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Ups and Downs of Lyon Gaming

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Today, we take a look into the history of one of the dominant teams in the Latin American scene, Lyon Gaming.

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Lyon Gaming was formally founded in early 2013 with the sole purpose of becoming a great contender within the Latin-American scene. The main roster was formed by FraGio, h4ckerv2, Uri, Cahdez and Carreira.

Despite their primary motivation, they didn’t compete in any major tournaments, but in minor tournaments such as Go4LoL. Seeiya joined the team in April to replace Cahdez as an ADC. Roster changes kept going as Carreira also decided to leave the team, while NerzhuL joined to replace him in May as the team's Support.

They showed that they were able to compete at the highest level and easily take down the strongest teams on their region, winning by a large margin in the Latin American North Qualifiers and then beating the Latin American South Champions, Team LoL Cave in the Regionals. This gave them the chance of competing in the World Championship Series. However, it cost them an opportunity to qualify for the NA LCS as they were within the best 32 teams in the NA Challenger scene.


Lyon Gaming traveled to Gamescom to compete against teams from around the globe for the Wildcard spot in the World Championship Series. Despite their showing at the Latin American Regionals, they didn’t perform well, leading to yet again, another roster change. H4ckerv2 left the team days after the tournament due to poor communication and conflicts with the rest of his teammates. They picked up Thyak, their current jungler, as a replacement and competed at the Amateur League Championship Series, a league featuring Curse Academy, Team LoL Pro and Quantic Gaming's former NA-based Korean roster. They ended in 3rd place due to Quantic Gaming getting disqualified. While they were doing well against the strongest Challenger teams at the time, Lyon Gaming showed their weak side at the International level.


The team would continue onto their next challenge at hand - the World Cyber Games in China, after having qualified as the Mexican representative.

The day of the competition arrived around two months later, after sweeping through the Group Stages, leaving the famous polish team, MeetYourMakers behind. They were to face the Russian team, The RED in the quarterfinals, managing a 2-0 win. However, the competition got tougher for them, as they had to face the Korean squad, CJ Entus Blaze. Despite their tries and strategies, the Korean squad was too strong for them, losing 0-2 and dropping to fight for the third place against the Chinese squad, World Elite, also losing 0-2 and ending 4th place in the tournament. Although they lost, they performed better than most of the spectators thought they would, and learnt a lot from the experience, as Seeiya said in an interview after arriving back at their hometown.

After their performance at WCG, the team decided to play in a local offline tournament to show how much they’ve improved, winning 1st place and $20,000 USD.


A Riot sponsored tournament to strengthen the Latin American scene even further came along, the so-called “LAN Circuito de Leyendas” which translates into “LAN Legend’s Circuit”. The tournament was in its essence a way to qualify for IEM Sao Paulo and win $1,000, Lyon Gaming were able to qualify after winning this online tournament.

Once the team arrived to Brazil, they set off on another attempt to win a big tournament. However, it was not to be so, as they performed poorly at the International level once again, losing to Seven Wars e-Sports, an Amateur Brazilian team, and exiting the competition at an early stage.

After going back home, Uri took the decision of leaving the team. Uri made a statement, an excerpt of which you can read below:

“…The reasons are several, it has a been a while since we started, at first I was with my parents here, but after going to Germany they went back to Uruguay, there were always things that made understand that It was going to be easy to visit them. However, things didn’t go that way, and it has been really tough to frequently visit my parents and I’ve been staying due to promises from the [[[Lyon Gaming (2013 Latin American Team)|Lyon Gaming]]] administration, and well, I get really emo. I miss them a lot.

I’ll keep playing League of Legends, but at LAS after I get home. If you ask what will happen with Lyon, […] we thought of many Mid players to fill my position, however they were not enough options. So Seeiya is going to be playing Mid lane while AD is going to be filled by a new player […] that you will see in the Riot Legend’s Circuit…”

After Uri left the team, bad news kept coming in as Lyon Gaming was disqualified from ESLA, a Mexican League. Lyon Gaming disclosed the information and announced that they were disqualified due to being a team formed by pure Mexicans players. However, the real reason of the disqualification was due to 1na (their newest addition to the roster) being part of another participating team.

Seven Wars e-Sports logo (xxx 2014 - xxx 2014).png

Changes continued as the Lyon Gaming roster was acquired by the Brazilian organization, Seven Wars e-Sports to represent them within the Latin American scene.

This was announced through a reply by the Brazilian organization as a response to a published article via their Facebook page;

“Pessoal que Não está entendendo, esse time representará a Seven Wars Látino Americana, a Line up de League Of Legends BRASIL, é representada Pelo BRUCER . Obrigado, #Go7w”

“To those who don’t understand, this team [Lyon Gaming] will represent Seven Wars in Latin America, apart from League of Legends Brazil that is represented by BRUCER. Thanks, #Go7w.”

The team will now be called Sever Wars Lyon and will be participating in the Riot LAN Legend’s Circuit that will start in March 2014.

The history of forfeiting

As many of you may know, Lyon Gaming has history of forfeiting International opportunities to join the NA professional scene. At first they forfeited the qualifier for NA LCS Summer Split 2013 due to their desire of competing in the Latin American Regionals.

Lyon Gaming was granted another opportunity to qualify for an American Tournament. However, this time it was in the amateur scene being within the best 20 teams in the Challenger Ladder, they were granted a spot at the Coke Zero Challenger League. They forfeited this opportunity yet again. The reason of this was disclosed by the team Captain NerzhuL in an interview: “It was because Riot approached us that we needed to choose in what region we wanted to play on. Therefore, we decided to play on LAN because we thought that we could win here once more.”

Written by Víctor 'Datkros' Rincones
Edited by Alex Kirilov

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