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PAX Match Preview - CRS vs DIG (NA LCS Playoffs)
Matchup Infograph

After qualifying for the playoffs almost all of the regular season stats are off the table, pitting teams against each other for survival in LCS and a possible trip to Worlds. The second match of PAX is between two longstanding teams CRS vs. DIG. With two aggressive and closely matched teams, CRS vs. DIG should provide a very interesting match.

Match History

These two teams have both been around for years; however, they are not some storied rivalry like that of TSM vs. CLG. Over the years they have matched up several times and the overall records stands at 14-12 in favor of Curse (source ). In the most recent Summer Split, Curse continues to hold the advantage, having gone 3-1 against Dignitas. Furthermore, these two teams actually just played each other in Super Week, and it was a close back-and-forth 60 minute match with Curse coming out on top. If that was any indicator of things to come, this matchup will prove to be very close and thrilling, hopefully going to three games.

Things to Watch For

After looking at these teams and their previous matches, a few things stuck out as some important deciding factors. Dignitas and Curse are pretty similar teams, but there are some important differences that will prove significant in their match. The three focal points in this matchup are going to be their picks & team comp strategy, their priority and execution of kills, and their throw potential.

Champion Picks & Team Composition

Dignitas has been known since IPL4 to be an innovator in terms of strategies, and they have continued to try to push that forward with champion picks unfamiliar to NA such as Fiddlesticks support, Gragas, and swapping KiWiKiD and Scarra’s positions.

At the same time, Curse has shown some extremely diverse strategies in this split; they have played 44 different champions--the most out of all playoff teams, and much more than the 36 different champions picked by Dignitas. Also, Curse selects from a diverse set of strategies; early in the split they ran poke compositions, they have run double AD compositions, as well as a recent tanky % HP shred composition in Super Week (Amumu, Zac, and support Elise).

Overall though, the strategies by both teams have been hit or miss, and it seems like they have been trying to search for their best throughout the split, and so either team’s ability to come out with a possible winning, unorthodox strategy will be an important factor for this upcoming playoff match.

Priority and Execution of Kills

While champion kills are always important, this is a focal point for these games. Dignitas prioritizes kills, having the highest kills per average game length of teams with similar records. Dignitas averages 16.64 kills a game, while Curse averages 14.7, CLG averages 12.6, and TSM averages 15.4. In order for Dignitas to win, they really have to beat it home by looking to snowball leads with kills instead of objectives. Typically objectives or gold leads are the best predictors of a team’s in-game success, but in this matchup, kills will be even more relevant.

Throw Potential

The last thing thats going to be important in this matchup is something Dignitas is unfortunately known for: throwing. Dignitas often gets off to an early lead, having the gold lead in 16 out of 28 games, yet their record at the end of season stands at 13-15. Dignitas is now infamous for this pattern of throwing (especially around Baron) and judging by their listen-in where they drop the line “Don’t even mention the B word!” they are aware of the problem. We have seen an improvement in this department, and they seem to have achieved solid results with the Scarra Zed split push strategy, but throwing and the “B word” is still an important point to focus on for Dignitas specifically. Maybe with the series being a BO3 rather than a BO1, this will lead to a little less pressure on each individual match for Dignitas, the result being more tightly executed play.


I believe this will be a close match, as seen by their similar stats, identical records, and their tense Super Week game. However, I believe Team Curse will take it with a 2-1 victory and move on to face Cloud 9.

Written by Spellsy - @SpellsyLoL
Graphics provided by Eric “Vesca Violette” Womack - @VescaViolette
Edited by Alex “amagzz” Magdaleno - @amagzz
Edited by William Turton - @williamturton

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49 months ago
Score 0++

This was definitely a fun match to watch!


49 months ago
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ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ Raise Your Dongers For imaqtpie ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽

Anonymous user #4

49 months ago
Score 0++

This was incredibly well-written and informative. Thank you for putting this out there. Looking forward to the game! My dongers are raised...

Anonymous user #2

49 months ago
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49 months ago
Score 0++

This is really awesome, by the way, I love the stats and analysis on this and the other TSM vs. CLG graphic, really well done!

I think Curse should take the win, like you said in the prediction, but it'll probably be a game of throws, really entertaining, but not the highest level.


49 months ago
Score 1++

Thoughts from an amateur theorycrafter based on this data:

If I were advising Curse, I'd tell them to ban Graves AND Ezreal to try to throw qtpie off. I know bans on ADCs are generally considered wasted, but he's played those two so much it might be worth it. Using the third ban on scarra's Zed would take away the biggest other threat, and try to win the botlane as convincingly as possible, with an aggressive lane like Twitch/Sona and heavy jungle ganks.

If I were instead advising dig, I think they're going to be best off taking away high priority picks from several players with their bans, perhaps Kennen, Thresh, and Jarvan IV. Especially if it looks as though Curse is trying to win the botlane with their bans, taking J4 from Saintvicious and forcing him onto the less ganking Nasus could help keep their botlane in the game. Assuming Graves and Ezreal are banned, dig could play something like Varus/Fiddle bot lane, and try for a teamfight comp, such as Zac top, Nocturne in the jungle, and Diana mid, leaving a frontline of heavy divers in Zac/Nocturne/Diana making it hard for Curse to reach Varus without getting obliterated, and Fiddle peeling in the back for Varus with his fear and silence.

All in all, I think the matchup favors dignitas, as I think both teams will be looking for early aggression and dig has generally done better at getting that early lead, but dignitas will need to play carefully to not let Curse back in the game.


49 months ago
Score 0++

I completely agree with the targeting qtpie, 19 out of 28 games were played on those two champs. his next favortie is varus and 3 of the other 9 games not on ez or graves. i think target banning is a bit risky and would rather see just a graves or ez ban and then pick something early that would not make it worth while for qtpie to want to play the one not banned or just take it all together.


49 months ago
Score 0++

To be honest I don't care for either team though I feel Dignitas will pull the win out of this one. Either way, whichever team wins they have to play Cloud 9....good luck to both of them.

Anonymous user #1

49 months ago
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ummmm why is there a picture of lulu over namis name?

Anonymous user #3

49 months ago
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