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OGN Winter 2013 Group Stage Preview

OGN Champions Winter kicks off this Friday at 4 AM EST. This league features the highest level of competitive Korean play, and runs 3 Seasons throughout every year. Tune in to OnGameNet to catch all the action!

Group A: King of The Hill

SK Telecom T1 K
- The Top Dogs

ID Name Role
South Korea Impact Jung Eon-yeong (정언영) Top
South Korea bengi Bae Seong-ung (배성웅) Jungle
South Korea Faker Lee Sang-hyeok (이상혁) Mid
South Korea Piglet Chae Gwang-jin (채광진) AD
South Korea PoohManDu Lee Jeong-hyeon (이정현) Support

SKT T1 K have returned to their roots at OGN after their victory in the Season 3 World Championship. However, only a week after claiming the Summoner’s Cup, the reigning world champions were defeated in a match versus Samsung Galaxy Blue during the World Cyber Games qualifiers. This left many fans confused and unsure of SKT K’s fate entering OGN Winter. SKT will have the chance to remind everyone of their global dominance in their first match versus Team NB as well as live up to their undefeated Group Stage in Champions Summer.

CJ Entus Blaze
- Revamped and Ready to Rumble

ID Name Role
South Korea Flame Lee Ho-jong (이호종) Top
South Korea Daydream Kang Gyeong-min (강경민) Jungle
South Korea Ambition Kang Chan-yong (강찬용) Mid
South Korea Emperor Kim Jin-hyun (김진현) AD
South Korea Lustboy Ham Jang-sik (함장식) Support
South Korea BaeMe Kang Yang-hyun (강양현) Sub/Mid
South Korea Cpt Jack Kang Hyung-woo (강형우) Sub/AD

Despite a lackluster performance in Champions Summer, Blaze looks to be on an upswing. With their revamped roster, Blaze secured first place in the Korean World Cyber Games qualifiers; beating out the likes of KT Bullets, Najin Black Sword and Samsung Galaxy Blue. With the acquisition of Daydream, BaeMe and Emperor, the team has received a breath of fresh air. Of course, Blaze wouldn’t be Blaze without their top laner, Flame. He has been one of the most dominant players in the world for as long as anyone can remember.

It’s apparent that the team is moving away from the late game split push style that failed to work in Champions Summer, in order to fit the meta of early game aggression. In addition to Captain Jack moving to the substitute role, Blaze may be able to overcome their achilles heel - the laning phase. If all goes according to plan, Blaze’s potential may finally come to fruition.

Team NB
- The New Kids on The Block

ID Name Role
South Korea LongPanda Kim Yoon-jae (김윤재) Top
South Korea Jaemini Lee Jae-min Jungle
South Korea Elf Jeong Seung-hui Mid
South Korea KahHaHa Lee Seok-hyeon AD
South Korea MyLittlePony Im Si-hyeon Support

Team NB’s roster is generally unknown, with a few players that have played in Champions before. Unfortunately, their top lane, LongPanda, is known for constantly losing his lane in the worst way. In fact, Team NB’s laning phase as a whole is very weak when stacked up against the high caliber teams in their group. It would be a pretty substantial upset if Team NB managed to take a game off of any other team in their group.

SK Telecom T1 S
- Hype City

ID Name Role
South Korea MaRin Jang Gyeong-Hwan (장경환) Top
South Korea Beelzehan Cho Jae-hwan (조재환) Jungle
South Korea easyhoon Lee Ji-hoon (이지훈) Mid
South Korea Bang Bae Jun-sik (배준식) AD
South Korea Wolf Lee Jae-wan (이재완) Support

It’s pretty clear that SKT T1 S is one of the best teams that qualified for OGN this season. The roster is ripe with potential, featuring top Korean Solo Queue player MaRin. Some have even gone as far to call MaRin “the Faker of top lane”. SKT is looking to do the same thing that they did with Faker; taking the then Solo Queue superstar and transforming him into one of the best players in the world.

In the OGN qualifiers, T1 played an extremely aggressive early game by allowing their raw talent to shine through by forcing 1 on 1’s whenever they had vision of the enemy Jungler. This execution of play style by SKT is easily the best of any other competitive team. The pathway to the level of their SKT T1 K isn’t as far away as you might think.

Group B: Toss-Up

This group could easily slide in any teams favor. With the power of all teams relatively unknown, nobody really knows who will be able to rise the top of this group.

KT Rolster Bullets
- The Strategic Masterminds

ID Name Role
South Korea inSec Choi In-seok (최인석) Top
South Korea KaKAO Lee Byung-kwon (이병권) Jungle
South Korea Ryu Ryu Sang-wook (류상욱) Mid
South Korea Score Go Dong-bin (고동빈) AD
South Korea Mafa Won Sang-yeon (원상연) Support
South Korea Leopard Sub

Some could argue that KT Rolster B was among the top 3 teams in the world at the end of Season 3, despite failing to qualify for Worlds. Their strategic prowess was a delight to watch in Champions Summer, and could bode well when adapting to the Season 4 changes.

inSec will be a key contributor to KTB’s success or failure. In Champions Summer, his champion pool consisted mainly of tank-initiators like
, which have fallen out of favor in the current meta. inSec has huge carry potential, but if he fails to mix up his picks it could diminish KTB’s chances at victory.

NaJin Black Sword
- On the Comeback

ID Name Role
South Korea Expession Gu Bon-taek (구본택) Top
South Korea watch Cho Jae-geol (조재걸) Jungle
South Korea Nagne Kim Sang-moon (김상문) Mid
South Korea PraY Kim Jong-in (김종인) AD
South Korea Cain Jang Nu-ri (장누리) Support
South Korea SSONG Kim Sang-soo (김상수) Sub
South Korea Peng Sub

The formation of NJBS’s new roster prior to Champions Summer looked like they were poised to dominate Korea by utilizing their high caliber players. That being said, it didn’t exactly pan out as they had hoped. NJBS wasn’t even able to make it past group stages in Champion Summer. Although their Champions Summer wasn’t Najin’s best showing, their previous performances allowed them to rack up enough circuit points to represent Korea in the World Championships.

NJBS sword put up a strong performance at the World Championships, making it to the quarterfinals. If the team can refine their shot calling and avoid making the same mistakes they made in Champions Summer, rising to the top of group B could be withinreach.

Incredible Miracle 2
- The Stealth Underdogs?

ID Name Role
South Korea PLL Park Jae-gwon (박재권) Top
South Korea Reign over Kim Ui-jin (김의진) Jungle
South Korea kurO Lee Seo-haeng (이서행) Mid
South Korea BetKyo Lee Seung-min (이승민) AD
South Korea Ondal Support

With a weak finish in OGN Summer, IM 2 still qualified for the finals of NLB (The Korean league below OGN) and just lost out to Nakin Black Sword. It seems like IM2 has been slowly improving and may be a hidden threat in Group B.

SG Blue
- The next best?

ID Name Role
South Korea Acorn Choi Cheon-ju (최천주) Top
South Korea Spirit Lee Da-yun (이다윤) Jungle
South Korea PawN Heo Won-seok (허원석) Mid
South Korea Deft Kim Hyeok-gyu (김혁규) AD
South Korea Heart Lee Gwan-hyung (이관형) Support
South Korea Palvin Lee Han-kil (이한길) Sub

SGB have taken over as the conductors of the Korean Hype Train after their defeat over SKT T1 #2 in the World Cyber Games qualifiers. They didn’t just edge out a victory either, SGB decisively 2-0 swept the World Champions. In particular, PawN played extremely well against the coveted Faker and was able to shut him down in the laning phase.

In the OGN Qualifier, Samsung Galaxy Blue pulled out some interesting picks. For example, Lucian was paired with
in order to create the ultimate poke and wave clear composition. If SGB’s performance in the qualifiers wasn’t just a fluke, we could see this team have a strong chance at taking the Korean scene by storm.

Group C: Of Redemption and Hope

Group C contains two pairs of teams that heavily contrast with each other, as the new and feisty Alienware Andromeda and Team Dark look to upset the experienced NaJin White Shield and Samsung Galaxy Ozone. The newcomers have to defy the odds, as the elder statesmen are unwilling to concede games to them.

Samsung Galaxy Ozone
- Operation Redemption

ID Name Role
South Korea Homme Yoon Sung-young (윤성영) Top
South Korea DanDy Choi In-kyu (최인규) Jungle
South Korea dade Bae Uh-Jin (배어진) Mid
South Korea imp Gu Seung-bin (구승빈) AD
South Korea Mata Cho Se-hyoung (조세형) Support
South Korea Looper Jang Hyeong-seok (장형석) Sub/Top

Samsung Galaxy Ozone has been through a tumultuous journey. Their strong showings leading to the Season 3 Championsip netted them the Samsung sponsorship. However, their failure to qualify to the Season 3 Quarterfinals drew the ire of the Korean netizens, and Dade’s limited champion pool was especially targeted by observers.

Homme and his teammates clearly need to recapture the magic of their pre-Worlds glory days, a process that is at the grasp of their hands. They have to conquer NaJin Shield, Team Dark and Alienware Andromeda in their attempt to win this tournament and re-assert dominance over the Korean scene.

NaJin White Shield
- On the Verge of a Breakthrough?

ID Name Role
South Korea Save Baek Young-jin (백영진) Top
South Korea NoFe Jeong No-chul (정노철) Jungle
South Korea Ggoong Yu Byeong-jun (유병준) Mid
South Korea Zefa Lee Jae-min (이재민) AD
South Korea GorillA Kang Beom-hyeon (강범현) Support
South Korea Seraph Sub

NaJin White Shield is no stranger to The Champions, as they reached the Quarterfinal stage twice in Season 3. The team systematically converted those placements into NLB Semifinal appearances, the last of them being a third place finish in NLB Summer.

NJWS did not suffer from the departure of Locodoco (to Quantic Gaming) and Chop (to Team Dark). In fact, they showed strength in their Semifinal finish in the WCG Qualifiers. The team struggled to break through the higher echelon of Korean League of Legends competition, but they have an opportunity to calibrate themselves against SGO.

Team Dark
- The Darkhorses

ID Name Role
South Korea Chop Jeong In-chul (정인철) Top
South Korea Savila Kim Ji-hwan Jungle
South Korea Plls Mid
South Korea it now Kim Hyeong-jin AD
South Korea gi bao Lee Sang-hyeon Support

Team Dark booked their tickets to The Champions Winter, as they battled through the online and offline qualifiers. Chop’s competitive League of Legends experience came in handy, as his team edged OGN Summer quarter-finalists Chunnam Techno University 2-1 in Group D of the online qualifiers.

Prior to the offline qualifiers, the team lost their Mid Laner, Apdo, as the player’s Elo boosting entreprise earned him a two-year suspension from competitive play. Despite that, Chop and his teammates quickly disposed of team Must Study Hard, and they have an opportunity to shock South Korea as they take on Samsung Galaxy Ozone in Group C.

Alienware Arena
- Keep Hop(e)s Alive

ID Name Role
South Korea Gamsu Noh Yeong-jin Top
South Korea Nova. Kim Dong-hyeon Jungle
South Korea Pera Kim Hui-chan Mid
South Korea Kite Kim Yong-yeon AD
South Korea Jelly Gwak Seok-ho Support
South Korea Zoony Park Jun-seon Sub

Alienware Arena is the first team sponsored by Alienware that made it through the OGN Qualifiers. What is astounding about this team is the youth of its inception, as Arena was created early October. Arena used their dive-heavy compositions (featuring
) to prevail against its sister team, Alienware Rangers, on the way to the main event.
Marquee Matchups: Resurrection or death (Samsung Galaxy Ozone vs NaJin White Shield) David vs Goliath (Team Dark vs Samsung Galaxy Ozone)

Group D: The Clash of Fates

Group D is the theater of fratricides, old rivalries and an unfulfilled destiny. The Jin Air teams will battle for in-house supremacy under the watchful eye of Xenics Storm, a team that vyes to overcome their major roadblock in the Stealths. In the mean time, CJ Entus Frost plots for yet another takeover attempt over mount OGN, but a Frost stumble in the group stages may mean qualification for whoever overcomes them.

CJ Entus Frost
- The Old Wise Referee

ID Name Role
South Korea Shy Park Sang-myun (박상면) Top
South Korea Helios Shin Dong-jin (신동진) Jungle
South Korea RapidStar Jung Min-sung (정민성) Mid
South Korea Space Seon Ho-san (선호산) AD
South Korea MadLife Hong Min-ki (홍민기) Support
South Korea MakNooN Yoon Ha-woon (윤하운) Sub/Mid
South Korea Ganked By Mom Lee Chang-seok (이창석) Sub/Mid

CJ Entus Frost needs no real introduction. The notorious Korean powerhouse engraved itself in Korean League of Legends posterity throughout the years, under the names Maximum impact Gaming Frost and Azubu Frost. The team is now turning a new page in their history, as CloudTemplar retired from competitive LoL in September 2013.

CJ Frost quickly replaced CloudTemplar with Helios, and they have acquired MakNooN, the player who denied them a first-place finish in last season’s OGN The Champions Winter. The move may allow them to transcend their traditional (semi)finalist status, as they chase their first major tournament victory since Azubu The Champions Summer 2012.

JAG Falcons
- Hyung in motion

ID Name Role
South Korea Miso Kim Jae-hoon (김재훈) Top
South Korea ActScene Yeon Hyung-mo (연형모) Jungle
South Korea Reapered Bok Han-gyu (복한규) Mid
South Korea Roar Oh Jang-won (오장원) AD
South Korea StarLast Han Jin-hee (한진희) Support
South Korea Loyal Sub
South Korea Rynder Sub

The Jin Air Falcons are relatively new to the Korean scene, but their lineup dates back to late 2012, when the first Eat Sleep Game lineup was born. In the current ESG iteration, Reapered and StarLast surrounded themselves with Miso, Roar and Raven, and the team reached an honorable fourth place finish in NLB Summer 2013.

Due to Raven’s departure in September 2013, Reapered transitioned to the Mid lane role, and Jin Air Falcons enrolled ActScene as the new jungler. The new lineup faces major challenges in Group C, and one of them is no other than their sibling team, Jin Air Stealths.

JAG Stealths
- The feisty dong-saeng

ID Name Role
South Korea TrAce Yeo Chang-dong (여창동) Top
South Korea Utan E Kim Dong-hyun (김동현) Jungle
South Korea HooN Kim Nam-hoon (김남훈) Mid
South Korea Mystic Jin Sung-joon (진성준) AD
South Korea IceBear Kwon Ji-min (권지민) Support
South Korea RealFoxy Lee Sang-hyun (이상현) Sub

Hoon Good Day, formerly Ahq e-Sports Korea, are no strangers to big events. In fact, that roster came extremely close to qualifying to the bracket stages of OLYMPUS Champions Spring 2013. In their subsequent NLB Spring showing, they netted a quarterfinals finish.

Since Jin Air’s acquisition of the roster, the team finished in the quarterfinals of both NLB Summer and WCG Korea. In addition, the Stealths tend to best rosters that play (or played) under the Xenics Storm banner, as demonstrated in their latest Champions qualifier against Team OP.

Xenics Storm
- The Referee

ID Name Role
South Korea GimGoon Kim Han-saem (김한샘) Top
South Korea Swift Baek Da-hoon (백다훈) Jungle
South Korea CoCo Shin Jin-yeong (신진영) Mid
South Korea Arrow Roh Dong-hyun (노동현) AD
South Korea Piccaboo Lee Jong-beom (이종범) Support

Xenics Storm may be one of the oldest Korean eSports organizations, but they revamped their roster on October 14th. The team edged its sister team, Xenics Blast, on the way to PANDORA.TV Champions Winter 2013-2014.

So far, Xenics Storm has two constants. The first constant is YellOw’s coaching, which allowed them to participate in several NLB competitions. The other one is their apparent vulnerability to the Jin Air Greenwings Stealths, as the Stealths constitute a major roadblock to Storm. Will they overcome their storied foe with the new roster?
Marquee Matchups: The Jin-Air fratricide (Stealths vs. Falcons) Breaking the curse? (Xenics Storm vs Jin Air Stealths)

Written by William Turton - @williamturton
Written by Adel 'Hype Algerian' Chouadria - @hypealgerian
Edited by Jordan Spence - @SanctifiedLoL

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NJBS made it to the Semifinals (where they got knocked out by SKT T1 #2 3-2), putting on an arguably better series than the other semifinal or the very much onesided final.

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