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Team Coast Announce WizFujiiN as Starting AD

Team Coast Logo.jpg
ID Name Role
ZionSpartan Darshan Upadhyaha 11Top
NintendudeX Joshua Atkins 12Jungle
Shiphtur Danny Le 13Mid
WizFujiiN Apollo Price 14Bot
Daydreamin Miles Hoard 15Support
Jintae Justin Dinh 26
Pixel David Zarinski 26
Diamond David Bérubé Sub
Raìna Raina Huang 26

After weeks of trying out potential AD players in the NACL Team Coast have chosen their player to replace DontMashMe. WizFujiiN will be playing for Coast in upcoming NACL matches and in Coasts attempts to re-qualify for the next season of the LCS.

Learn more about Team Coast

Written by William Turton - @williamturton

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