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CountryUnited States
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"BRAIN CHECK" is a highlight show following the players and staff of Cloud9, mainly featuring game clips and voice comms.

Episode List[edit]

# Date VOD Length Title
24 2019-08-28 VOD 16m04s "Let's make it spicy..."
23 2019-08-19 VOD 17m46s "We're going to finals BOYS!..."
22 2019-08-13 VOD 6m07s Jukes vs Diamond Beatbox Duel!
21 2019-08-05 VOD 9m38s "Zeyzal and the boys..."
20 2019-07-29 VOD 6m37s "A Younger Deft..."
19 2019-07-22 VOD 6m42s "Can you guys not die? I called it..."
18 2019-07-15 VOD 7m18s "Nisqy PLEASE Don't Die!"
17 2019-07-08 VOD 6m14s "I have a 100% win rate, we can't lose!"
16 2019-07-01 VOD 6m19s "We Just Got Cyberbullied..."
15 2019-06-24 VOD 6m39s "The G2 End Angle!"
14 2019-06-17 VOD 7m06s "That's the Yasuo and Gragas WOMBO COMBO!"
13 2019-06-10 VOD 7m12s "We possibly MIGHT have overstayed..."
12 2019-06-05 VOD 6m02s Win lane, win game!
11 2019-04-08 VOD 14m50s Spring Semi-Finals
10 2019-04-04 VOD 8m35s "Let's end these guys' careers"
9 2019-03-25 VOD 5m39s WTF TWO c9?!?!
8 2019-03-18 VOD 6m15s "The key to success is, STFU!"
7 2019-03-11 VOD 6m27s "I will try to steal this..."
6 2019-03-04 VOD 6m34s "Just end guys, PLEASE!"
5 2019-02-25 VOD 6m45s "Sylas was busy carrying the whole team..."
4 2019-02-18 VOD 5m28s "PENTAKILL! Dive him!"
3 2019-02-11 VOD 6m44s "Oh no, they've read the C9 subreddit..."
2 2019-02-04 VOD 5m16s "You need the MISQY or the HITSQY?"
1 2019-01-28 VOD 5m47s "You guys have a brain today?"

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