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Reapered, of Jin Air Greenwing Falcons and Formerly SKT T1, Retires.

According to this post on, the AP carry for Jin Air Greenwings Falcons, Reapered, has retired; however, he is not leaving completely and will reveal plans in the future.

Reapered originally joined Maximum impact Gaming Blaze in November 2011 and was with them throughout October 2012, through a sponsor and name change to Azubu Blaze. After leaving Blaze, he created his own team known as Eat Sleep Game and they were quickly acquired by SK Telecom T1, ending up seeing various successes including a 1st place finish in IEM Cologne 2012. He then left and reformed Eat Sleep Game with two other SKT T1 members and that roster was soon acquired by Jin Air Greenwing Falcons in July 2013, remaining with them until now.


Written by Jordan Spence - @SanctifiedLoL

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