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Taking the Pulse of the LCS

I am Adel Chouadria, aka: Hype Algerian - a passionate Frenchman who is on a mission. My passion is for anything connected with League of Legends: the game, the tournament scene, the name it. My mission, and I choose to accept it, is to elevate the heartrates of my fellow LoL fans by dishing out the skinny, the dirt, and the hype on last week’s fait accompli and this week’s fates in the balance of the North American and European LCS.

Team MRN, new kid on the block no more:
Taking wins against two big names in is a great way to put everyone else on notice--especially after only playing 9 games out of 28 and standing very close to the .500 mark. MRN may want to refine their play some more, but the fact that they have beaten CLG and TSM back-to-back is extremely encouraging for a who is still looking to make an impact on the NA LCS.

MRN’s play might have looked sloppy, but they were all about safely winning the game, as evinced by AD carry Heartbeatt’s refusal to get greedy for a pentakill on his trademark Tristana. It would have been entertaining, but he recognized that it could have backfired and hurt his team’s chances at winning.

The audience and commentators rave about Heartbeatt, but they would be remiss to not notice MegaZero who has always played solidly (especially as Renekton). ClakeyD has taken steps in the right direction after the brutal first game he had in the LCS against CLG. ecco has always been reliable, even when ill. Last but not least, AtomicN’s team fight setups were clutch during the Super Week.

Overall, this is a team that is coming together after having initial growing pains, mainly due to inexperience. However, teams will now prepare for them and this will cause the MRN crew to face even more challenges.

Deman, the Copenhagen Wolves are not puppies anymore:
We finally see the Copenhagen Wolves in action – hopefully it is not too late for them.

To think that a team who went 0W-8L over the stretch of three weeks would go 3W-2L up against a tough schedule in the Super Week is a bit far-fetched, but this was exactly what happened. The Wolves finally showed why they were one of the strongest teams during the S3 preseason.

While the LCS viewers clearly noticed Bjergsen’s otherworldly play on Syndra and Kassadin, they may have missed the reason behind the entire team’s success this week. I don’t know who I would pick to be the unsung hero on this team between Deficio’s insane Thresh play, Svenskeren’s ever-reliable play (especially as Xin Zhao), NeeGodbro holding the fort up top, and TheTess’ prowess on the AD Carry block. I ultimately settle with this conclusion: the Copenhagen Wolves may be Bjergsen’s team, but that is only because he knows how to capitalize on what his teammates provide. He is the one that brings the team’s solid performances all together and wraps them into a win.

The Copenhagen Wolves are not what their record shows; they are not a 3W-10L team. However, it would take a Herculean feat for them to pull their record to above 0.500 given that there are only 28 games total in the Spring Season.

Teams of the week:
Team Dignitas (5W-0L): They have established themselves as the team to beat on the NA LCS at this stage. Dignitas have been unstoppable with their roaming support. They can play standard games as well, as shown in their game against TSM.

Gambit Gaming(4W-0L): No team looks as strong as Gambit on the EU LCS. There is Gambit and then there is the rest. They are separating themselves from the pack due to extremely solid play and possibly due to becoming more accustomed to their opponents.

Casualties of the week:
compLexity (0W-5L): The promise shown in their week two loss against Curse Gaming has been replaced by a dilemma. Do they have what it takes to bounce back and give us solid games?

Vulcun Command (1W-4L): Their only salute this week came from their win against Team Complexity.

GIANTS! Gaming (1W-4L): With the resurgence of the Copenhagen Wolves, the audacity of Dragonborns' team compositions, and the dominance of Gambit Gaming, the GIANTS! only stood a chance against aAa and the slumping EG. They only capitalized on the latter.

Evil Geniuses (1W-4L): What is going on? I do think this week was just not their week; they were so sloppy all across the board. To see EG’s Yellowpete commit errors he never makes sounded an alarm in my head. I just hope it is a temporary slump that will not last much longer than this one ill-fated Super Week.

I’m feeling:
Copenhagen Wolves vs. Fnatic was probably the best game of the entire LCS thus far, NA and EU included. No big-time game possessed quite the entertainment factor and the dramatic turns that this game did. It was as if M. Night Shyamalan wrote the script for their match. Even the untimely inhibitor respawn was part of the plot.

The European teams in the EU LCS in which any 'low-tier' team could beat a 'top' team, regardless of ranking. Likewise, MRN showed promise on the NA LCS circuit although they were essentially the new kid on the block in the NA scene.

The scarf thing is spreading all over the place as confirmed by aAa Shlaya challenging ocelote (the trendsetter) to a duel of mid players wearing scarves. The DragonBorns do not care about scarves though, they have hair…and hats.

Reddit's reaction as one of their most favored teams (Evil Geniuses) met with hardships during the Super Week. Team EG's replies were just as amazing.

Comedy gold:
aAa Nono's keyboard stops functioning and aAa Karalius types it out in /all chat. Fnatic sOAZ replies: "How about his brain?" - Typical banter between Frenchmen; as a Frenchman myself, I approve of this.

It's easier to flame your teammates when you all speak the same language. That is Alex Ich for you.

Speaking of Gambit, they really wanted to get SK Candy Panda’s KDA rating down. That should put Malunoo on notice.

That's a rather interesting way you found to get yourselves prepared, CLG: Chauster, Aphromoo, and HotshotGG

Now look at what you've done, even Curse is following suit.

TSM TheOddOne with his massively funny line during an interview after losing to MRN – he just wanted to ‘make CLG feel better about losing’ to that team.

EG Froggen with the best Twisted Fate ultimate ever made, period.

Not feeling:
IPL 6 being canceled. Words cannot express my sorrow as far as how things turned out for the tournament - especially considering how amazing IPL 5 was. Many people have to deal with airlines now.

GIANTS! and EG with the no-shows this week, going against their earlier weeks’ performances.

The struggle continues for Vulcun Command, Good Game University, and Complexity Gaming. It seems as if team MRN may be the only one capable of upsetting the Big 4’s control over the Northern American scene.

Teams to watch:
DragonBorns: The mix of mad scientist type of brainstorming sessions, audacity, and solid play in the same team makes them an unpredictable force. They are 4-5 overall and are looking stronger by the day. However, they will have a heavy schedule in week five, going against Evil Geniuses, Fnatic and against All authority.

Evil Geniuses: How will they bounce back from an absolutely miserable week according to their standards? They need to bounce if they want to stay out of DragonBorns’ reach.

Fnatic: They have the toughest ordeal to deal with as they will be facing SK Gaming, Evil Geniuses and the Copenhagen Wolves in their three games in week five.

Team MRN: After that promising Super Week showing, people may be expecting them to keep at it. Was it a one-time strong showing like Vulcun Command or was it a preview of things to come? Hopefully, it was the latter.

Team Dignitas: Truly a joy to watch. The worries I might have had during week one are long gone; they are the team to beat at this moment.

The Copenhagen Wolves: Everyone stepped their game up this week.

Players to watch:
MRN Heartbeattt: Ages ago, I thought he was a good player. I totally underrated him - he's better than good.

DB Spontexx: This week’s showings put him under the spotlight. Here is hoping he keeps going strong.

CW Bjergsen: His team leaned on him heavily during this week as he capitalized on the opportunities they created for him to shine. Clearly, he is the one doing the carrying.

Games to watch:
Every game this week at Intel Extreme Masters at Hanover - no matter what crazy hours you might have to keep in order to do so. Fnatic vs. Evil Geniuses Curse vs. Team SoloMid

On vacation this week:
Gambit Gaming: Apparently they showed everyone the true meaning of “Domoi” during the Super Week, and they may be tempted to keep going strong after week five's bye.

GIANTS! Gaming: This bye will hopefully allow them to gather themselves to prepare for week five

Written by Adel Chouadria.
Edited by Marissa Moody Kuo.

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