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Team Members Depart From FXOpen, Create New Team “To Be Determined”

FXOpen e-Sports' League of Legends roster made the decision to depart yesterday to form their own team, “To Be Determined.”

The roster consists of:

Jon Westrice Nguyen in the Top Lane
Simon heavenTime Jeon in the Jungle
Taylor Arthelon Eder in the Mid Lane
Robert ROBERTxLEE Lee as AD Carry
Philip NydusHerMain Sohn as Support

Joining them is Anne “Treasure” Armstrong as General Manager, Tass “Esoterickk” Mikronis as Assistant Team Manager, Luke “Shizaem” Knapp as their analyst, and George Zekent Liu as Head Coach. Liu will also be a substitute for the team, as will Brian Trickz Ahn and Nicholas Nickwu Wu Smith.

“We're very excited and optimistic about this move,” said Armstrong. “We're going to be doing things a little bit differently as we embark on our journey towards the LCS.”

To Be Determined is starting off with an impressive pedigree, despite being newly formed. Beyond the popular and talented faces of ROBERTxLEE and Westrice, this roster took 1st place at MLG Anaheim when they defeated former LCS contender compLexity. In doing so, TBD earned a coveted spot to compete in the LCS Season 4 Spring Promotion Tournament.

To learn more about To Be Determined, visit their Leaguepedia page.

Written and Edited by Darin Kwilinski @darinjk2

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