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VTG Avoidless 2018 Summer.png
Background Information
NameFan Jun Wei (范俊偉)
Country of Birth
Hong Kong
BirthdayMay 13, 1994 (age 26)
Favorite Champs

Soloqueue IDsYCSM Avoidless (TW), EP Y Avoidless (TW), Avoidless (KR)
Social Media & Links
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Team History
Dec 2012 - Feb 2013
EMD e-Sport Teamlogo std.pngTeam Evolution
Feb 2013 - May 2013
EMD e-Sport Teamlogo std.pngeMD ExeCuTioNeR
May 2013 - Feb 2014
YouCantStopMelogo std.pngYouCantStopMe
Feb 2014 - May 2014
Energy Pacemakerlogo std.pngEP.YCSM
May 2014 - May 2014
YouCantStopMelogo std.pngYouCantStopMe
May 2014 - Oct 2014
Oct 2014 - Sep 2015
Legend Dragonlogo std.pngLegend Dragon
Dec 2015 - May 2016
EDward Esportslogo std.pngEDward Esports
May 2016 - Dec 2016
I Maylogo std.pngI May
Dec 2016 - Dec 2016
T.Bear Gaminglogo std.pngT.Bear Gaming
Dec 2016 - Dec 2017
Suninglogo std.pngSuning
Dec 2017 - Feb 2019
Victorious Gaminglogo std.pngVictorious Gaming

Fan "Avoidless" Jun Wei (Hanzi: 范俊偉) is a League of Legends esports player, previously jungler for Victorious Gaming.


2013 Season[edit]

Avoidless' first team was Team Evolution. He would stay with them for a few months before he left them and joined eXtreme Divide ExeCuTioNeR. His time on that team would not last long as he left 1 month later. That same month he would join his first long-term team YouCantStopMe. He would go on to achieve a 2nd place finish with them at the 2013 WCG Hong Kong Qualifier in September.

2014 Season[edit]

In his last month with YouCantStopMe, the team finished 2nd at the 2013 CGA Major League Winter. Avoidless would then leave them and would go on to join Energy Pacemaker.YCSM in May of 2014. The team would finish 3rd in the 2014 LNL Spring Season with a 9-5 record. His next team was CGA LEGENDs and they would finish 3rd in the 2014 LNL Summer Season with a 9-5 record. The next team Avoidless would join was Legend Dragon. They would achieve a 2nd place finish at 2014 TGA Grand Prix Winter.

2015 Season[edit]

Legend Dragon would participate in the 2015 LSPL Spring Split but they would finish 4th in the Playoffs and fell to Vici Potential Gaming 0-2 in the playoffs. He would leave the team later in 2015.

2016 Season[edit]

Avoidless joined EDward Esports on December 25 of 2015 when they were formed as Edward Gaming's LSPL team. Despite a rocky start to the 2016 LSPL Spring Season, EDward Esports proved to be the most consistent team and finished 1st in the regular season with a 25-5 record. In the 2016 LSPL Spring Playoffs, the team was automatically placed in the final due to their regular season performance. Their opponent was Young Miracles and despite a close series, EDward Esports would win 3-2 and qualify for the 2016 LPL Summer Split. I May then acquired the roster of EDward Esports.

In the 2016 LPL Summer Split, I May would finish 3rd in the playoffs and lost to Royal Never Give Up but won the third place match against Team WE. I May qualified as China's #3 seed for the 2016 Season World Championship with a 3-2 win over Team WE in the 2016 Season China Regional Finals. With low expectations, I May had a decent showing and finished 3rd in their group with a 2-4 record. Post-worlds, I May attended the finals of the 2016 Demacia Cup and finished 2nd with an 0-3 loss to EDward Gaming. After Demacia Cup, Avoidless left the team to join T.Bear Gaming. The team would shortly after re-brand into Suning Gaming.

2017 Season[edit]

In the 2017 LSPL Spring Season Suning Gaming finished the regular split 2nd with 17 wins and 5 losses. They won the playoffs with a 3-0 sweep over Young Miracles. Suning also participated in the 2017 Demacia Cup but didn't go far and finished 9th-12th with a 1-2 loss to I May. After they qualified for the LPL, Suning Gaming finished the 2017 LPL Summer Season 4th in their group with a 7-9 record. Their playoffs run was short lived as they got swept 0-3 in the first round by Invictus Gaming. With this loss Suning Gaming's season ended.


  • His ID Avoidless is a translation of his Chinese ID, 無法避免, which means "Cannot Avoid".
  • At his early career, his opponent always banned all jungle role champ against his team, forcing Avoidless pick lee sin, because he did not performance well on lee sin.
  • Because of his former and current teammate AmazingJ were disreputable in the LMS region, resulting in himself and his teammates to either retire or move to the LPL region to continue their professional career.
  • Had issues with Energy Pacemaker, causing Energy Pacemaker to transfer Avoidless to their sister team Energy Pacemaker.YCSM.
  • Good friends with AmazingJ and Chillyz in real life.
  • After the scandal of AmazingJ, only AmazingJ and Avoidless remained as a professional player in LPL region, Chillyz became a Trainee Coach in Hong Kong Esports, while STony and SPanny retired from pro play.
  • Became famous for qualifying LPL twice on two different teams.
  • Due to Road's 1-game suspension at Worlds 2016, Avoidless played support and Athena played jungle for a game.

Tournament Results[edit]

This table shows up to the 10 most recent results. For complete results, click here.

Minimum place

Avoidless Tournament Results
DatePlEventLast ResultRoster
2018-09-021 LDL 2018 Summer - West
10 - 4Blanklogo std.pngRR
Victorious Gaminglogo std.pngVTG 997,  Korol,  Avoidless,  Juejue,  Fishball,  Sask,  Wuxx,  Realey
2018-06-10NQ Asian Games 2018 Q - EA
4 - 6Blanklogo std.pngRR
Team Hong Konglogo std.pngHKG Kabe,  Avoidless,  Moonblack,  Dennis,  Unified,  Kaiwing,  Toyz
2018-04-293 LDL 2018 Spring - West
8 - 6Blanklogo std.pngRR
Victorious Gaminglogo std.pngVTG Korol,  Avoidless,  TBQ,  Juejue,  Sask,  Mint,  Wuxx,  Realey,  Wudan
2017-08-204 LPL 2017 Summer - Group B
7 - 9Blanklogo std.pngRR
Suninglogo std.pngSN XiaoAL,  Lz,  Avoidless,  H4cker,  dian,  fenfen,  Fury,  Bananafish,  Yoon,  Brain,  Sim
2017-06-049 - 12 Demacia Cup 2017
1 : 2I Maylogo std.pngIM
Suninglogo std.pngSN XiaoAL,  Avoidless,  MopPeT,  dian,  Fury,  Yoon
2017-04-141 LSPL 2017 Spring Playoffs
3 : 0Young Miracleslogo std.pngYM
Suninglogo std.pngSN XiaoAL,  Avoidless,  dian,  Fury,  Yoon,  Sim
2017-04-082 LSPL 2017 Spring
17 - 5Blanklogo std.pngRR
Suninglogo std.pngSN XiaoAL,  Avoidless,  dian,  Fury,  Yoon,  Sim
2016-11-132 Demacia Cup 2016
0 : 3EDward Gaminglogo std.pngEDG
I Maylogo std.pngIM AmazingJ,  Avoidless,  Mitty,  Athena,  BaeMe,  Jinjiao,  Road,  Kezman
2016-10-299 - 12 Worlds 2016
2 - 4Blanklogo std.pngRR
I Maylogo std.pngIM AmazingJ,  Avoidless,  Athena,  BaeMe,  Jinjiao,  Road,  Kezman
2016-08-281 China Regional Finals 2016
3 : 2Welogo std.pngWE
I Maylogo std.pngIM AmazingJ,  Avoidless,  Athena,  Jinjiao,  Road,  Kezman




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