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The Legacy Of CJ Entus Frost And Blaze, A History Infographic

To make up for our holiday break, we did a double infographic for you guys! We read your comments and responses and we had a huge amount of requests to do an Asian team, particularly the CJ Entus teams. So we followed the teams' history since MiGlogo std.pngMiG Frost and MiGlogo std.pngMiG Blaze, transitioning to the Azubu organization and finally brought on to form CJElogo std.pngCJ Entus Frost and CJElogo std.pngCJ Entus Blaze. We felt the CJ teams were a great choice for the first Asian history infographics due their immense growing popularity since their MiG births and their roster changes near the end of 2013, such as MakNooN joining Frost in the mid lane, RapidStar retiring, Helios brought from Blaze due to CloudTemplar's retirement, and Blaze recruiting new starters Daydream and Emperor. The last reason being despite bumps in the competitive road for each team, their impact on the game has been so noticeable that it is difficult to mention Korea and League Of Legends without including the words Frost and Blaze. Enjoy and let us know your thoughts!


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