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League of Legends Season 3 World Championship Preview:, The Wildcard

GamingGear.eulogo square.png

Nbs– Top
Alunir – Jungle
Mazzerin– Mid
DeadlyBrother - AD Carry
Inspirro – Support

The League of Legends squad was founded by Alunir and DeadlyBrother. The Lithuanian team aims to prove its mettle on the world stage. Before GamingGear attained the roster of Drub eSports in 2012, Inspirro was still playing the Mid lane. Upon acquiring Nbs and Mazzerin, Inspirro slid to Support and they formed the roster seen today.

Available on Leaguepedia are records of an impressive multitude of victories in various tournaments, and the team is also known to play many Go4LoLs. However, it was their overwhelming success in the Regional CIS Championship that proved GamingGear’s ambition to conquer more than Moscow.

The Gamescom Journey

After they solidified their invitation to the International Wildcard Tournament, they once more displayed flawless success over Oceania’s Team Immunity and Brazil’s paiN Gaming. What is it that fuels the success of this generally unknown team? Sharp mechanics and intense objective control, of course.

During their second game against Team Immunity, Lithuania’s Jungler Alunir wasted no time after acquiring his buffs. Alunir hurried to top lane alongside DeadlyBrother and Inspirro, the three of them shoving Team Immunity’s top laner, Swip3rR, off the turret. GamingGear forced Team Immunity to swap their top and bottom lanes in response, and they managed to secure three kills and a 1.4k gold lead within five minutes. Their lead would be maintained until the game’s close.

Following their decisive victory over Team Immunity, paiN Gaming would be the next to fall to the Lithuanian contenders. paiN Gaming created dive compositions in an effort to secure quick kills and objective control, but they soon found that GamingGear were well and ready to parry their stratagem.

With a composition consisting of five AoE powerhouses, paiN Gaming were sure to fall in teamfights if they were unable to secure a kill off of a catch. 24 minutes into Game 1, their fate was sealed by the unstoppable synergy of Jarvan IV and Orianna. Hoping to pick off and kill Deadlybrother, paiN’s Ashe, Rumble, and Nocturne cast their ultimates only to have GamingGear pursue with their ultimates ready. An Orianna Shockwave underneath the second-tier Mid turret caught three members of paiN, and that event gave the Lithuanians the edge they needed to end the game. Following the destruction of Ashe and Zyra at the hands of Alunir, Nbs was able to chase and kill Ezreal, netting GamingGear a nearly 3k gold lead. The team went on to take another victory over paiN to secure their place as the wildcard.

Strengths and Challenges

Brokenshard of TCM Gaming prophesized their victory. When questioned about his prediction, he simply stated: “They’ve been together for a very long time.” The “long time” is a full three years together for Alunir and Deadlybrother. The shocking methodical focus of GamingGear creates a team that is difficult to contend with if you are unprepared for heavy pressure tactics. With a strong focus on attaining towers and forcing an enemy lane into uselessness, their contenders will need to be prepared to hold out against the constant pressure.

A wildcard indeed, GamingGear still has a lot to show, and may have many more tactics prepared for their opponents. However, they face one of the strongest teams in NA for their first round: Team SoloMid. Will their precise mechanics and jungle pressure be enough to combat TSM? Perhaps we will see a change of plans for GamingGear, a new emphasis elsewhere. Whatever their plans, it is clear that the only thing we can know for sure is their wildcard status.

Written by Derek Pronovost
Edited by Adel Chouadria

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