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Player has retired.
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Background Information
Name: Dylan Newton
Country of Birth: USA United States
Birthday: January 30, 1992 (1992-01-30) (age 26)
Residency: News Label - North America.png North America
Role: Support
Favorite champions:    
Soloqueue IDs: MRN AtomicN, Atomic57, LzH At0mic, At0mic, DNL Atomic
Social Media and Links
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Team History
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Jan 2012 - Jul 2012
Lzuruhalogo std.png Lzuruha Gaming
Aug 2012 - Sep 2012
TeamMRNlogo std.png Team MRN
Dec 2012 - May 2013
TeamMRNlogo std.png Team MRN
Mar 2013 - Jul 2013
Curse Academylogo std.png Curse Academy
Aug 2013 - Dec 2013
Denial eSports.Eastlogo std.png Denial eSports.East
Dec 2013 - Dec 2013
COGnitive Gaming Forgelogo std.png COGnitive Gaming Forge
Dylan "AtomicN" Newton was a support player, best known for helping Team MRN qualify for the North American LCS.


He entered the video game world with such games as Super Mario Bros. and Megaman. He moved to the computer upon the release of Diablo, and continued from there. He found League of Legends shortly after the release of the game, around the release of  Malzahar. A little hesitant at first, not well versed in DoTA, he soon came to love the game. His first competitive experience was Counter-Strike 1.6, playing on and off for 6+ years. Education consists of him attending a local Monterey(CA) community college before moving to Chico, his major undecided. After the disbanding of Team MRN Newton went on to play the support role for several Challenger teams before retiring at the end of 2013.



  • 2013
  • 2012


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