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The 100 most recent games are shown (each line contains all games of a series). Click here to open as a modifiable query.

Casting History - Avahir
DateEventRoundTeam 1Team 2ScoreVODsPBPColor
2020-11-15 16:00:00Trinity Force Puchar Polski 2020FinalsAGO ROGUElogo std.pngRGOK1ck Neosurflogo std.pngK13 - 0123RajonTheFakeOne, Avahir
2020-11-08 16:00:00Trinity Force Puchar Polski 2020Round 3K1ck Neosurflogo std.pngK17more7logo std.png772 - 012RajonAvahir
2020-11-07 19:00:00Trinity Force Puchar Polski 2020Round 27more7logo std.png77Płonące Garniturylogo std.pngPG2 - 012Magvayer, RajonAvahir
2020-11-07 16:00:00Trinity Force Puchar Polski 2020Round 2K1ck Neosurflogo std.pngK1Piratesportslogo std.pngARR2 - 012RajonAvahir, Magvayer
2020-08-18 21:00:00EM 2020 Summer Play-InDay 2SINNERS Esportslogo std.pngSINFive Kingslogo std.png5K1 - 01MyhaAvahir
2020-08-18 20:00:00EM 2020 Summer Play-InDay 27more7 Pompa Teamlogo std.pngPT7Intrepid Fox Gaminglogo std.pngIF0 - 11TheFakeOneAvahir
2020-08-18 19:00:00EM 2020 Summer Play-InDay 27more7 Pompa Teamlogo std.pngPT7SINNERS Esportslogo std.pngSIN1 - 01MyhaAvahir
2020-08-18 17:00:00EM 2020 Summer Play-InDay 2Five Kingslogo std.png5K7more7 Pompa Teamlogo std.pngPT70 - 11TheFakeOneAvahir
2020-08-17 19:00:00EM 2020 Summer Play-InDay 1Five Kingslogo std.png5KSINNERS Esportslogo std.pngSIN0 - 11MagvayerAvahir
2020-08-17 18:00:00EM 2020 Summer Play-InDay 1Intrepid Fox Gaminglogo std.pngIF7more7 Pompa Teamlogo std.pngPT70 - 11Silv4nAvahir
2020-08-17 16:00:00EM 2020 Summer Play-InDay 17more7 Pompa Teamlogo std.pngPT7Five Kingslogo std.png5K0 - 11MagvayerAvahir
2020-08-16 11:00:00Ultraliga Season 5 PromotionQualifiersPiratesportslogo std.pngARRLogo std.pngSOON2 - 312345CzarnyPiotruś, Bezi, Silv4nAvahir, TheFakeOne, Miczek
2020-08-16 08:00:00Ultraliga Season 5 PromotionQualifiersPRIDE (Polish Team)logo std.pngPRD7more7 Pompa Teamlogo std.png7PT.A0 - 3123Silv4n, CzarnyPiotruśMiczek, Avahir
2020-08-11 15:30:00Ultraliga Season 4 PlayoffsRound 37more7 Pompa Teamlogo std.pngPT7K1ck Neosurflogo std.pngK11 - 31234MyhaAvahir, Magvayer
2020-08-05 15:30:00Ultraliga Season 4 PlayoffsRound 2Gentlemen's Gaminglogo std.pngGMGK1ck Neosurflogo std.pngK10 - 3123Silv4nAvahir, Myha
2020-08-04 15:30:00Ultraliga Season 4 PlayoffsRound 2AGO ROGUElogo std.pngRGO7more7 Pompa Teamlogo std.pngPT73 - 0123TheFakeOneAvahir, Magvayer
2020-07-29 15:30:00Ultraliga Season 4 PlayoffsRound 1K1ck Neosurflogo std.pngK1Illuminar Gaminglogo std.pngIHG3 - 0123Silv4nAvahir, Magvayer
2020-07-22 19:30:00Ultraliga Season 4TiebreakersK1ck Neosurflogo std.pngK1H34T Esportslogo std.pngHIT0 - 11TheFakeOneAvahir
2020-07-22 16:30:00Ultraliga Season 4Week 7PRIDE (Polish Team)logo std.pngPRDGentlemen's Gaminglogo std.pngGMG0 - 11TheFakeOneAvahir
2020-07-22 15:30:00Ultraliga Season 4Week 7H34T Esportslogo std.pngHITK1ck Neosurflogo std.pngK10 - 11TheFakeOneAvahir
2020-07-21 18:30:00Ultraliga Season 4Week 7K1ck Neosurflogo std.pngK1AGO ROGUElogo std.pngRGO1 - 01TheFakeOneAvahir
2020-07-21 17:30:00Ultraliga Season 4Week 7Illuminar Gaminglogo std.pngIHGH34T Esportslogo std.pngHIT0 - 11TheFakeOneAvahir
2020-07-15 18:30:00Ultraliga Season 4Week 6PRIDE (Polish Team)logo std.pngPRDAGO ROGUElogo std.pngRGO0 - 11MagvayerAvahir
2020-07-15 17:30:00Ultraliga Season 4Week 6H34T Esportslogo std.pngHITPiratesportslogo std.pngARR1 - 01MagvayerAvahir
2020-07-14 16:30:00Ultraliga Season 4Week 6Illuminar Gaminglogo std.pngIHGK1ck Neosurflogo std.pngK11 - 01MagvayerAvahir
2020-07-14 15:30:00Ultraliga Season 4Week 67more7 Pompa Teamlogo std.pngPT7Piratesportslogo std.pngARR1 - 01MagvayerAvahir
2020-07-08 18:30:00Ultraliga Season 4Week 5H34T Esportslogo std.pngHITGentlemen's Gaminglogo std.pngGMG1 - 01Silv4nAvahir
2020-07-08 17:30:00Ultraliga Season 4Week 5PRIDE (Polish Team)logo std.pngPRD7more7 Pompa Teamlogo std.pngPT70 - 11Silv4nAvahir
2020-07-07 16:30:00Ultraliga Season 4Week 5Piratesportslogo std.pngARRAGO ROGUElogo std.pngRGO0 - 11Silv4nAvahir
2020-07-07 15:30:00Ultraliga Season 4Week 5K1ck Neosurflogo std.pngK1Gentlemen's Gaminglogo std.pngGMG1 - 01Silv4nAvahir
2020-07-01 18:30:00Ultraliga Season 4Week 4PRIDE (Polish Team)logo std.pngPRDK1ck Neosurflogo std.pngK10 - 11MyhaAvahir
2020-07-01 17:30:00Ultraliga Season 4Week 4AGO ROGUElogo std.pngRGOH34T Esportslogo std.pngHIT0 - 11MyhaAvahir
2020-06-30 18:30:00Ultraliga Season 4Week 4Illuminar Gaminglogo std.pngIHGPiratesportslogo std.pngARR1 - 01TheFakeOneAvahir
2020-06-30 17:30:00Ultraliga Season 4Week 4K1ck Neosurflogo std.pngK1H34T Esportslogo std.pngHIT0 - 11TheFakeOneAvahir
2020-06-24 16:30:00Ultraliga Season 4Week 3Piratesportslogo std.pngARR7more7 Pompa Teamlogo std.pngPT70 - 11MyhaAvahir
2020-06-24 15:30:00Ultraliga Season 4Week 3AGO ROGUElogo std.pngRGOGentlemen's Gaminglogo std.pngGMG1 - 01MyhaAvahir
2020-06-23 16:30:00Ultraliga Season 4Week 3H34T Esportslogo std.pngHIT7more7 Pompa Teamlogo std.pngPT70 - 11Silv4nAvahir
2020-06-23 15:30:00Ultraliga Season 4Week 3Gentlemen's Gaminglogo std.pngGMGK1ck Neosurflogo std.pngK10 - 11Silv4nAvahir
2020-06-10 18:30:00Ultraliga Season 4Week 1Illuminar Gaminglogo std.pngIHG7more7 Pompa Teamlogo std.pngPT71 - 01MyhaAvahir
2020-06-10 17:30:00Ultraliga Season 4Week 1K1ck Neosurflogo std.pngK1PRIDE (Polish Team)logo std.pngPRD1 - 01MyhaAvahir
2020-06-10 16:30:00Ultraliga Season 4Week 1Piratesportslogo std.pngARRGentlemen's Gaminglogo std.pngGMG0 - 11MyhaAvahir
2020-06-10 15:30:00Ultraliga Season 4Week 1H34T Esportslogo std.pngHITAGO ROGUElogo std.pngRGO0 - 11MyhaAvahir
2020-04-08 13:00:00Ultraliga Season 4 PromotionQualifiersPRIDE (Polish Team)logo std.pngPRDLogo std.pngPRÓB3 - 0123AvahirMyha, Magvayer
2020-04-08 08:00:00Ultraliga Season 4 PromotionQualifiersDiablo Chairslogo std.pngDCTEAM OPTIONSlogo std.pngOPT0 - 31AvahirMyha, Magvayer
2020-04-06 18:00:00EM 2020 Spring Play-InDay 1K1ck Neosurflogo std.pngK1WLGaming Esportslogo std.pngWLG0 - 11MyhaAvahir
2020-04-06 16:00:00EM 2020 Spring Play-InDay 1PIGSPORTSlogo std.pngPIGK1ck Neosurflogo std.pngK10 - 11MagvayerAvahir
2020-04-01 15:30:00Ultraliga Season 3 PlayoffsFinalsK1ck Neosurflogo std.pngK1AGO ROGUElogo std.pngRGO1 - 31234MyhaAvahir
2020-03-25 16:30:00Ultraliga Season 3 PlayoffsRound 2Devils.onelogo std.pngDV1Illuminar Gaminglogo std.pngIHG3 - 11234MyhaAvahir
2020-03-18 16:30:00Ultraliga Season 3 PlayoffsRound 1Piratesportslogo std.pngARRIlluminar Gaminglogo std.pngIHG1 - 31234TheFakeOneAvahir
2020-03-11 19:30:00Ultraliga Season 3Week 7Devils.onelogo std.pngDV1Illuminar Gaminglogo std.pngIHG1 - 01Silv4nAvahir
2020-03-11 18:30:00Ultraliga Season 3Week 7AVEZ Esportlogo std.pngAVEPiratesportslogo std.pngARR0 - 11Silv4nAvahir
2020-03-10 19:30:00Ultraliga Season 3Week 7Illuminar Gaminglogo std.pngIHGAVEZ Esportlogo std.pngAVE0 - 11MyhaAvahir
2020-03-10 18:30:00Ultraliga Season 3Week 7Devils.onelogo std.pngDV1AGO ROGUElogo std.pngRGO1 - 01MyhaAvahir
2020-03-04 19:30:00Ultraliga Season 3Week 6K1ck Neosurflogo std.pngK1AGO ROGUElogo std.pngRGO1 - 01TheFakeOneAvahir
2020-03-04 18:30:00Ultraliga Season 3Week 6PRIDE (Polish Team)logo std.pngPRDPiratesportslogo std.pngARR0 - 11TheFakeOneAvahir
2020-03-03 19:30:00Ultraliga Season 3Week 6Devils.onelogo std.pngDV1K1ck Neosurflogo std.pngK10 - 11RajonAvahir
2020-03-03 18:30:00Ultraliga Season 3Week 6AVEZ Esportlogo std.pngAVEPRIDE (Polish Team)logo std.pngPRD1 - 01RajonAvahir
2020-02-26 19:30:00Ultraliga Season 3Week 5K1ck Neosurflogo std.pngK1Illuminar Gaminglogo std.pngIHG1 - 01MyhaAvahir
2020-02-26 18:30:00Ultraliga Season 3Week 5PRIDE (Polish Team)logo std.pngPRDDevils.onelogo std.pngDV11 - 01MyhaAvahir
2020-02-25 17:30:00Ultraliga Season 3Week 5PRIDE (Polish Team)logo std.pngPRDIlluminar Gaminglogo std.pngIHG0 - 11MagvayerAvahir
2020-02-25 16:30:00Ultraliga Season 3Week 5Piratesportslogo std.pngARRDevils.onelogo std.pngDV10 - 11MagvayerAvahir
2020-02-11 19:30:00Ultraliga Season 3Week 3K1ck Neosurflogo std.pngK1AVEZ Esportlogo std.pngAVE1 - 01TheFakeOneAvahir
2020-02-11 18:30:00Ultraliga Season 3Week 3Illuminar Gaminglogo std.pngIHGPRIDE (Polish Team)logo std.pngPRD1 - 01TheFakeOneAvahir
2020-02-05 17:30:00Ultraliga Season 3Week 2Piratesportslogo std.pngARRDiablo Chairslogo std.pngDC1 - 01Silv4nAvahir
2020-02-05 16:30:00Ultraliga Season 3Week 2Illuminar Gaminglogo std.pngIHGAGO ROGUElogo std.pngRGO0 - 11Silv4nAvahir
2020-02-04 17:30:00Ultraliga Season 3Week 2Devils.onelogo std.pngDV1PRIDE (Polish Team)logo std.pngPRD1 - 01MagvayerAvahir
2020-02-04 16:30:00Ultraliga Season 3Week 2AGO ROGUElogo std.pngRGOPiratesportslogo std.pngARR1 - 01MagvayerAvahir
2020-01-29 19:30:00Ultraliga Season 3Week 1Piratesportslogo std.pngARRIlluminar Gaminglogo std.pngIHG0 - 11MyhaAvahir
2020-01-29 18:30:00Ultraliga Season 3Week 1Diablo Chairslogo std.pngDCDevils.onelogo std.pngDV10 - 11MyhaAvahir
2020-01-28 19:30:00Ultraliga Season 3Week 1K1ck Neosurflogo std.pngK1Piratesportslogo std.pngARR1 - 01TheFakeOneAvahir
2020-01-28 18:30:00Ultraliga Season 3Week 1AVEZ Esportlogo std.pngAVEIlluminar Gaminglogo std.pngIHG0 - 11TheFakeOneAvahir
2019-09-01 08:00:00Ultraliga Season 3 PromotionQualifiersWisła Płock eSportslogo std.pngWPTogether Esportslogo std.pngTE3 - 0123Silv4nAvahir
2019-08-27 15:00:00Ultraliga Season 2 PlayoffsRound 3Devils.onelogo std.pngDV1Illuminar Gaminglogo std.pngIHG3 - 212345MagvayerAvahir, Rajon
2019-08-21 15:00:00Ultraliga Season 2 PlayoffsRound 2Piratesportslogo std.pngARRIlluminar Gaminglogo std.pngIHG1 - 31234Silv4nAvahir, Magvayer
2019-08-20 15:00:00Ultraliga Season 2 PlayoffsRound 2Rogue Esports Clublogo std.pngRECDevils.onelogo std.pngDV13 - 212345TheFakeOneAvahir, Rajon
2019-08-14 15:00:00Ultraliga Season 2 PlayoffsRound 1Illuminar Gaminglogo std.pngIHGPRIDE (Polish Team)logo std.pngPRD3 - 212345Silv4nAvahir, Rajon
2019-07-31 19:30:00Ultraliga Season 2TiebreakersPiratesportslogo std.pngARRACTINA PACTlogo std.pngPCT1 - 01TheFakeOneAvahir
2019-07-31 18:30:00Ultraliga Season 2Week 7Rogue Esports Clublogo std.pngRECDevils.onelogo std.pngDV11 - 01TheFakeOneAvahir
2019-07-31 17:30:00Ultraliga Season 2Week 7PRIDE (Polish Team)logo std.pngPRDIlluminar Gaminglogo std.pngIHG0 - 11TheFakeOneAvahir
2019-07-30 16:30:00Ultraliga Season 2Week 7AVEZ Esportlogo std.pngAVEPRIDE (Polish Team)logo std.pngPRD1 - 01MagvayerAvahir
2019-07-30 15:30:00Ultraliga Season 2Week 7Wisła Płock eSportslogo std.pngWPACTINA PACTlogo std.pngPCT1 - 01MagvayerAvahir
2019-07-17 16:30:00Ultraliga Season 2Week 5Devils.onelogo std.pngDV1Illuminar Gaminglogo std.pngIHG0 - 11RajonAvahir
2019-07-17 15:30:00Ultraliga Season 2Week 5Rogue Esports Clublogo std.pngRECWisła Płock eSportslogo std.pngWP1 - 01RajonAvahir
2019-07-16 18:30:00Ultraliga Season 2Week 5AVEZ Esportlogo std.pngAVEPiratesportslogo std.pngARR1 - 01RajonAvahir
2019-07-16 17:30:00Ultraliga Season 2Week 5Illuminar Gaminglogo std.pngIHGACTINA PACTlogo std.pngPCT1 - 01RajonAvahir
2019-07-10 18:30:00Ultraliga Season 2Week 4Piratesportslogo std.pngARRIlluminar Gaminglogo std.pngIHG0 - 11TheFakeOneAvahir
2019-07-10 17:30:00Ultraliga Season 2Week 4AVEZ Esportlogo std.pngAVERogue Esports Clublogo std.pngREC0 - 11TheFakeOneAvahir
2019-07-09 18:30:00Ultraliga Season 2Week 4Devils.onelogo std.pngDV1Rogue Esports Clublogo std.pngREC0 - 11Silv4nAvahir
2019-07-09 17:30:00Ultraliga Season 2Week 4Illuminar Gaminglogo std.pngIHGPRIDE (Polish Team)logo std.pngPRD0 - 11Silv4nAvahir
2019-07-03 18:30:00Ultraliga Season 2Week 3Illuminar Gaminglogo std.pngIHGRogue Esports Clublogo std.pngREC0 - 11MagvayerAvahir
2019-07-03 17:30:00Ultraliga Season 2Week 3Piratesportslogo std.pngARRDevils.onelogo std.pngDV11 - 01MagvayerAvahir
2019-07-03 16:30:00Ultraliga Season 2Week 3PRIDE (Polish Team)logo std.pngPRDAVEZ Esportlogo std.pngAVE0 - 11Silv4nAvahir
2019-07-03 15:30:00Ultraliga Season 2Week 3ACTINA PACTlogo std.pngPCTWisła Płock eSportslogo std.pngWP1 - 01Silv4nAvahir
2019-07-02 18:30:00Ultraliga Season 2Week 3Devils.onelogo std.pngDV1PRIDE (Polish Team)logo std.pngPRD0 - 11Silv4nAvahir
2019-07-02 17:30:00Ultraliga Season 2Week 3Wisła Płock eSportslogo std.pngWPPiratesportslogo std.pngARR0 - 11Silv4nAvahir
2019-06-26 18:30:00Ultraliga Season 2Week 2PRIDE (Polish Team)logo std.pngPRDACTINA PACTlogo std.pngPCT0 - 11RajonAvahir
2019-06-26 17:30:00Ultraliga Season 2Week 2AVEZ Esportlogo std.pngAVEDevils.onelogo std.pngDV10 - 11RajonAvahir
2019-06-25 16:30:00Ultraliga Season 2Week 2Illuminar Gaminglogo std.pngIHGDevils.onelogo std.pngDV10 - 11RajonAvahir
2019-06-25 15:30:00Ultraliga Season 2Week 2Wisła Płock eSportslogo std.pngWPRogue Esports Clublogo std.pngREC0 - 11RajonAvahir
2019-06-19 16:30:00Ultraliga Season 2Week 1Rogue Esports Clublogo std.pngRECPRIDE (Polish Team)logo std.pngPRD1 - 01RajonAvahir