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Secrets in the Statistics

Secrets in the Statistics: 110 champions. 22 turrets. 8 legs on Elise. 7 Teemo skins. 4 feeding teammates. 3 bans per team. 2 legs on Elise. In the League of Statistics, new legends are made with each passing battle. What then makes a legend? Well, it's a secret--that is, until the digits decide to tell us. Let us see what the numbers have to say after Week 4 of the NA LCS.

  • Blue side wins 61% of the time. Regarding the losses from the "Top 4" teams, 9/12 came from the red side. Take out TSM and it's 7/8.
  • TSM is the only team to surrender and have done so in 3/4 losses.
  • TSM is the only team to win with a kill deficit (vs. Vulcun). CLG is the only other team to win without a kill lead when they had a kill tie with GGU.
  • The team who gets first blood wins 66% of the time. Saintvicious has hunted the league for 4 first bloods. Doublelift, Dyrus, and Voyboy are not too far off the scent with 3 first bloods each.. TheRealKiWiKiD perches alone as being the most first blooded with 4.
  • The team who takes the first 3 outer towers wins 84% of the time. Of the 7 games where a team overcame this, CLG and CRS have done it twice and it happened in both games they played against each other.
  • HotshotGG is the only player to use a default skin 10 times (the next closest is 6). The only skin he used was Gatekeeper Galio.
  • GGU has used the most different champions with 33. LiNk has used the most different champions with 9.
  • Doublelift and Voyboy lead the league in double kills with 8. DontMashMe, Doublelift, and scarra are tied for the most triple kills with 2. Heartbeattt is the only player with a quadra kill and should-have-been-pentakill.
  • scarra is the only player to eclipse 100 cs by 10 mins. He is also the only player to eclipse 200 cs by 20 minutes twice. Reginald and ecco have both achieved it once.
  • Heartbeattt leads the league in avg cs at 10 minutes with 77.9
  • ecco leads the league in avg cs at 20 minutes with 167.2
  • DontMashMe leads the league in avg cs per minute with 8.58
  • Doublelift leads the league in kill per game with 5.5
  • Lautemortis leads the league in deaths per game with 4.7
  • Elementz leads the league in assists per game with 10.5

I hope you enjoyed these discoveries and we'll be in contact again shortly after the battle resumes in the coming weeks.

Written by Ryan Smith.
Edited by Marissa Moody Kuo.

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