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Edward's Move: A Case Study

After the announcement of Edward’s departure from Gambit Gaming, speculation was rampant concerning his possible destination. Such a talent would be wasted if not picked up by a major team. Only two destinations would make sense.

First and foremost, let us eliminate all impossible scenarios.

The impracticalities

  • New LCS teams: The rosters may be in flux but those teams need some level of stability. Any new arrival would seriously hinder their play. Some of those teams (MeetYourMakers, Alternate, Cloud 9) are stable rosters who have been through growing pains but chose to stick together, to great effect.
  • Established LCS teams in Europe: No team has a glaring need for a new support player. Evil Geniuses have Krepo, one of the top-class supports in the world. Ninjas in Pyjamas, SK Gaming, and Fnatic do not need anyone in the support position; especially given how well their supports work with their teams. Gambit Gaming? He just left them.
  • Established LCS teams in NA: Some roster shakeups recently occurred for CLG, nullifying their need for Edward there. Xpecial is a world-class support. Daydreamin and Bloodwater work extremely well with their teams, and changed the fortunes of Team Coast and Vulcun as soon as they were hired. Patoy is one of the most underrated supports, but he is definitely world-class. The only team that could need him is Curse Gaming.
  • Challenger Circuit teams: The only amateur team that could have landed Edward’s services would have been Heimerdinger's Colossi, but Mithy has been filling the support spot admirably. The chances of witnessing the duo-queue combo of Edward and Freeze in the European Challenger circuit were slim at best.
Edward in the uniform of his old team - Gambit Gaming
  • Korea / SEA / China: The language barrier would have been extremely challenging, as very few players actually speak English in those regions. Whether Edward would have been interested in making his name in the Singaporean scene is left in the air, but the Singapore Sentinels are happy with their current roster.

Edward’s possible destinations

  • Russian teams: In light of the upcoming Moscow event and the possibility for one Russian team to go to Gamescom, Edward could have formed a squad or joined one that fits his skill. The challenge would have been whether he could make it to the World Championship. Joining a Russian team would have allowed him to continue studying and to take a break from the lengthy plane trip circus to which his former teammates at Gambit Gaming are still subjected.
  • Team Curse: This is the only team in the NA LCS that is in desperate need of a support. Rhux might be one of the top players in the Northern American scene, but his performance during the playoffs did nothing to reassure his teammates. The addition of Edward would bring a proven support and playmaker to the squad. This would increase Curse’s chances at landing a ticket to the Season 3 World Championship.

Studying the CRS move

Filling the need

Edward’s release from Gambit Gaming was close to a miracle for Curse. Edward’s predecessors are, respectively:

  • Elementz, one of the best theorycrafters in the game. He critically lacked in both mechanics and champion pool, resorting to Sona most of the time.
  • Rhux, a top-caliber NA player who is certainly not known for his support. His (relative) lack of offline tournament experience combined with his lack of experience in the support position contributed to his position as a band-aid solution.

They now have a world-class support with a knack for playmaking. In addition, Edward has one of the deepest champion pools in the world, and he shares Xpecial’s ability to play other roles.

First case of a Europe-NA LCS transfer

This is not the first case of a region transfer, as Locodoco walked this road before Edward. However, it is unique because Edward has not had any previous interactions with the NA players, whereas Locodoco was present in the early Beta days during his studies in the United States. Edward is going to the USA solely for gaming. This may very well be a trendsetting move for individual players or even teams made of players from both regions.

The new Line-up of Curse Gaming

The ever-aggressive Edward will provide a threat level of his own. Saintvicious can finally rely on another player on his team to spark the engine and get teamfights rolling. Nyjacky has always been amazing at facilitating teamfights. Voyboy is a world-class top-laner who provides a threat level of his own. Most importantly, Cop finally has a bodyguard in the botlane.

Curse now boasts a four-threat team that can set up Cop for pentakills – or at least set the team up for victory with key pick-ups and engagements here and there.

Edward’s knowledge from his Gambit days will come in handy; this is a chance for Liquid to add more plays and nuances to the Curse playbook.


Edward has certainly improved from his GoSu Pepper days, but he still had frequent verbal dust-ups with his Gambit teammates during scrimmages. He has a strong personality, however, the presence of Saintvicious may ease any struggles they may face.

Cop is not known for being the most aggressive AD Carry in the Northern American scene. How well he will work with Edward remains to be seen, especially given his struggles with Genja’s style.

While the Thresh King has a decent grasp of the English language, he lacks the verbal practice that he will need to seamlessly integrate into the roster. It will take time for him to get used to the American lifestyle, too.

Written by Matt Gunnin
Edited by Brenna Levitin and Adel Chouadria

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