick here. With Lulu and Nidalee, we could poke them and then engage when they are low. It worked out pretty well for us, we could push their turrets really easily with Nidalee's heal and spears, and it was really the perfect pick.

Adel: Talking about Wukong and what he provided for this team and what he provides in general, why did he become such a staple pick in the LCS?

Cyanide: Wukong is not very strong before level 6, he can do decent ganks and yeah he is not the sneakiest jungler as far as ganks but he's still pretty good. Mostly the reason why he's so popular is his superior teamfighting, he’s like the best jungler for team fights.

Adel: Alright. Now moving forward, you guys finally got that win. How do you feel about this?

Cyanide: We obviously feel really good. We were feeling super bad because we were just losing every game for one reason or another. A lot of the times it was because of the midgame phase, we were giving away drakes and not forcing enough objectives, and today we were just like “just play chill and have some fun”, and just try to beat them by forcing stuff and not being scared.

Adel: Not being scared. So basically in the games before, you were playing not to lose?

Cyanide: Yeah, that might be exactly the problem. We were winning some of the earlygame phases but we were not forcing enough objectives and at some point we always gave them the perfect opportunity to come back, and that's something we should never do. This game we didn't give them any quarter, at one point they got the DragonSquare.png drake super fast, I didn't really expect them to pull it off but we still managed to punish them by taking the mid turret so it was really good for us.

Adel: So going forward, next week is Super Week. How are you going to approach it?

Cyanide: Well we are going to feel more confident now, and we will just try to play the same way we played today. We made almost no mistakes today and that's why it was such an impressive victory.

Adel: Any words about how it feels to play in Super Week in particular, with all of the games and everything?

Cyanide: I like playing in Super Weeks. It feels a bit like you are wasting time when you only play one game a day, you come all the way to the studio and only play one game and then you leave. But in a Super Week you are occupied all the time, you have a lot of work but I like it sometimes.

Adel: On a different note, patch 4.3 has been recently released. Have you tested Skarner at all?

Cyanide: No I haven't tried SkarnerSquare.png Skarner, but I like some of the changes in the patch like Doran's Shield being nerfed. I think that’s a good step from Riot in the right direction to nerfing the tanks.

Doran's Shield.png
Adel: Would you say that Doran's Shield basically made the meta stale?

Cyanide: Yeah, Doran's Shield is like the sole reason the meta is really stale. You can always buy Doran's Shield and be really safe, you pretty much can't be killed 1v2 or 2v2 unless you play overaggressive or screw up. So that's why we might have some troubles because of it, sOAZ and Peke are really superior laners and even Rekkles and Yellowstar but they can’t really take advantage from that because you can never kill the guy and they are just going to farm anyway.

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Adel: Finally snapping the losing streak, what do you have to say about the fan support?

Cyanide: Yeah, I really love all our fans who kept supporting us even when we were losing. There were some trolls of course on my Facebook saying "yeah you suck" or whatever, or even saying stuff like "yeah go die", but then there are these people who just keep supporting you and saying that yeah just keep going, you will make it eventually and you will win, and we are supporting you. It feels really good, if not for those fans I probably would have quit playing this game.

Adel: How do you deal with the negativity from the hecklers?

Cyanide: I normally don't care about the negativity. If someone is obviously a troll I just ban him from wherever he posted that stupid stuff, but yeah you just have to ignore them. There are always going to be people like this, anywhere you go on the internet.

Adel: Any final shout-outs?

Cyanide: Yeah, thanks to all our sponsors, MSI, Steelseries, King of Shaves, Eizo, and thanks to all of the fans who kept supporting us.

We at Leaguepedia would like to thank Cyanide for the interview. The European League Championship Series resumes on Tuesday, March 4th, and Fnatic will play the CHWLogo std.pngCopenhagen Wolves on the opening round, at 17:00 CET / 11:00 AM EST / 8:00 AM PST. You can catch a glimpse of the action at during the entirety of Super Week.

Interview held by Adel "Hype Algerian" Chouadria - @hypealgerian
Transcribed by Luke Swenson
Edited by Alex "Matteo" Kirilov - @ROCCATMatteo

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