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Season 3 World Championship - Finals Preview - SK Telecom T1 vs Royal Club

In the concluding piece of Leaguepedia’s matchup previews, the writers who represented the semifinal winning teams return to evaluate the World Finals matchup as well as explain why either team will win the Summoner’s Cup.

David: First off, congrats William on your prediction for SK Telecom T1, as you were proven to have chosen the correct side! However, I will note that NaJin Black Sword offered a stiffer challenge than you gave credit for. What happened in the matchup that was different than you expected?

William: Well, I didn’t exactly expect Sword to be so strong! The bot lane of Sword lived up to the hype and put up a much closer fight than I expected. Nagne’s
play also impressed me; I never thought an inexperienced midlaner would be able to stand up to Faker. It seems that the trend of SKT T1 dropping early matches in a set only to come back and win it all was true yet again.

D: That definitely was the case as we saw last weekend. As far as the matchup I covered: while Fnatic was a very worthy opponent, Royal Club Huang Zu was able to outmatch them in almost every game without allowing xPeke and sOAZ to get into a snowball. Uzi and GoDlike definitely were extremely impressive during the series but I was very surprised not to see Fnatic try to bring out their double teleport strategy that we saw extensively in earlier rounds. Regardless, the series played out almost exactly as I expected and now we have a phenomenal matchup on hand. Before we split off into our individual previews, are there any other comments you want to put out about the matchup?

W: Well, SKT T1 might not be completely bulletproof, but I sure as hell think they can take the finals. Tabe said it himself: “to beat them we will have to make zero mistakes, or we will be crushed by SKT.” Based off of SKT1’s performance so far, I’m inclined to agree.

D: It’s certainly easy to see SKT T1 as capable of winning on Friday, but I’m going to stick with Uzi and Royal Club to take home the big prize. Go ahead with your preview/prediction for SKT T1, and I’ll follow up with why Royal Club will win it all.

SK Telecom T1logo std.png⁠ William's breakdown

“SK Telecom T1 are victorious over Royal Club and awarded the Summoner’s Cup return home to millions of Korean fans.” – Oct. 6 headline,

SKT T1 is gearing up to take down Royal Club and show the world what Korean dominance is all about. Throughout the World Championships, SKT T1 has been throwing more and more coal into the furnace of the Korean Hype Train, systematically steamrolling any team in their path. Starting off in Group A with a 7-1 record and continuing through the bracket stage with confidence, SKT T1 looks better than ever. In their match versus NaJin, Faker was not as potent as he is in most matches but was able to finish with a solid game 5. Piglet and PoohManDu played extremely well against the coveted Pray and Cain.

Surprisingly enough, Royal Club’s support player Tabe seems to lack confidence in their ability to defeat the Koreans. In a recent interview on the eSports talk show Live on Three, Tabe revealed that in the 23 scrims they played versus SKT T1 they were only able to win three. Analyst and CLG coach MonteCristo also gave SKT T1 a 70% chance to take home the Summoner’s Cup.

Ban Annie

Well, this one is pretty simple. If you haven’t been keeping up with worlds, Tabe has shown that he is terrifying on
. It is by far his strongest champion and his ability to melt a mis-positioned carry can not be ignored. If Annie makes it through the ban phase, Royal’s chances of taking that game increase significantly.

Uzi and Tabe visit the Hundred-Acre Lane

The bot lane will be the key factor in this match, due to each duo’s ability to carry their team. Uzi’s
is another signature champion from Royal Club; his ability to kite an entire team and reposition in fights could end up being a problem for Piglet and PoohManDu. That being said, even the slightest mistake from either Tabe or Uzi could lead to disaster. SKT T1’s bot lane has shown that they can turn a game on its head during a lane rotation by picking off the enemy when they least expect it. Their bot lane’s strongest suit is their ability to take a small advantage in a match and run away with it. This will be a particularly interesting matchup, considering their very similar play style. Due to their aggressive tendencies, the duo who executes the most precision and control will have the edge. If Piglet and Pooh manage to go even in terms of power transitioning to the midgame, they will be able to close out the match in true SKT T1 style.

Oh… Bengi Happened

Bengi will surely be a thorn in the side of Royal Club as far as vision goes. If he is granted even a miniscule lead, he will quickly purchase mobility boots and gain complete vision control. SKT always manages to capitalize on this and will quickly take an objective or pick someone off when the vision shifts in their favor. On top of his ability to catch an enemy with his signature champion
Lee Sin
, he will allow SKT T1 to snowball their advantages even further.

In Faker we Trust

The man, the legend, Faker has redefined what it really means to be a God in competitive League of Legends. His extremely deep champion pool combined with his adaptability to any play style truly makes him deserving of his title. His
play is easily some of the best the world has seen.


It seems that the Korean Hype Train will be making it’s final stop this season at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on Friday. SKT T1’s performance throughout OGN Summer and the World Championship’s make them truly deserving of the Summoner’s Cup. It is now time that their results live up to the incredible hype.

SKT T1 will win the Summoners Cup and $1,000,000 - 3-1

Royal Clublogo square.png David's breakdown

“Royal Club Huang Zu harmonious in World Championship victory, thwart Korean powerhouse SKT Telecom T1 in Finals” – Oct. 6 headline,

Despite not playing in the group stages, Royal Club proved dominant in both their quarterfinal and semifinal matches, cruising to a 5-1 record on the Worlds Stage. Fnatic did their best to shut down Royal Club’s superstar, Uzi, holding him to a KDA of 3.0 (down significantly from 8.7 in the quarterfinals), but were unable to come away victorious. Regardless, Uzi was still a factor and holds the highest Gold per Minute and Gold per Game marks for World Championship players. The Grand Finals matchup will undoubtedly be the toughest yet for Royal Club as they face the overall tournament favorite, SK Telecom T1, and group stage MVP, Faker. Royal Club are viewed by many as the underdog in the match but are more than capable of coming away as champions.

Knock Faker off Mount Olympus

Throughout Season 3 and much of the World Championships Faker has been unstoppable, leading SKT T1 to victory after victory. Dealing with Faker is certainly a challenge at the forefront of Royal Club’s plan going in, but they don’t need to remove him completely - just bring him down to the realm of humans. In SKT T1’s three losses in the World Championships, Faker carried a 2.1 kda which is heavily weighed down by his 0/4/4 performance in Game 1 of the Semifinals. In some ways, Royal Club will need to operate the same as they did with xPeke, as they held Fnatic’s mid laner to a kda of 3.8 in the series.

Matchup in the Bot Lane

By far the most interesting side-by-side matchup in the series is that of the AD Carry and Support duo for both teams. The Grand Finals puts SKT T1’s dynamic duo of Piglet and PoohManDu against Uzi and Tabe as the highest kda and top gold earners collide. It’s unlikely that many games feature 2v2 during the laning phase, as both sides will try to get gold flowing to the AD Carry early and quickly in 2v1 matchups. Any time a fight breaks out, however, sparks will fly and jaws are sure to drop. One key to look out for is whether SKT T1 will let Uzi play Vayne against Piglet’s favorite
, or if
will be a point of interest for both teams. The Summoner’s Cup could very easily be won or lost in the bot lane.

Stick with what Works

Royal Club proved once again to be masters of the teamfight as they took down Fnatic. Centering their team around Uzi’s extraordinary mechanics and strong skirmish champions will once again prove to be Royal Club’s greatest strength. Expect
to appear often, as well as Tabe’s signature


This World Finals is set to match the 2 best teams in the world on eSports’ largest stage ever. The matchup won’t disappoint as SKT T1 and Royal Club will trade games back and forth setting up for a winner-takes-all game 5. In a game for the ages, Royal Club will manage to eek ahead in the midgame and ride a key objective fight to victory. In a bold move, Tabe will announce to Sjokz and Dustin Beck that Royal Club will be following their dreams and use the rest of 2013 to record their debut album, which will rival ‘N Sync’s “No Strings Attached” before returning to defend their title in Season 4.

Royal Club Huang Zu 3-2 over SK Telecom T1

Written by David "TheDynasty" Spitler and William Turton
Edited by Jordan Spence

Who do you think will win? Make sure to let us know in the comments section below! <comments />

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