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Taking the Pulse of the LCS (Week 7)

I am Adel Chouadria, aka: Hype Algerian - a passionate Frenchman who is on a mission. My passion is for anything connected with League of Legends: the game, the tournament scene, the name it. My mission, and I choose to accept it, is to elevate the heart rates of my fellow LoL fans by dishing out the skinny, the dirt, and the hype on last week’s fait accompli and this week’s fates in the balance of the North American and European LCS.

Teams of the Week:

  • Team SoloMid (3W-0L): TSM Xpecial wanted to calm part of the community down as some of them (Doublelift included) hopped on the WildTurtle train. Rather than a potential threat to Chaox, it gave WildTurtle the occasion to prove his worth. It also gave TSM confidence in their sub’s abilities as said substitute is now a full-time starter.
  • Team Dignitas (3W-0L): With MLG out of the way, Dignitas recaptured their flair and plowed through their games of the week.
  • Copenhagen Wolves (3W-0L): Such an amazing run this week. They are now fifth place in the EU LCS. This is not the team that went 0W-8L anymore. Since Bjergsen joined them, they have gone 6W-3L despite having a rough schedule on their way to this result.
  • Fnatic (3W-0L): With their win against Gambit Gaming, they have established themselves as the clear leaders of the EU LCS bar some unforeseen happenings.

Casualties of the Week:

  • GIANTS! Gaming (0W-3L): Going without a single win this week was probably quite a massive hit, but they took it like professionals. It is encouraging to see such a young team still show resilience in the face of defeat, be it in-game or after. They can only get better as they look to learn as much as they can from this LCS.
  • DragonBorns (0W-3L): The lineup change may pay dividends in the future. According to DB LeDuck, they chose the long-term investment route instead of short-term success. The teams they faced were not weak at all, yet DB gave them a run for their money.
  • against All authority (0W-3L):Where they will go from here is unknown. This is a team that is very much in flux. They only recently settled down in their gaming house and are facing quite a daunting challenge as they look for scrimmage partners.
  • Counter Logic Gaming (0W-3L):A no-show, to say the least. Their status as a North American powerhouse is heavily compromised as the surging Team Vulcun knocks at the door.

Players of the Week:

  • SK hyrqBot: In other places, he would be just another member of SK. In France, however, he's a full-fledged star--far more popular than any other French player.
  • TSM WildTurtle: Adapting to the team in such a quick fashion made Reginald decide to promote him to the starter AD carry position.

I'm feeling:

  • The French crowd. The only time where they were completely silent was in the morning when there was nobody there. They were especially lively when
    trolling and when requesting a “lock” when Genja hovered over him.
  • The backstage atmosphere is totally non-hostile (if anything, the players hang out with each other). One would think that competition brings bad vibes, but it's far from being so.
  • Sjokz speaking French is no fluke. Not just on the stream, mind you.
  • Is that Vulcun Command clawing their way to 4th place or am I hallucinating? Keep it up, guys!

Not feeling:

  • Insider info: The Dragonborns vs Copenhagen Wolves was decided by a 3-second lag spike for all DB players, the reason being
    smokescreen. They couldn't do much during that lag spike but watch their champions take free damage--which set them up for a hellish ride to a loss.
  • There are moments where it’s appropriate to trash talk and moments when it isn't. While Doublelift’s tweet was funny at the spur of the moment, the fact that Chaox got expelled later on leaves a very bitter taste in the air.
  • The “You are what your record says” saying does not apply to compLexity Gaming, no matter how you put it. They cruelly need more experience and to find ways to close out games.

Tales from backstage and comedy gold from Lille:

  • I don't know whether Joe Miller or Jatt threw the orange at Shushei, but it ended up bopping on my head. I'm still getting chuckles out of that.
  • DB Shushei nudged aAa Karalius hard and then said it had been me that did the nudging. This type of trolling is apparently a running gag among Dragonborns.
  • The man with the blowhorn (aka “Klaxon Man”) and the French commentators kind of had something going. Definitely on the Comedy register there. Sadly, the English stream watchers couldn't catch on the fact that he was "encouraged" to communicate that way.
  • The following exchange between me and CW TheTess as DB Shushei was practicing Xerath in Solo Queue:

TheTess: Shushei, take red
Me: What? *quizzical look*
TheTess: It's a strategy.
Me: What kind of . . . advantage . . . would he get?
TheTess: It's a strategy. Every time DragonBorns do something stupid, it's a strategy.
Me: So if I do something stupid in solo queue, I can just say I pulled a DragonBorns?
TheTess: If you do something stupid, you can just say you saw Dragonborns do it because they probably did it.

  • Being in the front of a venue (as a spectator) nets you an almost surefire opportunity to take a picture with or get an autograph from pros. This is a pro-tip to everyone going to a future LoL event.
  • The difference between watching the LCS online and watching it live is massive. The live audience's focus is mainly sharing a collective moment. Online it is more about scrutinizing the play of everyone. The fact that there's a giant screen is a big factor.

Teams to watch:

  • Team SoloMid: They will have some time to mesh more with WildTurtle. Xpecial already knows what playstyle his new AD Carry practices.
  • Copenhagen Wolves: Three games on the upcoming week to give them a chance to secure at least the fifth place spot (or to leave it openly contested by any non-top-4 team).
  • Gambit Gaming: They have three games this week as well. This may be their chance to catch up with Fnatic and contest the top seat.
  • Against All Authority: Three games and just as many opportunities to claw themselves to that fifth or sixth seed in the Playoffs.
  • Counter Logic Gaming and Team Vulcun: Both of them will play at least three games this week. This may very well draw a clear picture as far as the race for fourth place is concerned. On one side, we have a storied League of Legends team in a vulnerable situation. On the other, we have a hungry up-and-coming team.

Written by Adel Chouadria.
Edited by Marissa Moody Kuo.

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